Crack Clan vs FinRecon Part 1 [ENG SUBS]

Uploaded by ccPhrallan on 09.02.2012

Swedux: Hello
Krusket: God damn it, you suck Phrallan
Swedux: Phrallan get skills
Swedux: Stop shooting at me! Phrallan: What group shall I be in?
Snejbelsax: The other one KARATElusse: The other one probably
Phrallan: Duh... Krusket: The best one
NinjafiskJR: Was it me that was gonna fly the heli? Swaffelsauruz: Or...
Phrallan: Shall I be in the tank?
Krusket: No...Swedux in heli Snejbelsax: I'll take sprint again
Phrallan: Good, 2 amo, really good Snejbelsax: I'm holding spawn on you Lusse
Phrallan: We've got 2 ammo, good
Snejbelsax: Never mind.. NinjafiskJR: That was thought-out you know
Krusket: Lets win this!
NinjafiskJR: Why can't I get in..
Swaffelsauruz: Then it will be Lusse and Snejbel spawning on me and jumps off att C
Swaffelsauruz: And then me and Snejbel will go to B Swedux: You who flyes jet
Swedux: You who flyes jet, don't forget to spot before you shoot Phrallan: Will do
KARATElusse: Cheff will go for the other one? Swaffelsauruz: Yes
KARATElusse: Me and Snejbel the first one Swaffelsauruz: Exactly
Krusket: Phrallan, you saw the jet? Phrallan: Yes, I'm on him
Swaffelsauruz: A little bit of distraction if they try to shoot Bail!
Swedux: Has anyone seen their heli?
Snejbelsax: It's here Swedux: Yep it's here, I've got him
Cheff: One down at B
Swedux: I've got him Snejbelsax: They're at C
Snejbelsax: More than 2 Swaffelsauruz: They shoot hard
Krusket: Something is locking me up Snejbelsax: Where are they
Phrallan: Jet crashed, LOL
Swaffelsaurux: Heli is on B Phrallan: I'll go for the heli
NinjafiskJR: It's still locking on me KARATElusse: What?! He was there
NinjafiskJR: Something is shooting you Krusket: It's a tank
Phrallan: Heli is locking on me, I'm out of here
Krusket: Anyone got javelin? Swaffelsauruz: Nope
Swedux: Did the heli die or what happend? Krusket: He's using the TV missile
Swedux: *Beep* Phrallan: I didn't see him
Swaffelsauruz: Car far out left, and tank is coming to B
Phrallan: Heli down Krusket: Good
NinjafiskJR: Jet is coming towards you Phrallan: I see him
Snejbelsax: Over here Lusse, half life left
Snejbelsax: Around the corner
Swedux: Shall I just sit and wait for the heli?
Swaffelsauruz: Yes you're sitting in the heli
Swedux: But it's like three minutes of just waiting...
Swaffelsauruz: Yeah but when you dit you can spawn down to the ground Krusket: You can spawn on me
Swedux: Who said "spawn on me"? NinjafiskJR: Spawn on me
Krusket: Krusk
KARATElusse: No one of them died
NinjafiskJR: I'll kill these
Krusket: *Evil laugh* NinjafiskJR: Oh, you got him, LOL
Swaffelsauruz: Spawning you Swedux Snejbelsax: One inf dead Phrallan: You've got the jet?
Phrallan: Yeah, sort of
Snejbelsax: Two in then tank Swaffelsauruz: Cheff you'll have to go with AT so can help us
Cheffster: Indeed
Phrallan: Jet disable
NinjafiskJR: Good place I stepped out on
Snejbelsax: One more inf on the roof
KARATElusse: He's out Swaffelsauruz: Just one granade
Phrallan: He bailed, jet bailed Swaffelsauruz: Barrack is out
NinjafiskJR: They're in the flag zone
Cheffster: One close by to B Snejbelsax: One dead, he died
Swaffelsauruz: Now Cheff, spawn AT Cheffster: Of course
NinjafiskJR: Watch out! I put a granade there
Swaffelsauruz: If you get....we're losing D, we're losing D
Krusket: But we don't seem to get C either
Swaffelsauruz: Go back and we'll take it NinjafiskJR: They're on construction
Krusket: Construction out Swaffelsauruz: Good
Krusket: Repair
NinjafiskJR: I'm on my way Krusket: Jump in so I can go today
Swedux: Na na na na na na na na na na na
Krusket: Have you cleared out D?
