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* Episode 1 *
Oh Ha Ni.
- Oh Ha Ni? - Yes.
What is my dear Ha Ni thinking of so early in the morning?
Students, studying must be very tough, right?
- Tough, right? - Yes!
I understand...
the life of a third year high school student in the Republic of Korea...
how lonely and tough it can be!
You can stop pretending to be rummaging through your bag now.
Stop fooling around!
But no matter how tired you feel,
would you be more tired than the head teacher in the junior class, huh?
Do you have any idea how exhausting being a teacher is?
- It seems the results are out. - Yes.
Yes, I think we'll be among the bottom few again.
This isn't the first time, anyway.
Why bother to get so worked up every single time?
Construction of your house is completed, right? Aren't you having a house-warming party?
I haven't been able to sort through the packing at all.
Because my father comes home very late every day, I reach home late as well.
Leave that to Bong Joon Gu! I saw him just now.
He kept on looking at you like this.
- He didn't. - What do you mean he didn't?
Bong Joon Gu having that kind of build is also because of you.
Aren't you sick of eating that?
What? You mean this?
If the daughter of parents who run a restaurant for chicken feet gets sick of them,
then who will buy them to eat?
Ha Ni, are you sick of eating noodles?
As the daughter of a noodle shop owner, do you get sick of eating noodles?
You'll never get sick of eating my father's noodles.
That's right, your noodles are really delicious.
- I agree, I agree. - I agree.
She said "hello" just now, right?
Why isn't it coming out?
Thank y-you.
"Thank you"?
{\a6}(*oppa = female addressing older male)
In the 3rd year mock examinations, Baek Seung Jo oppa* seems to be tops again.
Is getting first a problem?
Full marks, 500 marks. Full marks, 500 marks!
What? Baek Seung Jo scored full marks again?
- Is he human? - He is definitely not human.
He is a genie,
a genie from the forest.
It happens like this. I followed a white horse till it disappeared suddenly.
Suddenly, it appeared in front of me again!
How should I put it...
the kind of loveliness that makes me want to take a bite out of it?
- You say take a bite? - Yes.
That was the first time I understood the feelings of a vampire.
Ah! Was the first time for vampires like that, too?
Because the beloved woman's neck was just so white and so lovely,
they just have to bite into it!
Aigoo! Ha Ni,
you should just eat chicken feet. Chicken feet, chew it!
This is not the way to chew it!
What do you mean not? Chew it, chew it!
It is Seung Jo Oppa, Seung Jo Oppa!
He is so handsome!
Seung Jo Oppa*. (*female addressing an older male)
Please drink this. I just bought it not too long ago.
My Mom would like you to say hello to your mother for her.
I am Jang Mi,
Hong Jang Mi.
Your mother and my mom are friends.
Oh my! It isn't coming out again.
Ha Ni Sunbae*. This isn't coming out. (*Senior)
I got mine with Sunbae's help just now.
Ha Ni Sunbae, come quickly!
Here it is, Oppa.
Oppa, you scored full marks this time, too. You are awesome!
Ha Ni, Oh Ha Ni!
Oh Ha Ni!
Oh! Ha! Ni!
That is why I say you should just confess to him.
We are going to graduate soon.
Do you plan to carry on like this?
That's right! Because I haven't confessed to him,
he doesn't know my heart, and that's why he doesn't show it.
Because he's shy!
- What are you looking for? - I'm looking for the meaning of "shy".
That's right. I should confess my feelings for him properly.
But how should I confess?
It has to be a confession that will leave a deep impression on him.
How about this?
"My precious Seung Jo, I love you!"
This is not bad.
You said this is not bad? What are you talking about?
- What are you looking for this time? - I'm looking for the meaning of "not bad".
Have you thought of something?
Aren't you very good at studying?
Animals dance when they confess.
- Dance? - Yes.
Fish, birds, even penguins...
even the house flies do this, too.
When animals confess their love for each other, they dance...
...the mating dance.
The mating dance?
We meet again.
Today is the day for portrait drawing.
You are already a third year student. Shouldn't you be studying?
We don't study.
Is your voice all right? Seeing that you shouted your lungs out just now.
Hey! Let go of my hand.
Isn't it a little... that?
- What? - Nothing.
Seung Jo likes well-endowed girls, too?
Do you still have to think? Isn't he a man, too?
Why is Joon Gu Oppa not here yet?
Doesn't he know that he's the model today?
