Egypt's Throne Part I-لمن عرش مصر؟١

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If in a country a small group
of the citizens won,
this will influence the rest of the country.
And all the people,
the ones that are not happy with the present ruling government,
this could be the end.
Bismillah r-Rahman r-Rahim
O people!
O believers!
Beware the fitna of the end of times
and we are saying Audhu Billah min al shaytan al rajim
don't follow shaytan!
This is an order from the Lord Almighty.
"And follow not the footsteps of shaytan" (Al Baqarah 2:168)
This is a holy verse
These things are
the forms of shaytan's footsteps.
Not benefitting the nations.
the biggest sin is on the leaders
of the public and the nations.
The biggest sin is on them
because they did not protect the rights of believers
especially they were not concerned
with the issues of the poorest ones of the nation.
And the reason for this
is that the present governments
of the different countries
did not keep justice and,
Allah (swt) says
"Surely Allah commands Justice & kindness,
giving to those close to you,
and He forbids all evil & disobedience" (Al Nahl 16:90)
This is a holy verse.
Don't they know?
Don't they know?
The rulers of the country, every Friday
their Imams
they give their sermon. O people!
"Surely Allah commands Justice & kindness,giving to those close,
and He forbids all evil & disobedience" (Al Nahl 16:90)
For who are these words?
O Emirs, O Kings
O leaders of the public
why you are not listening to the words of Truth?
You even made the poorest of people
to go out in the streets.
In these winter days, in the cold.
Because some them cannot carry anymore
maybe all they have is only what they earn in that day. Why?
Allah (awj) ordered
He ordered you
"Surely Allah commands Justice & kindness" (Al Nahl 16:90)
This is an order. Justice!
Justice means,
the strongest ones must carry the weakest ones,
take the side of the weak ones, the poor ones.
Because you didn't listen to the words of Haqq
this fitna,
"the sleeping fitna, Allah damns whoever wakes it up" (Hadith)
You marxist people!
The ones who have caused division, who left the Islamic religion,
you brought this falsness on the people.
Allah will punish you.
It is the end of your time.
You turned out to be tyrants.
And Allah will remove you.
You don't have a second chance,
to have any power even
for sweeping the streets.
If the armies of the whole world descended
they wouldn't be able to stop the people!
Because Allah (swt) is with His weakest servants!
You were arrogant and tyrants
and you have been unjust to the servants of Allah!
And Allah (swt) says,
"O people
I forbade you to be unjust" (Hadith Qudsi)
"for Myself I forbade injustice" (Hadith Qudsi)
"I don't accept injustice."
"Harramtu adh-dhulma 'ala Nafsiy" (Hadith Qudsi)
so don't be unjust"
Why don't the scholars say this?
Why are they not speaking?
Allah (jwa) forbade injustice and said
"I forbade injustice on Myself, so don't be unjust"
They are disobeying these words of Truth/Haqq
and they have been unjust to people and that injustice
attracts oppression and has brought curses on them.
The oppressor
curses will befall him.
They have nowhere to hide or to escape.
From today it is finished for the oppressors!
Where there is
an oppressor who oppresses the servants of the Lord,
they will be removed.
Not one of them will remain.
This month of Safar
the orders from Heavens
came down to remove all
oppressors that are in every country.
Oppressors, shall be removed
so not even one remains.
These demonstrations won't end,
not in Egypt, not in Damascus or Iran,
or Sudan, or Tunisia, or Libya
or Turkey or other countries
not in Afghanistan.
Not in any Islamic countries.
The same for all the nations.
The ones who oppress the servants of the Lord,
Allah will remove them!
This is a Divine order of Allah,
Why you are not speaking, O scholars of Az'har?
Why you are not speaking?
You are the ones claiming,
'we are scholars. We are doctors!'
Why you are not speaking?
These are the words of Haqq (jwa)
Haven't you heard the hadith Sharif of the Prophet (saws)
"That after the Kings will come tyrants"
Why did you accept at the time
when these tyrants
exiled the King of Egypt?
He had honor from East to West!
His flag was the greenest flag
with a crescent & stars.
And they were keeping religion and religious ones
Why did you not object
and did not make a decree
that these people
are liars, imposters and marxists?
These people are tyrants,
they destroyed
the riches of Egypt to govern it.
And here is your answer after so many years.
After 60 years.
This is the mistake of the scholars
Because they listened
and they have influenced
the people, O people!
because Allah (awj) ordered
to His beloved (saws)
"Give everybody their rights"
for the nation of Egypt
is a King.
The one that you threw away
and his son Ahmed,
Ahmed, he should come back
the previous saints have predicted this.
That there will be these corruptions
and they will not calm down
until they bring back the owner of the Right
to the throne of Egypt.