Chrome Notebooks: Security (4/6)

Uploaded by googlechrome on 04.12.2010


A Chrome notebook is a lot safer to use than
a regular computer.
It's designed to keep your browser secure and protect
against the bad things that are out there on the web.
On your Chrome notebook, each website and web application you
open runs as a separate and independent process in a
restricted environment called the sandbox.
Sandboxing is a feature built right into the OS
to enhance security.
Here's how it works.
Let's say you open three different websites in
three different tabs.
Sandboxing keeps each website isolated from the others.
So if you open a website that's been infected by malware, they
can't affect the other tabs in your browser or anything
else in your machine.
The thread is contained in one tab, and even if that tab
crashes, the other tabs will continue to run normally.
Every time you boot your Chrome notebook, it does a self-check
called verified boot.
If it detects that your OS has been tampered with or
corrupted, the OS will be restored automatically from
a known good back-up.
And if a back-up is unavailable, you can download
one yourself from the Cloud.
Your Chrome notebook will be as good as new as
if nothing happened.
And what's really great?
Your Chrome notebook does everything on its own, with its
built-in security features, keeping you and your data safe.
So you can breathe just a little bit easier when you're
out there on the web.