- What is that? - Oh what is it? What is it? What is it?
Let go of me!
What is this?
- Chicken - Chicken?
What kind of chicken?
Just some kind of chicken.
What! This is ginseng chicken soup, ginseng chicken...
- Finish this, this is for you. - Why are you letting me drink this?
Look at yourself! You are getting so thin.
Joon Gu Oppa, get ready for class!
- You don't have much time left. - I got it, I got it!
You drink this yourself.
Lower your waist a little more.
Raise your hand a little higher.
Raise your leg higher, too.
- Like this? - A little higher.
- Like this? - A little higher.
- Like this? - Stop!
Today's theme is Movement in Pose.
Okay, let's start.
My whole body is aching.
This is tiring, but this is nothing.
Ha Ni is drawing me. Ha Ni is looking at me.
This little pain is nothing to me.
A man in love will not give up easily.
[Confession... Mating dance... Gollum...]
Who is that?
Take a look at this.
Can you still laugh after seeing this, Teacher Song Kang Yi?
All of these numerous white stickers are from Teacher Song Ji Oh's class.
Many of the blue spots come from Teacher Song Kang Yi's class.
So blue, isn't it?
That's right, like the ocean.
- Teacher Song! - Yes?
Not you, Teacher Song.
Teacher Song!
Teacher Song Kang Yi's class is pulling the whole school down,
especially this few fellows -
Oh Ha Ni, Dok Go Min Ah, Jung Joo Ri and Bong Joon Gu.
Can't you think of anything to deal with these four?
Why don't we just exempt them from taking the examinations?
It's quite a predicament! Quite a predicament...
It is our school's glory that Baek Seung Jo is able to come to our school.
Come, this is ending soon.
Focusing on the muscles will allow the drawing to look more 3D.
Does everyone understand?
Joon Gu Oppa, you can come down now.
Okay, okay.
Ah! My muscles are all tensed up!
My leg, leg, leg!
This is tiring.
Yes, it's there.
Okay, okay, it's there.
- Ha Ni Sunbae! - Yes?
What happened?
What is this? Do I look like this?
[So Pal Bok Noodle Shop]
- Ha Ni, his bill! - Yes, I got it.
- I'd like to pay now. - Yes, Sir.
Dry this tonight, and we are done.
I still have no clue no matter how I look at it,
although I've seen it since I was a baby.
Ah, there was no ceiling when you were young, just a big opening.
People nowadays don't like to dry this outdoors. They say the air is bad.
They were all dried outside when I was young, right?
- You just said it, didn't you Dad? - Yes.
I wasn't paying attention.
- Dad. - Yes?
How did you propose to Mom?
- No, confess. - Pardon?
No... Dad, you know my friend Joo Ri, don't you?
- Yes. - She has someone she likes,
but she is really troubled on how to confess.
At that time, my car was really lousy.
I drove your mom at a high speed on the road.
The car felt like it would topple over.
The wheels felt like they would drop off any second.
Your mom said, "Are you crazy?"
She started screaming at me uncontrollably.
- And then? - Then...
I shouted while driving furiously without stopping:
"Do you want to kiss me, or do you want to date me?"
"Do you want to go out with me? Do you want to date me?"
"Do you want to be with me, or do you want to die with me?"
So, did she say she wanted to be with you?
She asked if I was seeking my own grave.
She asked me not to day-dream.
What is that?
But Ha Ni, by that time, I'd already won half her heart.
Hey! Baek Seung Jo.
Do you want to kiss me, or do you want to date me?
Do you want to go out with me? Do you want to go out with me?
Do you want to be with me or be there...
...buried inside?
I see, if you want to confess,
a sincere letter will be much better.
- Letter? - Yes.
There is a kind of letter known as the love letter.
Dad, see you later.
- Goodbye Unni*. - Hey! Ha Ni,
{\a6}(*Unni = female addressing older female)
- Remember to tidy your room! - Take care!
Your room is totally...
- I'm sorry! - It's all right.
She seems to have someone she likes.
Have you contacted him yet?
Did you write your name?
Did you leave your hand phone number?
But it feels like he won't call me, right?
This is really good. There are even words on it.
Maybe he hasn't seen it yet?
- He is coming toward us! - What should I do?
This is up to you. It seems like he has seen it.
Is it because he did not see the letter?
Perhaps he didn't see Ha Ni just now?
Ha Ni, Oh Ha Ni!