Cheffster: There is... Krusket: Have you cleared out D?
Cheffster: No, there's one on D NinjafiskJR: Okey
NinjafiskJR: Then I'll stay on C Krusket: We're on our way
Snejbelsax: Chopper is coming here Swaffelsauruz: Good Phrallan
Snejbelsax: Behind, agains the construction. The house
Swedux: They're caping C Krusket: trying to see where he is NinjafiskJR: I'm on my way to C
Krusket: Swedux, Have you got Proximity?
NinjafiskJR: I've stopped the capping on C
Krusket: Have you got Proximity scan? Swedux: Don't know
Swedux: But we already have that
Krusket: No
Swedux: Yes Krusket: Then it's you who have it
Swedux: Oh, okey Snejbelsax: One dead on C, came from behind on D
KARATElusse: One is behind the house over there Krusket: Then they're not on D
Swaffelsauruz: Tank is coming towards.. KARATElusse: Tank coming
Swaffelsauruz: He's just standing and pixle Krusket: Swedux: You can suicide and take the heli
Snejbelsax: Up in the roof Swedux: Will do that
Snejbelsax: I've taken out everyone on red
NinjafiskJR: One on my body Swaffelsauruz: the tank is coming, tank roling forward
Krusket: Hit tank
Swaffelsauruz: A sniper took me out Snejbelsax: I'm dead
NinjafiskJR: I'm on my way to you Krusk
Krusket: Hit tank NinjafiskJR: I'm on my way Krusk
Swaffelsauruz: Next to the tank out on the left, there's snipers. Watch out for them
Swedux: Theme to Indiana Jones Krusket: Disable
Krusket: Out Swaffelsauruz: I'm going with javelin
Snejbelsax: Construction house Swaffelsauruz: And then I'll spawn on Cheff
Phrallan: One spoted on left side on A Snejbelsax: One coming on right side. Many people on C
Swaffelsauruz: He has to be there Snejbelsax: Straight ahead there Krusk
Swedux: Have you seen there heli somewhere?
Phrallan: The chopper is down Snejbelsax: In the house as well
Swedux: Okey NinjafiskJR: People on construction as well
Krusket: Where? On the ground or in the air? NinjafiskJR: Left left left
NinjafiskJR: Behind you in the green Swaffelsauruz: He got spawn, it's two in there Cheff
KARATElusse: I'm spawning D Swaffelsauruz: One more
Krusket: It's one on D
Snejbelsax: What's happening?! Phrallan: One dead on construction
Swaffelsauruz: Cheff is crazy
KARATElusse: Do you get anyone in there? Swaffelsauruz: Yes
KARATElusse: Everyone dead?
Cheffster: Yes Swaffelsauruz: Yes
Swaffelsauruz: What I know NinjafiskJR: Whops, what did I do
Krusket: Jumped out Phrallan: I think they've given up on air
Swaffelsauruz: That's good
Swaffelsauruz: If you lock them in rape in the air, let me know because then Swedux will go on ground or have someone with him
Swaffelsauruz: If you lock them in rape in the air, let me know because then Swedux will go on ground or have someone with him Phrallan: I've locked them, they've given up
Krusket: One here behind yello NinjafiskJR: Yes
Swaffelsauruz: Try to pick someone up and he'll be your gunner
Phrallan: I've not locked them, one jet took off now
Snejbelsax: You have round the next house NinjafiskJR: They're on C
Krusket: Yes, that's why you should sit in the tank, because then we'll see where they are
Krusket: No use that you run Snejbelsax: One inf dead
Swedux: Tank from A
Snejbelsax: Two infs dead
Snejbelsax: Still people in construction house
Phrallan: They're locked in rape now Swaffelsauruz: They're second at the top
KARATElusse: They're at the top on construction house
KARATElusse: I'm trying to come up Krusket: Running to B
NinjafiskJR: I've got spot on one
NinjafiskJR: Two of them
Swaffelsauruz: They're tagged as hell
Swaffelsauruz: I'm lying there, straight ahead Lusse KARATElusse: He's dead
Phrallan: I'm going for the tank NinjafiskJR: Tank coming
Swaffelsauruz: He fell down beside him Phrallan: Tank down
Krusket: They're securing B. I need one more to help me here
KARATElusse: I'm coming NinjafiskJR: I'm on my way
KARATElusse: I got suicide, so I'll come
Swaffelsauruz: I'm also here now
Snejbelsax: One dead here Is it anyone more Cheff?
