일지매 (Iljimae) 9회

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A good way to stash away the slush funds.
In two weeks, all my secret funds go to China.
By law, the commoners can take the exam.
But have you ever seen one pass?
Stop dreaming.
You think he knows the meaning behind
the red apricot blossom?
Who are you and what are you doing there?
I asked you a question.
Well, I heard the whistling bird...
You know the bird?
You know the bird too?
Someone told me when I was little.
You want to come up here?
I heard the bird has a sad story,
but I never got to hear it.
I can tell you.
Once upon a time, there was a potter who had a pretty fianc?e.
But his fianc?e died right before the wedding.
The potter stayed by her grave and mourned her death.
Then one day, an apricot tree grew next to her grave.
The potter thought it was his fianc?e reborn,
and took care of the tree devotedly.
The tree grew big, and the potter became an old man too.
And the old man started to worry
who'd take care of the tree after he died.
Then one day the old man disappeared.
To where?
Brother, I'm back.
For you.
You never ate anything so you can feed me.
Worried, the townspeople went to his house to check on him.
But they found nothing but a pretty pot.
Then a whistling bird flew out of the pot
and flew to the apricot tree.
So the potter died and became a whistling bird.
He couldn't leave the tree even after he died.
That's his fate.
Do you believe in fate?
Remember this? That boy?
You think he's alive?
I wish he were.
I want to repay him.
My lady.
My lady.
My lady, you must hurry back.
I'll be right there. Go on without me.
It's been about three days.
A young man came and bought all the cabbages.
You said a farmer was working here?
Yes, we took him out of the way.
What are you doing, digging that up?
You want to make kimchi?
Find clues.
No, you can't.
Get out of here.
You and your cart ruin my harvest every year.
No, you can't come through here.
Go away.
You'll have to run over me.
Do you know who this cart belongs to?
Get him out of the way.
I don't care.
Let go of me.
I'm not going.
Didn't you hear a word I said?
I have to make a living too.
You need to learn your lesson.
That's what happened.
Well, he had slanted eyes.
His eyes didn't look like that.
They were more like a crescent moon...
And he had a sharp nose... such good-looking nose...
No nose looks like that.
He had a mole on his left cheek.
They named him that because he left a painting
of an apricot blossom at the scene of the crime.
One apricot blossom, therefore Iljimae.
Not bad...
He must've been busy stealing,
yet he had time to paint.
But I wonder why his name is Iljimae.
You ignoramus...
I've been telling you that until now.
You're more ignorant than me.
One apricot blossom, Iljimae.
You ugly jerk...
So why is his name Iljimae?
Don't you think he looks a lot like me?
No way.
Look at him, he looks like he was born a thief.
Look at those evil eyes.
Look, I have slanted eyes.
Don't say that.
Your eyes are the best thing you got going for you.
You have the prettiest eyes in the country.
They should be national treasure.
You have no idea.
My eyes are national treasure.
Then again, Dae-sik has the sharpest eyes.
The man in the painting was your father?
Your eyes should be national treasure.
I'm going to open a lock and key shop right here.
Key shop? With what money?
I'll borrow some money here and there.
What idiot would buy locks from a lock picker?
What do you take your father for?
Your father is the one who put a secret lock
on the Taxation Minister's warehouse.
That was you?
That lock with no holes?
You heard the rumor already?
Tell that Iljimae to bring it on.
I can take him, no problem.
I'm going to make money from now,
so wash your hands clean of that gangster business.
Your mother's worried sick about you.
I'm sure she's elated she's rid of me.
You brat. When will you grow up?
I'll be home tonight.
Welcome, my lord.
I was about to come pay you a visit.
Don't worry about anything.
I will find that thief.
Forget about the chest. It'll only cause trouble.
But find the black pearl.
Black pearl?
You mean that black marble was a pearl?
Yes, it was meant to be a gift for General Yong.