Oh Ha Ni, Oh Ha Ni!
Oh Ha...
Ha Ni!
Oh Ha Ni!
Oh... Ha...
He just walked away like that.
Ha Ni, Oh Ha Ni!
Oh! Ha! Ni!
Enough, stop shouting.
Oh Ha Ni?
Are you Oh Ha Ni?
He's coming, he's coming!
Ah, Oppa.
I never thought you'd reply to my letter. Thank you.
- Can I look at it now? Here? - Yes.
Hong Jang Mi!
Hey, Hong Jang Mi! Give that back!
What is this? You wrote a love letter to Seung Jo Oppa?
- Hong Jang Mi, give that back right now! - What is this?
Oh my, he corrected the wrong words!
What kind of letter is this? This looks more like an exam script.
The score is a "D-".
"Actually, I don't call you Seung Jo,"
"I call you the genie from the forest."
She actually said genie from the forest!
"If you don't ask for the reason..."
What are you doing?
A pity it turned out like this, but...
But what?
I hate stupid women the most.
Hey! Where are you going?
What? Did you smile?
Can you move aside?
Are you deaf? I want you to apologize!
What do you want me to apologize for?
For correcting her mistakes?
This jerk...
You...! Do you see only the mistakes inside?
Don't look only at the words, look also at the content!
You should see the feelings inside!
This jerk, you are still like this.
Bring it on.
Stop pretending, bring it on!
Saw that?
What? Are you scared? Are you scared?
Come, let's fight.
- What are you scared of? - What are you doing!
Bong Joon Gu, you rascal. Come to my office now!
Principal, things are not the way they seem. Please listen to me.
What do I have to listen to?
Seung Jo, please don't take this to heart. Go back and study.
Don't mix around with this kind of people.
The red color represents the top 4%.
Up to 31% is orange color.
Yellow color is for possibility of finishing high school in 4 years*.
{\a6}(*normally 3 years)
Green color is for the students more or less hanging around just because.
You fall under Purple, which means you are an embarrassment to the school...
so said the Principal.
This month, 50 people will be admitted to the Special Study Hall.
Although this is only a number,
you are aware that the number is from 1 to 50, right?
Although signs like that are posted, some of you laughing in front of it
makes one wonder.
Are you lacking a brain or you couldn't be bothered?
Unfortunately, brainless women
or frivolous women...
are all repulsive to me.
[Report Card scores break-down by color system]
Stop running!
Stop running!
What's wrong with you? You've already run 34 laps!
Two rounds,
just two more rounds.
What is she doing? Is she trying to take part in a marathon?
Why is she running like that?
You know, Ha Ni likes to run.
That's right. If there's a way to get into college by long-distance running,
Oh Ha Ni will be the first.
You're right. You're good at singing, too.
{\a6}I must not have known
{\a6}I must not have known you
{\a6}Even though I'm so close to you
{\a6}What's really precious always seems to disappear
I'll keep going, even if I have to crawl.
{\a6}Maybe I can start living, start living from now
{\a6}I'm sorry I didn't know about the tears you shed
{\a6}I'm sorry, but I've finally come to you face-to-face
{\a6}One more time, one more time
{\a6}Can't you be by my side one more time?
Me too. Let's go!
{\a6}I still love you and only you
- Last round. - Hurray!
{\a6}Love is better than regretting later
{\a6}One more time, one more time
She's the one. She confessed to Baek Seung Jo, but was rejected.
I heard it was embarrassing. She isn't even pretty.
This really upsets me.
That's right, she actually dares to confess with that kind of standard.
- Seung Jo is ours. - She's coming!
This is too much.
Eat more,
so you can carry on with your life.
She is really something. I wouldn't dare come to school if I were her.
That's why although she's already in the third year, she still can't master Korean.
I feel bad for her.
This house is really good, isn't it?
Where did I put the scissors?
They are here.
Ha Ni,
do you know how old this table is?
It was a present by Grandma when you first made cold noodles.
It's older than me.
Ding dong dang, you are correct! It is 21 years old,
but it doesn't have even a single scratch on it. It's really durable!
You liked to play around it when you were young.
Ha Ni, the 2nd storey...
Didn't you always like the 2nd storey very much?
How's the 2nd storey?
What happened?
- Aren't you well? - What?
Oh, so here it is!
Look at this, isn't this cute?
They were only this big when you were one year old.
You've become naughtier now that you have grown up.
When was I like that?
