Shooting Guard in Youth Basketball : Youth Basketball Shooting Guard: Getting Open

Uploaded by expertvillage on 23.10.2008

Hi. This is Sean Hobson, and right now, we're working with our shooting guard. And the main
thing that our shooting guard has to remember: he's always got to be in motion. He's got
to make himself super hard to guard so that he can get open for shots. A shooting guard
can't become frustrated and just simply give one little step move and pop out and not get
the shot and then stop on the offense. He's got to work hard for his shot. One of the
best shooting guards there is Rip Hamilton, who plays with the Detroit Pistons. The reason
for that is because he's in constant motion. He's moving all over the place. Nobody ever
wants to guard him because he's in constant motion. So what we're going to show right
now is: we want to show this guy being in constant motion and what it looks like when
he's trying to get open. So I'm going to be playing up here with the ball, trying to get
him the ball. All right, go. If he cuts down, now he can't get the ball. Now he's going
to move to the top. I'm going to dribble down, and now, he was able to get the ball at the
top of the key. Even if he's not able to get a shot, our next step is we're going to try
to maybe create a shot off of this. But the key thing was he never gave up on the play.
He stayed in constant motion. He was able to get the ball. And that's what we want our
shooting guards to be doing.