The pearl was called the Tear of the Sea.
Tear... how much is that worth?
So this is that black marble?
Why is this the only one they're looking for?
How much is it worth?
I've never seen anything this precious.
You can just name the price.
All right.
Aren't you going to the construction site?
What are you doing here?
I want to be alone for a minute.
All right.
He wouldn't be here.
What, I can just name the price?
Who's that guy?
Go check him out.
The weather is nice. It's a good day for work.
What are you doing? Do you know who she is?
And do you know who he is?
He's the son of Lord Jeong Myong-su,
the ambassador to China.
And I was wondering where all the beauties of Hanyang were.
I found one here.
I haven't been back for many years,
and I find everything unfamiliar.
So will you be my guide?
Don't play hard to get.
It won't hurt you to get on my good side.
Don't be rude.
You're even prettier when you're mad.
I assume you have forgotten the manners of Joseon
during the years you were away.
Move out of the way.
She said no.
People have no style...
Why are you making passes at women
in the middle of the street?
Who the heck are you?
You should upgrade your taste in women.
She's nothing.
You'll find much hotter girls in my favorite hangout.
Give them my name, and you'll get a discount...
What did you say?
Stop it.
Stop it!
No, my lady.
Let me go.
No, my lady.
Are you all right? What's going on?
Please... He tried to help me.
Please save him, Brother.
My lord, he's a suspect in a robbery case.
Please allow us to take him away.
A suspect in a robbery case?
Yes. We'll also punish him for his rude behavior.
I'll punish him myself, so get out of the way.
But how are you acquainted with Lord Byun Sik's daughter?
She's Lord Byun's daughter?
Yes, my lord.
Please allow us to take the suspect away.
Let's go.
Cramping my style...
Si-hu, he's done nothing wrong. That man...
Stay out of this.
He's not the man.
Let's go now.
Let's go.
Let's go. I'll take you home.
You can even make a patrolman's uniform look good.
It must be tough.
You patrol the Southern Gate area too?
Yes, that's under my jurisdiction.
That area belongs to Castor Oil Gang...
They aren't too bad, so go easy on them.
My Yong...
If you run into him... it's all my fault.
If he does anything wrong, it's all my fault.
So take me away, not him.
What do you mean?
I mean I did him a lot of wrong.
What did you do to him?
I'm going to open a lock shop in the market.
I'll open in two days.
It's right next to the blacksmith's shop.
But you must be too busy to come.
Your mother can't come because she's busy with work.
Patrolman Byun.
What are you doing?
I told you to clean the outhouse.
See yourself out.
Hurry up.
That jerk's...
That son of a...
Is something wrong?
I'm just tired.
Mom, I'm back.
What's wrong with Dad?
Your face...
I was just...
I got some barley. I'll leave it in the kitchen.
Are you all right?
Do you think he's all right?
Si-hu, you brat!
I heard you were there.
Then you should've brought him to me at once!
Why did you let him go?
What are you doing?
He's the son of the ambassador to China.
Should he have dragged him here?
What? The ambassador to China?
You mean Jeong Myong-su?
Why didn't you tell me that?
Did it hurt?
You took that pretty well.
Can you make me some dried fish soup?
It's a late supper for you. Give me a minute.
My father drank a lot when I was a boy,
so my mother used to make this soup for him.
It tastes the same.
You must have a very loving mother.
It seems you grew up with a lot of love.
Do you have any children?
I have a son...
...about your age.
And I also have a daughter.
They don't live with you?
Come by anytime you want some dried fish soup.
Can you get the lady of the house for me?
Who are you?
Tell her the young man who rescued her yesterday
is here to see her.
But they don't have a daughter.
You don't believe me?
Here. She gave me this yesterday.
Show her this and she'll come running out.
Wait here.
You're looking for me?
What do you want?
I'm looking for your daughter...
Daughter? I don't have a daughter.
What are you up to?