Mom's hands and mine look alike, don't they?
Ha Ni.
I am here, too.
- We are so hungry. - Hungry.
This is great.
Wow, this is really nice!
Wow, is this your room?
- Here. - Really?
Where, where?
It is really nice!
Really nice!
Wow, Ha Ni, your house is really nice, especially the 2nd story.
Of all the things in your house, I love this the most.
- Ha Ni, is this your foot? - Yes.
It is so cute!
- Gosh, Bong Joon Gu! - What?
Come over, children! Ha Ni, bring that over, too.
Let me help.
Let me take it.
This smells really nice.
This just looks so delicious.
- There is still this, too. - When did you make it?
There is really a lot.
This is the perfect dinner table!
We have a guest who comes from Busan. Today's menu features Busan cold noodles!
How do you know that I love to eat cold noodles?
Thank you, Father.
- I shall start eating! - I shall start eating!
- Father, I like this very much! - You do?
Yes, I've eaten many types of Busan cold noodles, and this is the best.
The noodles are soft and chewy.
You seem to be knowledgeable!
Yes, Father.
Although I don't look it, I do have a very keen sense of taste.
Joon Gu made spicy rice cakes last year and sold them at a school festival.
They were really delicious.
Yes, really different from looks.
Your face looks like a bear's paw, but...
A bear's paw?
Still pretending that you don't look like it?
Let's eat.
But, why is the shop named "So Pal Bok"?
Ha Ni's grandma was called "So Pal Bok". That is why I used this name.
So was the shop passed down?
That's right.
My mother-in-law ran it for 40 years, and I've been doing it for 20 years.
That is why I say this is so delicious!
The only way I learned was through tough discipline.
It would be nice if Ha Ni could succeed to it,
but Ha Ni does not seem to have the skills.
Don't worry, Father!
Ha Ni and I will work hard together.
Hey! What are you doing?
The family business after being in operation for 60 years can't fold up.
Don't you agree, Father?
It would be good if it could somehow be donated to society.
You are actually a person who spits on someone's face by smiling at them!
Ha Ni...
Ha Ni.
What's that sound?
Hey, Bong Joon Gu,
are you planning to destroy my house?
What are you saying? Our house is very strong.
- What is that? - Is this an earthquake?
- Dad, what should we do now? - Everything will be fine!
This is the house we'll be staying in. It's very strong and safe.
Quickly, run! Father! Run quickly!
- Ha Ni, are you hurt? - Is everyone fine?
Why is this happening?
Oh, yes.
That... that...
- What? - That...
I cannot let it be ruined!
Don't worry!
{\a6}This evening at around 5:30 pm, some parts of Seoul
{\a6}experienced a mild earthquake registering 2 on the Richter scale.
{\a6}The tremors were mild, rattling windows,
{\a6}but as you may be able to see here,
{\a6}one of the houses in Yon Hee Dong collapsed,
{\a6}and you can't even recognize what it was.
What are you saying? My Dad is still inside!
{\a6}It's reported that someone is still trapped inside.
{\a6}Emergency teams have been called to aid in this disaster.
{\a6}They seem to have found the survivor under a table in the living room!
{\a6}We can see the survivor already!
- Thank you. - Dad, Dad!
What were you doing, Dad!
- Aigoo, you did well. - Dad!
{\a6}Looking at the current situation, no one seems to be seriously injured.
{\a6}Police suspects poor materials used caused the house collapse.
{\a6}The actual reason is still being investigated.
Oh Gi Dong?
What is this?
How come only our house collapsed?
Oh, really?
- I got it, I got it! - It's her, it's her.
- are you staying in a hotel? - Yes.
It will be expensive.
Not really. We'll be living in my father's friend's house
until a new house is built, or until we buy a new house.
They called my father after seeing the news.
Really? This is really great, Ha Ni.
- It's her, it's her. - What?
What do I do?
What's that?
She's even taking photographs now?
Totally becoming a star.
I'm sorry.
Because of a friend like me, I caused you to suffer with me.
Let's go.
Please share your love and hope, everyone.
What's that? What is he trying to do?
I believe everyone knows after watching the news.
Due to the unexpected earthquake, she lost her home.
Third year, Class 7 student Oh Ha Ni, in order for her...
What is he doing? What is Bong Joon Gu trying to do now?
A love donation?
That loser, really!
Hey, let's walk that way instead.
Come, follow me.
Okay, hope everyone will donate generously.
