Mahabharat - Episode 28

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Lord Krishna's letter to Rukmini... very important from the...
...sociological point of view
Today, we have forgotten that... ancient lndia the girl chose her husband
ln lndia today... is the husband who chooses
lf Rukmini does not wish to marry Shishupal...
...then no one can make her marry him
lf need be...
...the Lord himself will intervene...
...because society...
...cannot seize this right from her
Krishna's visit to Kindampur on receiving the letter...
...proves that a woman was not a dependent
She could take her own decisions
Which is why l hail Rukmini...
...who lit a lamp on the doorstep of society
What's it, child?
Why do you always emphasise my being younger?
l enjoy it
l am going to Vidarbha
Vidarbha? Why?
Someone has asked for help
Who's that?
Vidarbha Princess Rukmini
King Bhishmak and Crown Prince Rukmi are...
...pressuring the princess... marry Shishupal
Which means a woman has no rights in Vidarbha
Why blame Vidarbha?
The royal family is to blame
We will have to teach them a lesson in culture
-l'll prepare the army -Why?
Rukmini has called for my help
Don't be stubborn
Rukmi will be waiting
-Brother -Don't 'brother' me
l'll not allow you to go there alone
l'll go there ahead
You follow with an army
You'll come, won't you?
You'll honor my trust, won't you?
You'll come, won't you?
Brave warrior
Eldest son of the King of Chedi
Crown Prince Shishupal
Hail Prince Shishupal!
l'll welcome you Prince Shishupal
Welcome me like a friend, Prince
Please come!
Welcome Prince Shishupal!
Please accept my greetings O King
Father has sent some gifts for you
Will you honor us... accepting these gifts
Sure, Prince!
Where are you going?
Where else, brother?
l am going to the temple
Good! Good!
One minute!
You must have heard that...
...Shishupal is here to take you away
l must leave
The Lord will be waiting for me
Listen carefully to this blessing
O golden complexioned Rukmini
Your husband will be...
...the Lord himself
He will take you away...
...with full respect
You have been blessed
What are you looking at?
My future
Wait, charioteer!
You are welcome to my chariot
Did you come alone from Dwarka?
With you, l won't be alone
How can l thank you...
...for coming here to fetch me?
There is no question of thanking me
lf anyone calls to me sincerely...
...l have to answer
There is no greater pleasure than this
Can we leave now?
Why ask me?
Because you called me
We can only leave when you order it
ln that case, let's go
l come without announcing...
...but to leave like that will be cowardice
l am not kidnapping you
l am taking you away
Throw the dice
That is Krishna's Conch
Krishna's Conch! Here?
This is the Vidarbha capital Kindampur
Krishna can't come here
Throw your dice
No. That's his Conch!
He must be here
-Hail Prince! -What's it?
Dwarka's army is at the capital's gates
-Hail Prince! -What's it?
Krishna has kidnapped the Princess
What cheek!
You go after Balram, l'll see to Krishna
No friend
You are still not related to Rukmini
You take care of Balram and his army
l'll go after Krishna
Wait Vasudev Krishna
You cannot take away my sister
l have already done that!
Rukmini is not a thing which you can pick up
lf you are a warrior, fight!
l am also a warrior!
Any other weapons left, Rukmini?
What have you done that l should kill you
You came to protect your sister, Prince
That was your duty
l am forgiving you because that's my duty
Let's go charioteer
When corruption enters politics... becomes contaminated
Definitions change
Loyalty to the king becomes the norm
The one who does not agree is branded...
...a traitor
lf Truth does not side with the king... becomes an Untruth
Riddles attain importance against this background
Politics wished to buy every person...
...who stands before it
Words like friendship, loyalty lose their meaning
This is what happened in Hastinapur
Things did not quiet after Yuddhistir...
...became Crown Prince
Duryodhan and Shakuni were seething with anger
Every moment was a burning Hell
Even Dhritirashtra's heart was burning
Shakuni recognized this fact...
...and further fanned those flames...
...and kept them alive
Shakuni advised Duryodhan to open the treasury
lt was Hastinapur's bad luck that...
...after Yuddhistir became Crown Prince...
...Duryodhan was placed in charge of the treasury
He was using the treasury... undermine Yuddhistir's popularity
He was buying all those...
...who could change opinion
Loyalties were being bought
Rebellion was being suppressed with gold
Psychological pressure was being brought...
...on Dhritirashtra to the effect that...
Yuddhistir was the obstacle to his dreams
lt was helplessness that...
...he could not talk about it to anyone
He was a lonely man
Even the wind's scent has changed
And so is its flow
Are we outside the city?
Yes. We are in a green forest
How do l know? What is greenery?
Were God to grant me sight...
...l would not recognize myself
What is a forest, Sanjay?
What is green?
Does the wind have a color?
Does the scent have a color?
Become my eyes, Sanjay
l am honored my king but... will you know l am telling the truth
Truth and lies have different scents
But truth can be sweet as well as bitter
l know!
Then what do you wish?
l am not talking of the taste of Truth
l am talking of Truth
l trust you completely
Don't you trust Drona, Vidur and Bhishma?
l have ordered you to speak the truth...
...not to ask questions
Forgive me
Speak now
The first truth, my Lord is this:
Yuddhistir has become so popular...
...that he can get back his father's crown
ls Yuddhistir thinking of that?
ln that case, he would not be popular
The people will only prefer those...
...who place the people before the crown
But in case you refuse him the crown...
...the people will see to it that...