I'm just looking for the owner of this...
I've never seen it before.
Chase him away at once!
But my lady... I know she lives here.
Go away!
He was looking for Eun-chae?
Yes, I heard about the yesterday's incident.
He even had her handkerchief.
I was wondering if he was the one who insulted her.
Is that right?
Jeong Chi-hong... you dare insult my sister...
She's his sister?
What are you doing?
I have to catch him.
That Iljimae guy?
But he didn't leave any clues.
He left nothing but a silver coin
and a painting of an apricot blossom.
What do you think this is?
Your name is Yang-soon?
We just came to find out something.
How can I believe you?
It's a terrible world we live in.
Let me see your ID.
What do you want?
Is your father here?
What do you want?
You've seen this crate before, haven't you?
It's an apple crate.
You should go see the fruit vendor.
It's a vegetable crate, isn't it?
I'm not the only vegetable vendor in the country.
This was at the bottom of the crate.
And I found this crate in the Minister Yi's stolen cart.
How are you related to the criminal?
You're his accomplice, aren't you?
Accomplice? I don't know anything...
Take him away.
What if he opens his mouth?
I know. He's a scaredy-cat.
You sent an apple crate to Minister Yi?
What other choice do I have?
You can't find a vendor who hasn't sent
an apple crate to the minister.
Lord Yi Myong, the Minister of Taxation is guilty
of bribery and illegal amassing of funds.
He should be punished.
But Your Majesty, Minister Yi is a meritorious subject.
The core of this court will collapse
should you forsake your meritorious subjects.
It'll also give your enemies an excuse to...
I am well aware of Minister Yi's merits.
I have never forgotten your help.
Thank you, Your Majesty.
But even if he is a meritorious subject,
his crimes are too serious to be ignored.
Therefore I have no choice but to follow the law
even if you petition for his pardon.
Your Majesty, please rescind your order.
You may leave now.
Sir, listen to me.
Why are you always locking up innocent people
instead of catching the real thief?
Go catch Iljimae.
Look at the state this country is in
since you're not doing your job.
You're becoming a regular here, aren't you?
I'm not asking you to release him.
His family just wants to pay him a visit.
I want to let her in, but this has gotten out of hand.
Chief Kang. Come here.
Why did you let that slip?
But he showed up in the middle of interrogation and...
Shut up.
You should've stopped him.
Things have gotten so out of hand because of that thief.
You idiot...
Are you the boss here?
Who's this?
Yes, I need to talk to the boss to get the matter resolved.
You look so strong and powerful.
Wait a minute...
Where have I seen him?
My lord, about that innocent vegetable vendor...
Will you please let his wife visit him
and give him some food?
Shut up!
My lord, please.
Look at him.
Do you know who I am?
Well, you leave me no choice.
I'm going straight to the palace.
I have experience in demonstrating,
and His Majesty adores me.
Suit yourself.
Wait a minute.
You're that...
The soccer game...
Chief Kang, let him in. Let him do whatever he wants.
Yes, my lord.
Get them out of here.
Don't worry. I'm leaving.
That troublemaker...
He's trouble...
Did you call for me?
Get a straw mat and follow me.
Put it down here.
Your Majesty, please rescind your order.
Your Majesty!
Your Majesty! Please rescind your order.
Your Majesty!
Your Majesty, this is abuse of...
His Majesty, the king.
Your Majesty, this is a clear abuse of power
by the Office of the Inspector General.
Minister Yi Myong is innocent.
Your Majesty, please rescind your order.
Your Majesty, please rescind your order!
Your Majesty!
You must cease the investigation on Minister Yi.
Let go of me.
You must cease the investigation.
Please rescind the order.
All right.
You leave me no choice.
Just send an official warning to the minister.
But if you release him,
he'll destroy all evidence.
Commander, why don't you catch that thief first?
My people are already suffering enough.
How could they sleep easy
when there are thieves running rampant?