Cheffster: No, I got one here
Snejbelsax: He's coming from the house!
Snejbelsax: One spawned, one's still here
KARATElusse: How does it look on your flag, on B?
Swaffelsauruz: We're geting it
Krusket: You took him there Ninja, right? KARATElusse: Yes he did
Krusket: Nice Snejbelsax: God! He's so tagged
Cheffster: I got one Snejbelsax: One more
Cheffster: Oh, he got spawn Krusket: Granade
KARATElusse: I'm spawning construction market Swaffelsauruz: One dead, one dead
Swaffelsauruz: They're coming straight ahead NinjafiskJR: Behind B. behind B
Krusket: Behind B, by the coast
Phrallan: I'm not allowed to take their heli, right?
Krusket: Yes you can Swaffelsauruz: Yes
NinjafiskJR: Shall I go and get the tank Krusk?
Snejbelsax: C is going Krusket: Do it
KARATElusse: Ouch ouch ouch, they're shooting hard..
Snejbelsax: Tagged on construction, far out on left
KARATElusse: It's one out here with me as well
Snejbelsax: One to the right, and one to the left Swaffelsauruz: I'm going over to you
Snejbelsax: Scope, far out right
Swaffelsauruz: I'm gonna try to get up to construction Swedux: Who is trying to lock on me?
Snejbelsax: N00bs
Krusket: Tank is going to A Swaffelsauruz: One dead on construction
Cheffster: Got one Swaffelsauruz: Many of them on construction
Phrallan: One spoted on construction
Swaffelsauruz: One behind me... Cheffster: He's dead
Swaffelsauruz: One is by the cistern on construction Krusket: Either Swedux or Ninja who dies has to change perk
NinjafiskJR: What did you say? Krusket: The one who dies of you two have to change perk
Swedux: Yes NinjafiskJR: Fuck, I forgot that
KARATElusse: He's over there
Snejbelsax: They're more to the left Cheffster: They're lying here and crawling
Snejbelsax: One dead
NinjafiskJR: Roling on with tank on C now
Swaffelsauruz: When you get C now, try to go up on construction or the barrack behind the construction so you have constroll over construction
Krusket: Spawning on you Ninja Swedux: How could he hit me there...
NinjafiskJR: I'm jumping out
Krusket: You don't have to jump out, just jump in to second or third seat NinjafiskJR: That's true
Snejbelsax: Car and tank coming NinjafiskJR: Car and tank
Phrallan: I'm going for the tank
Swaffelsauruz: Locking on car Snejbelsax: One jumped
NinjafiskJR: Go for the car otherwise
Swaffelsauruz: I'm shooting jav on the car
Swaffelsauruz: Car is about to blow NinjafiskJR: One bailed from the car
Swaffelsauruz: Car destroyed
Krusket: Hit tank Swaffelsauruz: I'm locking on the tank
Krusket: The tank is out Swaffelsauruz: Nice Krusken
KARATElusse: Every single inf was there Swaffelsaurus: Nice Lusse!
Krusket: Lets take this last flag so we get can put an end to this
Snejbelsax: I'm after the infs up here
Phrallan: I can't see anything Swedux: It's probably a guy locking
Swaffelsauruz: B!