...Yuddhistir is crowned
What do you wish?
l am your charioteer
l only wish... drive your chariot...
...through safe paths
So, even you wish that...
...l give Duryodhan's right to Yuddhistir
Who am l to wish?
l am only your well-wisher
l say that is good for you
l will listen to you Sanjay
Uncle Bhishma loves the Pandavas more
So, he looks to their interest
Sage Drona's favorite disciple is Arjun
He has accepted our favors...
...but his heart is full of Arjun...
...and his blessings are for Arjun
But no one tells me...
...what is Duryodhan's fault
Arrogance does not befit a warrior
Return to Hastinapur
As you wish, my king
Victory to the Prince
Charioteer, stop!
What happened?
l am the widowed mother of a girl
There is none to help me marry her
What are you saying?
No one is an orphan in Hastinapur
l will get your daughter married
For the moment take this gift and go home
May God grant you a long life
May He grant all your wishes
Never call yourself an orphan again
Let's go charioteer
This impatience does not befit...
...the future King of Hastinapur
The first rule of politics is:
No one should know the King's mind...
...apart from the king himself
And in your case...
...anyone can see what you are thinking
l do exactly what you say
But there is no result except that...
...the treasury is almost empty
But Yuddhistir continues to be popular
My dear Duryodhan
The results will show themselves
l have asked Purochan to carry out a task
That old architect? What can he do?
Purochan will be more effective than an army
The Shiva festival will take place in Varnavat
Yes. And l am going there
This year Yuddhistir will go
Don't talk in riddles, Uncle
The problem with you is that you don't listen
You interrupt with your observations
l am sending Purochan there to build...
...a house of wax for Yuddhistir
One tiny spark and...
...Yuddhistir's story will come to an end
House of wax!
Forgive me, Uncle
My mind is contaminated that...
l doubted your intelligence
Your youth is at fault Duryodhan
But your co-operation is very essential
How come?
Your fathers sometimes sways to that side
He wants, to see you king without...
...harming the Pandavas
He refuses to believe that it is impossible
You have to persuade him... send Yuddhistir to the festival this year
Tell him that you will be happy if this happens
lf you are successful in doing this...
...then be assured...
...that Yuddhistir will be out of the way for ever
Victory will be ours
l will convince father
My dear Duryodhan
Do you want to say something?
Don't be afraid Duryodhan. Say it!
Father, l have a request to make
You broke your promise that you would...
...make me the Crown Prince
But l kept quiet
You allowed Yuddhistir to be the Crown Prince
l kept quiet and so did my brothers
Dushasan kept quiet on my say-so
But now we cannot keep quiet any longer
Duryodhan is speaking the truth
But what is he saying?
l am saying:
You never leave the palace
We do not tell you many things...
...because that will increase your worries
What has happened, my son?
What has happened is...
...Yuddhistir has won the hearts of the people
You should be happy about this
No. Neither should l be happy...
...nor should you be happy
Because Yuddhistir's popularity means...
...he now has one more weapon... use against you
But why?
Because he is impatient to become king
The throne is a peculiar thing
lt has defeated the most fervent patriots
By God's grace you are still healthy...
...and we hope you will live a long life
So, rather than wish you were not there... is better that the people pressure you... make Yuddhistir the king
ln any case you are Pandu's representative
Now l have no solution to...
...this problem
Yuddhistir will never do this
He won't do it himself
The people will do this on his behalf
Pandu's friends will ensure it
Don't you remember that your Army chief...
...sided with Yuddhistir
The main thing, father is that...
...l do not wish to be dependent on Yuddhistir
lf you do not find a solution soon...
...l vow that...
...l will commit suicide
What are you saying?
What else can l do, father?
l cannot order you, can l?
Tell me what...
...should l do?
Send Yuddhistir to Varnavat... take part in Lord Shiva's festival...
...on your behalf
l have always gone there myself
You went there because... one else could go
lt is the Crown Prince who usually goes there... that he can meet the people
Now, Hastinapur has a Crown Prince
lt is right that he should go
But Shakuni...
Politics means not to ask questions
You know that l will always... the best for you and your family
l trust you Shakuni
l will think about your proposal
lt is true that l wish... see the crown of Hastinapur...
...on my son's head
But it is also true that...
...l will never do an injustice... Pandu's sons
Yuddhistir is dear to me
He also obeys me
Then please order that...
Yuddhistir goes to Varnavat
The matter ends there
There is no doubt that when Yuddhistir...
...becomes king, Hastinapur will be secure
Why do you always add that 'but'?
This is the era of 'buts' Uncle
Nothing is certain
Things are altered at the last moment
Who would have thought that Sage Kindem...
...would die at Pandu's hands?
Who would have thought Pandu would abdicate?
Who would have thought Dhritirashtra would be king?
But all this happened
Who knows how many more thorns...
...and how many more 'buts' ...
...are in store for Hastinapur
And remember Uncle...
...the most personous but for Hastinapur... King of Gandhar, Shakuni
There must be some reason for...
...Shakuni's stay in Hastinapur
Are you saying that...
...Yuddhistir may not become king...
...even now?
l have no doubt about that
Go on! What is this 'but'?
Does it mean l cannot leave Earth, as yet?
We made a mistake by putting Duryodhan... charge of the treasury
He is emptying it pretty fast...
...buying loyalties
The treasury is very important today
Which is why...
...l fear Yuddhistir may not be crowned soon
The future is a volcano
The nation faces uncertainty
The brave are worried
The brave are helpless today