Now is the time to unite our forces to catch that thief.
Yes, Your Majesty.
That's exactly my sentiment.
My goodness.
How are we going to make a living?
They took our money and shut down our business.
How are we going to pay the Castor Oil Gang?
What's this?
I'm supposed to pay you for your service.
Pay me?
Teach a lesson to the men who did that to my father.
You're a nice gangster. I know that.
The money's not enough? Then let's make a deal.
I'll marry you when I grow up.
That's enough, isn't it?
Joongcheon Merchant Song.
How are we going to make a living now?
They took our money and shut down our business.
How are we going to pay the Castor Oil Gang?
You got your money back too?
Yes, all of it.
We're all right now.
All the vendors in the market got theirs back too.
Got what back?
Your runaway wife is back?
You've finally come to your senses...
I thought it was a big business.
That pig's head is too good for this business.
What's this?
It's your grand opening present.
Let's see.
He stayed up all night making this.
Where's Yong?
He's busy.
Yeah, he's busy going around with the gang...
I don't see Bong-sun either.
She's busy too.
She's been going out every day lately.
Mister, was anybody looking for this?
I don't know.
Did you see anybody looking for this?
You're back again?
Brother, you don't help the minister of Military?
Of course we do.
That's how we make our living.
He's our best customer.
When do we go to his house?
He used to employee our services often,
but he hasn't called lately.
What's that?
I said I'd do it.
What are you doing?
"Lock of love"?
Who are you?
You stink.
Look at your hair.
You and that greasy hair...
Wash your hair. You reek.
Why you little...
Hello, there.
If you want to do business here, you have to pay rent.
What are you doing?
Why, you have a temper.
You want your husband to lose his manhood?
What did you say?
Let me see...
he's missing a tooth.
You pathetic fools.
Get out of here.
Get out.
Words are not getting through to her.
Hey, teach them a lesson!
I heard about gangsters running rampant in this area.
Hello, sir.
I was only looking to buy a lock.
Keep up the good work.
That jerk is...
Hi, Cha-dol.
I'm a patrolman.
I'm patrolling the area to catch gangsters.
Have they caused you any damage?
Then... goodbye.
Nothing, Mr. Patrolman.
Get out of my way.
What's wrong? Let's go.
I'm sorry.
Let's go.
What? You have something to say?
Of course not.
Please be on your way.
You must be busy with your important duties.
Wait, you were that...
You remember me, don't you?
He's shy.
What's the matter with you?
He does important work.
He's that man.
That man? Who?
The man who reported your sister to the authorities.
What are you going to do?
Let go of me!
Calm down. You have a death wish?
Let go of me!
When you think about it, it wasn't his fault.
He probably reported her because he thought she was
a runaway slave who injured an officer.
Where are you going?
What are you doing?
I don't care who you are.
We want nothing to do with you if you have no money.
Don't touch me!
What are you looking at?
Lower your eyes.
You low lives.
Fine, I'll play.
But let's bet on something else, not money.
Fine, go ahead!
That pathetic fool and that patrolman are brothers.
So why is he only a patrolman when he's a nobleman?
He's an illegitimate child.
Lord Byun had him with a maid.
That jerk is dying to get his half brother.
Is that right?
A finger?
Yes, are you scared, my lord?
Fine, let's do it.
Grab him.
You jerks, how dare you!
You won't get away with this.
No one is responsible for what happens at a game table.
That's the rule of this business.
And where would a chief of Royal Guards
tell he lost his finger in a gamble?
Let me go.
Don't be scared. It'll be over in no time.
You must keep your dignity about you.
I'll bring money.
I'll bring more money.
You can't bring me enough money.
What are you doing?
Come on, this is all fun and games.
Let's not see blood.
Who do you think you are?
You seem new around here.
You must be spies if you don't know Yong around here.
You're Yong?
So you've heard about me?
