Pregnancy Tips : How to Know What to Eat During Pregnancy

Uploaded by eHow on 09.11.2008

Are you eating for two? Well, I'm Dr. Jill from Tampa, telling you how to know what to
eat during your pregnancy. I like to break this one down; the do's and the don'ts. Of
course you want a well-balanced meal. You want to watch your calories, make sure you're
not eating too much. You're getting into your cravings and desires. Again, not too much,
but specifically there are don'ts in pregnancy that I want to address. For instance, caffeine.
Everyone says don't eat, drink caffeine in pregnancy or eat it, and that's true, but
a little bit will not kill you or the baby. Sometimes, it's been associated with low-birth
weights and pre-term delivery, but other than that a little bit of caffeine is okay in pregnancy.
Foods to avoid; really important, anything raw; raw eggs, raw fish, bye bye sushi. The
soft unpasteurized cheeses, deli meats, anything smoked. These can cause problems with the
baby, for instance infection wise. They carry parasites, bacteria. They can be harmful to
the pregnancy. I would avoid them at all cost. Okay, you love sushi. Well, there are things
that you can eat at a sushi restaurant as long as they're cooked that are safe. Make
sure that the sushi chef is changing his gloves with your meal and not touching raw fish and
then touching yours. I'm Dr. Jill from Tampa, Florida telling you how to eat or know what
you eat when you're pregnant.