Help Ha Ni, everyone. Isn't she everyone's friend?
Let others see the power of our kindness.
Thank you very much.
Ha Ni, Oh Ha Ni!
Ha Ni, Ha Ni! Give way, give way!
Okay, everyone.
Please give a round of applause.
After experiencing such a great shock yesterday,
she still insists on coming to school.
She is a friend we can be proud of,
she is Oh Ha Ni. Let's clap!
Ha Ni, Ha Ni!
What? What?
What are you doing?
Totally ruined!
Hey, the one over there. Show a little of your kindness, Baek Seung Jo.
Didn't you see the news yesterday?
Doesn't your house have television?
Whose fault is it that our Ha Ni is suffering right now?
How can you just walk away like that?
Wasn't it just a mild earthquake?
That's right, that's right.
However, because of the mild earthquake,
the newly-built house collapsed. What do you think about that?
Am I the one who caused the earthquake?
Then what bigger earthquakes are there than those of the heart?
Because you continue to give her such deep scars in her heart,
they keep getting bigger!
Fine, as long as I give some money, right?
Stop it!
Who wants your money?
Even if I have to beg for food under the bridge, I won't accept your help.
Is that so? Fine! As you wish.
Hey, Baek Seung Jo!
Who do you think you are, looking down on people?
In your eyes, the people here are all idiots, isn't that right?
You look down on people, and take everyone as idiots, don't you?
Are you that perfect? What?
The fact that you have a high IQ? The fact that you're studious?
Just because you have a handsome face and a tall build!
What's so great about being perfect?
Hey! Isn't it just studying? Who doesn't know it's just studying?
I don't do well because I don't study, not because I can't do it!
Is that so?
- Then show it to me. - What?
- Show it to you? - Yes.
Fine, I will show you!
Let it be this mock examination, how about that?
How much?
How much?
This month, 50 people will be admitted to the Special Study Hall.
Although signs like that are posted, some of you laughing in front of it...
Are you lacking a brain or you couldn't be bothered?
That's right, the Special Study Hall.
Special Study Hall?
- This month's Special Study Hall? - Yes.
It is that great Special Study Hall this month!
I will get into it next month.
Are you laughing at me again?
What if I make it? What will you do if I make it?
- If you make it? - Yes.
If you can do it, I will carry you on my back around the school once.
You are going to carry me on your back?
Okay, I will wait for that.
- Was the relationship that good? - Of course!
From the day I was born until I graduated from junior high,
we stayed together just like a family.
But then we moved to Seoul, and we lost contact after that.
When I think of the house, I get so angry that I jump up even when I'm sleeping.
However, because of this incident,
I found my long-lost friend. I am really happy.
This is...
This is asking for a beating again.
Dad looks like a fool, right?
Thank you.
Being with you every day
Hugging in the night
Being with you every day
Sleep makes me fall back!
It's here, number 142, right?
You wait for a while.
"Baek Soo Chang". This is the place.
Dad's friend seems to be very rich.
That seems to be the case.
Who is that?
I am Soo Chang's friend named Oh Gi Dong.
Oh yes come in quickly!
- Honey! - Is he here?
- Oh Suh Bang! - Baek Dae J!!* (*White Pig)
What happened to your hair?
You must have suffered a lot.
This is great.
We are really here.
It is great that you came. We welcome you!
- Hello. - How do you do?
- You are Gi Dong's daughter, right? - Yes.
You are prettier in person.
I couldn't wait till night, so I secretly went to see you in the morning.
Ah, that...
Yes, that person was me.
Let's move the luggage first
There's no need for that, we don't have much luggage, anyway.
Ha Ni and I can do it ourselves, right?
- We don't need any help. - No, I'll ask my son to help.
There's no need for that.
Son! Come out and make yourself useful!
Dad, give that to me. Let me help.
You can close the car door.
I got it.
I feel only good things will happen to us from now on.
- Do you need help? - No, I'm fine.
Is this a dream? Yes, it must be. Wake up, Oh Ha Ni!
You, you!
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I can't believe this.
What do I do?
Who is this?
- He is Seung Jo. - What?
He is Seung Jo.
Hey! Give that to me!
- But I have my conditions. - Condition?
Hey, Oh Ha Ni! What does the "X" here mean?
Is it an alphabet?
This is driving people crazy.
Younger Seung Jo!
Don't spread it.
I'm not interested in you anymore,
not even a little bit.
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