Loreen - Every Breath You Take (Swedish Idol)

Uploaded by LoreenDailyorg on 26.06.2012

21 years later she looks like this.
How great to see you, Loreen. It’s calm and fine and you’re just standing by the mic frame, swaying, showing us your entire personality.
A strong crescendo and a cool finish. I think this is one of your best performances in Idol.
For me you are still walking on a slack line. You always make your own personal interpretation of the songs you perform here and you sing great.
But the thing is that the verse of this song was magical but then you float away and I lose you in the song.
All I can think of is the lyrics.. and it is just too much for me. I would have wanted for you to stay inside of the frame for this melody.
No, Peter is all wrong, because your strength is that you always make your own version which is great.
So don’t listen to what Peter says right now. Keep on as you do. You rock!
I would like to say this. This was first a hit with Police. Then it was a hit with Faith Evans and Puff Daddy. Now it is a smash hit with Loreen.