NinjafiskJR: Take B, we'll take A. So we can lock them
Swaffelsauruz: They're many at B
Cheffster: I'll come and help KARATElusse: I'll come to
Krusket: I'll go around the flag. Trying to find them NinjafiskJR: Do that
Phrallan: God..what am I doing.. Swaffelsauruz: One dead. They're more of them here
Cheffster: One in the garage Swaffelsauruz: One more dead
NinjafiskJR: You didn't get A? Swaffelsauruz: Nope, we didn't
Snejbelsax: Car is coming now guys Swaffelsauruz: They're on the roof at garage
NinjafiskJR: Behind us somewhere Krusket: Hit in the back
Snejbelsax: You who's on A, inf coming from my direction, from the mountains
NinjafiskJR: I'm going out to repair you Krusket: Repair on the APC
NinjafiskJR: Oh god damn it! It's three of them there
Snejbelsax: One up on the mountains Krusket: I'm leaving my tank
Phrallan: *Beep*
Krusket: Please tell me you're alive Ninja KARATElusse: One dead behind here
NinjafiskJR: I'm staying alive Krusket: Yes
NinjafiskJR: At least as long as I can Swaffelsauruz: Take B quick
Krusket: Did the tank blow up? NinjafiskJR: Yes
Krusket: Good Snejbelsax: Swaffel, did the car come to you or did it pass by?
Swaffelsauruz: I have no idea, there's no car here at least Snejbelsax: It probably passed by
Snejbelsax: He drove by Swaffelsauruz: Suicide someone, Lusse maybe, or I can do it
Krusket: One out
Snejbelsax: One more NinjafiskJR: One more
KARATElusse: How's it going for you Swedux? Swedux: What did you say?
KARATElusse: Are they on D? Snejbelsax: Tank is coming now
Swedux: No one is caping D, so I don't know
NinjafiskJR: I'm dead
Swedux: Someone is locking on the other hand
Swedux: Where is he Snejbelsax: Need help on the tank over here
Swaffelsauruz: Did you find anyone Lusse? Snejbelsax: Infs are rushing in the water
NinjafiskJR: One dead Snejbelsax: Nice!
NinjafiskJR: They're more here
Swaffelsauruz: I'm going out to the left flank
Krusket: I'm spawning main to take the tank Swaffelsauruz: Do it
Swedux: Two down on A
Phrallan: Please don't bail
Phrallan: Please don't bail Snejbelsax: Still in the water
Phrallan: Nooo he bailed...boring..
KARATElusse: Was it worth it, really
NinjafiskJR: Hit tank Snejbelsax: On my body, 2 of them
KARATElusse: He's alive at B
KARATElusse: He's behind Swedux: Tank is disable, I nailed it with..
Swedux: My little precious NinjafiskJR: Tank is out
KARATElusse: Spawning on Swaffel
Snejbelsax: Where is he Lusse, did he ran away? KARATElusse: He's in a building
KARATElusse: One of the garages
Swaffelsauruz: He's in the second garage Snejbelsax: He jumped out
NinjafiskJR: There's five of them on A
Krusket: Lets push then
Swaffelsauruz: I'm pushing from far out by the water, so I'll have an eye on them
Snejbelsax: I'm pushing on the mountains
NinjafiskJR: Spawning on you Krusket: Phrallan down
Swaffelsauruz: There's a lot of them coming out by the water KARATElusse: I got one of them
Krusket: Good Swedux Swaffelsauruz: Good Swedux
Swaffelsauruz: It's a bit epic that his name is Swedux
Krusket: Jet jet Swedux: Aaaah, jet!
Krusket: Fuck, I missed Swedux: Jet is in the air
Swedux: I'm dead
Krusket: I missed him, sorry Phrallan: Yes
NinjafiskJR: Locking on us now
KARATElusse: Where's Phrallan Swaffelsauruz: Javelin was fired on someone
NinjafiskJR: They're coming from left side on A
Swedux: Witch perk shall I change to? Snejbelsax: Chopper is coming guys
Swedux: They've got eleven, five, six tickets left. What perk shall I have?
KARATElusse: It doesn't matter Krusket: Take somthing
Cheffster: I got bad luck
Swaffelsauruz: The last thing I do is to shoot double HS
Phrallan: What a boring round...
NinjafiskJR: Yes Krusket: Yes
Swaffelsauruz: It isn't fun playing against a team that is lower than you in air