Takarajima/Treasure Island 23-2 [English subs]

Uploaded by takarajimanime on 20.03.2010

I can't solve riddles like Silver, so let me go!
Please, please let me go!
Go back to the hut.
You'll cause me extra work if you catch a cold.
Silver is awake!
Silver woke up!
Do you hear?
Papi, you poor dog. They've tied you up.
Don't try anything, Silver.
You're our prisoner. Just like Papi.
Calm down. I'm not planning anything at the moment.
How far are you with the answer to the riddle?
"At the night of the full moon when the bell tolls once"
were the words.
It probably means one o'clock at the night of the full moon.
Yes, that's right.
And then was Flint's house, but I'm
not sure what it's supposed to mean.
We have an idea about where
this place could be.
And finally this Devil's Top.
We don't have any idea what that's supposed to mean.
So, about your promise.
First you'll untie Papi.
Then I want a cup of hot coffee.
What are you thinking?
You're going too far. Do you want to give us orders?
No, I was just asking nicely, right?
Aren't you asking me for a favour, too?
The favour of solving Captain Flint's riddle? Isn't that right?
Isn't that right?
If you stay here and help us, we guarantee you'll be safe.
But if you plan to run away, you should hide well.
If we see you, we'll consider you an enemy and shoot at you.
Where are you going? There's nobody on the island.
I'll be happy to be alone. Don't worry about me.
What is wrong, Silver?
What is it?
Don't worry. It was just a little stab of pain.
Out of the way!
I can't just sit here.
The next full moon is in a week.
I must have solved this damn riddle by that time.
What's that?
You don't even know what the text means.
To be honest, I have no idea.
You devil! How could you pretend you knew?
You tricked us!
No, I haven't tricked anyone.
I said I'm the only one qualified to solve the riddle
because I knew Flint the best.
Alright, people! Pack your things and let's go!
We don't have much time.
How did it go?
At the night of the full moon... and then?
When the bell tolls once above Flint's house...
At Devil's Top...
45 degrees...
I'm a man, too!
I'll find the treasure and keep it for myself!
Are you in pain?
No, I'm fine.
That's good.
Do you have something to say to me?
We've been running around the whole day and haven't found a single clue.
Maybe we missed something.
If yes, there's no point in searching further.
We've been everywhere. Where should we look?
What could it be? A rock? A forest? Something Flint gave a name to?
We all have different ideas.
It could be something completely different than we think.
I've been here for ten years and know every place
but I have no idea what Flint's house could be.
So, Silver. Share your opinion with us.
Say something! Or do you want to make fools of us again?
No, I don't want that.
It's just that I'm not feeling well.
I haven't felt well for a while now.
You're sweating.
He has malaria.
I can't understand how he was able
to march around the whole day with the fever and the wound.
What? Malaria?
The worst has happened.
Several of my men, even good old Anderson died of malaria.
And I finally get it, too.
Take care, Jim.
Don't move!
Throw the weapon away.
What is this supposed to mean?
I'm sorry, but I'm going now.
Don't follow me or I'll shoot.
You won't get far with your illness.
We can only take care of you here.
Forget it. Even you can't help me.
I saw what happened to Anderson and the others.
I'm no doctor, but I can tell you exactly what