Social gas and Google Plus hangouts? Dine & Sign episode 25

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Hi, I'm Alex and this is my father. He's deaf and I'm not. Join us as we share a father-son
conversation over a bite to eat and I start to learn that he's got a unique little way
of saying things to me. This is Dine and Sign.
But should people want to socialize? Sometimes I feel we live in a cave. House shut. I feel,
that's people do. Same?
Long time ago I used to go out a lot. Now, now today's different.
You think money is the answer?
Money. Before I spend spend spend. Soon gas will reach $4. Again, back again.
Gas increase… so what?
I know many times you say before it was $1, $2. But… I was not around. Now $4 that's
my normal.
Right, can't afford. Drive go to CT is $80. Throw $80 away. Wow. You have to go for job,
Work for what?
To earn my money. Fun go out… can't afford fun with that cost. Awful.
But sometimes I imagine before, 1774, live in Massachusetts. Before farms, that's life.
Why people complain money increase. Stay home, before stay home. Right opinion?
Local. Bars local. Deaf far that tough. Deaf tough.
Why not connect online? Not the same?
I prefer meet the person.
Online not see each other.
You can video.
No. limit 3.
Soon I plan Google Plus hangout. I think up to 10 people. 10 people. I will send messages,
start looking. Friend me on Facebook, Google Plus, because I want to join with us. We'll
have an online party, try to see. Impress people. Talk.
I didn't know that.
Many hard to explain, but I will do my best to reach to other people I meet on line. We
will have a party online. We will see if it works.
Mac limit 3.
You always 'Mac, PC'. Now integrated. It doesn't matter.
Okay I want to see if it works.
Challenge, challenge. If not happen, what you say?
Same old thing.
What's the best time for a party?
I can't answer because I'm old.
Times change. Long time ago together have to. Now on own. Different.
You feel grow up... worth it?
But technology change.
For better or worse?
Better have internet, worse no social in club.
You think technology hooks people away from each other?
Well, Save cost. Expensive to travel.
I wonder if I find myself online more than other life. You know- go out, stay, type.
More internet. Meet, talk.
But sit, sit, sit.
Sit, sit, so what? What's wrong with sitting?
I feel different.
Your glasses.
What's wrong?
Hip. Right? right?
Checkers. Checkers, we should get a board here.
My brain, pieces, always moving. What's the problem?
Should hang it in a museum, dirty.
For what? For what?
My kids before use.
Now I use it. I'm your kid I still use it.
I hope not this on job.
Hello, I'm a creative person. Create.
Please don't.
Clean, straight, tie, loser.
Precise, exact!
Scratch! You'll have to edit it off. Edit all out.
Why? Why?
Look poor.
We are!
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