There's no time to waste. Let's play a game.
Let this young master go if I win, but if I lose,
you can have his finger and my hand.
Listen to you.
I've heard you have guts.
Fine, let's put it to the test.
I don't have much time.
Let's just finish it with one game.
Bring it on!
Call it.
You have to win this hand to call yourself
the best gambler in the area.
Who wants to go first?
I think the chief's finger is worth more.
That's my knife.
Looks like your knife is sharper too.
You're cramping your style.
You should remain calm in situations like this.
This is how you get back at me?
My father's still praying for his tooth to grow back.
Seven, it is!
How did you know it was seven?
You want to know?
And I'll give you my hand.
This is really good.
You don't have a grudge against me?
I've put it all behind me.
A man doesn't hold grudges.
You let me know if you need any help.
Then may I visit you at your house?
My house?
Yes, I've only heard about your palatial mansion.
It's my wish to see a house like that in my lifetime.
Fine! You're welcome anytime.
Thank you.
Then what about tomorrow?
But I'm on emergency duty tomorrow and the day after.
Lord Chu suddenly has to go to China as an ambassador.
So there's a farewell party for him with Chunwoo members.
Chunwoo members?
Yes, it's the organization of the real powers
in Western faction.
My father is a member.
So why are you on emergency duty?
Because of that thief... I have to stand guard.
That thief is putting you through a ringer.
I know.
Why does he call on Royal Guards
when he has three bodyguards of his own?
Does he think we're his private bodyguards?
Three bodyguards?
Yes, that old fart can wield a sword too.
He can catch him himself.
But Cha-dol got upset when they pushed you...
You saw that, right?
Those Castor Oil Gangs got scared...
Castor Oil Gang?
Yong's hanging around with them, isn't he?
Well, that's...
Let me borrow your knife.
This is really good.
What's this?
It's fermented fish.
I guess you've never eaten it before.
I thought my mother's cooking is the best,
but this is out of this world.
You want another order?
Bring another order of this.
This is really popular with our customers.
You're such a great cook.
I'm not.
This is my son's favorite food...
Take it to the customer.
Who wants me?
You're dead today.
I ought to just...
You're that toothless old man...
Cut off my finger with that.
I'll give you my finger, so send my son back.
What's this?
You're here together?
I have no use for your finger.
Then you want my tooth?
I still have a lot of teeth left. Take your pick.
I'll give you my whole hand if you want,
so kick my son out!
Is that right? Fine, I'll take it.
I don't know who your son is,
but I'll give him back to you.
You can't do this!
Take my hand.
You jerk, you take my innocent
and studious Yong out of school and...
What the...
Who's their son anyway?
Was anyone here in school before?
If you send our Yong back...
I'll give you my heart.
My lord... your fish is here.
He left?
Don't worry.
I think of him as my own brother.
I had to let him in because he wouldn't give up,
but I won't let him follow in my path.
So just give him some time.
Can I trust you?
Of course you can.
Yong is not the man to become a hoodlum.
I have my faith in you.
It must've hurt earlier...
Please take good care of our Yong...
My stomach must be shocked by good food.
I have to go now.
They're looking for me at work.
Of course. Nothing gets done without you.
Shall we go?
Let's go.
Be careful.
This way.
This way.
Your Majesty, why would you overlook
the Taxation Minister's crime?
This does not concern him alone.
This is a chance to rid of all corrupt...
But I had no choice.
Your Majesty, please remember the reason
we overthrew Prince Gwanghae.
While corrupt officials were taking bribes and
engaging in illegal activities,
Gwanghae overlooked their crimes,
putting the country in jeopardy.
Your Majesty, why would you follow in his path?
Do you also think Gwanghae was better than me?
Stay alert.
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Private guards alone will number up to fifty.
Gold frog.
This is really yours?
The man who held my hand tight was alive.
I thought maybe that boy came back to life.
Lock the door! The thief is in here!