070 - VL Christian & Oliver - (2012-05-04) - part2

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(The Translation is done by Chrolliworldwide.)
The program planning is completely in your hands.
Can I bring my foosball table?
I'm afraid we already bought a new one that matches the concept of the design.
But there's a lounge and a pool.
With champagne-coolers floating on the water and pissoirs made of brushed stainless steel. I get it.
How do you know? -Ah, it was just a feeling.
I need to mix a few drinks.
Hello Olli. -Hey.
Two glasses Schneiders No. 1. -Two?
Yes, Charlie will be here any minute. -Ah
You're toasting Andi already?
Believe it or not, even your aunt and I have something to celebrate, now and then.
Good for you.
Ah, I understand.
It's hard to say goodbye, isn't it?
I knew it would be - but for it turn out like this... -Chin up.
I'm... -Okay.
Ey, something wrong or why do you dance so funny?
I need to warm up. -Ahh.
Come, Josie.
No Limits is dead.
Man, Olli, with Tristan's new club, there...
In this hip scene club I'll feel like a zombie who got into the wrong movie.
Uh, lady, do you want some more elderflower foam in your Crémant?
It's not too late to accept Rebecca's offer.
Maybe this can be a good time for us.
We finally could focus on us, on our relationship.
And what does that mean?
We'll have breakfast together, and dinner...
we reserve our tombstone together. -Hmm.
Man Olli!
I want you to be happy and that means you have to do what you want, because then - I am happy.
So we would both be happy. -Yes, exactly, because we love each other.
Man, I don't want a zombie...
I want Olli!
Even if I have to wait for him for five weeks.
Come on, go downstairs and tell Rebecca.
Düsseldorf, Amsterdam, Kingston.
Do you know how lucky you are?
because I have you.
Is the offer for the ticket to Jamaica still standing?
What, does that mean you... -I am in.
But... -I am a little irritated.
Sorry but right now I need time-out.
I have to figure out what I really want to do with my life.
Well, and of course it is easier to think under palm trees.
I hope you're not offended.
That's a pity, a great pity.
But it is your decision, of course.
Does Christian know? -Uhm, he doesn't have to know everything.
Yes, but then he'll think that you're only leaving because you're still mad at him regarding No Limits.
Then that will be his problem in the next five weeks.
And we'll have another big crisis. -Hmm.
What is going on with you two?
Nothing. -What do you mean?
(The Translation is done by Chrolliworldwide.)
Olli I... -Shhh..
My flight leaves in two hours, I really don't have time to talk, now.
Hm. -Hm
I will miss you so much, do you know that? -Yes, I hope so.
Especially after this goodbye.
I hope you'll think of that every day in the next five weeks, when those funny, carribean, naked boys jump around you.
These funny, carribean, naked boys are my colleagues.
Don't panic, they'll probably wear their swimsuits most of the time, anyway.
I hope so for their sake.
I didn't know you're jealous.
Good, because I'm not.
Hmm, yeah, sure.
What for?
That you're going to be alone for five weeks?
Yes, exactly. For that and for forgiving me about what happened with No Limits.
Forget about it.
When I'm back, I'll make a fresh start.
And I will help you with it.
Whatever it is you want to do.