Zarf Tarek/ Tarek's (Critical) Situation/ ظرف طارق *eng sub*

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Love and suffering are two sides of the same coin
With love, we will talk about love
With love, we will discuss love problems
With love, we will meet for a couple of hours
ln ''Me, the Stars and your love''
Dear listeners, today's episode deals with love and solitude
We frequently feel lonely and we frequently feel pain and sadness
And we frequently need someone to love and share our love
You're live with Usama Munir
Love is a wonderful feeling that teases the human hearts
whereas loneliness is a pain felt by every person looking for love
Sometimes, a guy might feel that no girl would ever love him
That's me
He would feel more and more Ionely because he never loved a girl
- That's also me - Those people live in misery
That's enough
- In sorrow - That's enough
- In desolation - That's enough
- In loneliness - That's enough Usama, enough
Sadness is loneliness but love gives the lovers real happiness
Let's go back to receiving your calls
- Hello - Hello
l guess that's Riham's voice
- How are you doing Riham? - Hello Usama, how are you?
l recognized you when you cleared your throat
Riham, you were listening to us since the beginning of the episode?
lndeed and l can repeat everything you said if you like
What do you think of this episode's subject?
l think that every person has a second half
Give me a kiss before getting into the house
We're receiving lots of SMS and plenty of calls
But let's go back again
Oh yeah, l forgot to tell you something important
Tell him you're gonna spend the night here but go easy on him
Come on, everybody will soon know l have a girl with me
- Open up, man - Yes Mu'taz, right away
Why are you dumbstruck?
This is Bakinam, my work colleague
This is my friend but l...
Don't forget what l told you, okay?
- l'll take a quick shower - l'll take a shower with you
- Why would you take a shower? - l should get in with you right now
Why don't you get it, man? Go on, man
You're Tarek?
- l'm gonna spend the night in your house - You're welcome... but why?
Beckingham? Hey Miss
- You're gonna really spend the night here? - What's the problem?
Nothing at all, l iust wanted to know what would you like to have for breakfast
- Look - What's this?
- What do you say if l wore this? - What's this?
- Forget it, what about this? - What's this?
- You're gonna love this one - You have a great variety
Why don't you put a window here so that passers-by could take a look?
lt'll save you the trouble
- l've got some more - Enough, no more please
- Let me put your handbag in the closet - You didn't tell me what to wear
Wear them all but put the shortest ones in front of the longest ones
Why are you staying here? l know l have no right to ask such a question
But l'd like to know why you won't sleep in your house?
- l forgot the flat keys - Alright
Why didn't you ring your door bell?
- l did it - You did it?
- What happened? - Mom plays tennis in the club
- And then get into the Jacuzzi and sauna - Sauna?
- She goes back home dead tired - Why didn't you call the police?
- She sleeps like a log - Really? That's pretty convincing
- Why are you talking like this? - l caught a cold yesterday
- What? - Yesterday
- What? - Yesterday, you're dumb or what?
- How did you catch a cold? - How?
l was watching cable TV and l went outside
Poor lad
- My daughter! - Mommy
You had lost each other or what?
That's the tennis player? l'd like to tell you...
My neck, you're gonna break my neck, l cannot breathe
So mad
So madly in love
Change that song, man
Sing a soft tune
- What is it mommy? - Mommy? That'll make her go crazier
So mad
- You're seducing my daughter? - l swear l didn't seduce her
Take this
Die, you moron
Then who you are?
l... l... l will not say anything
Come with me, girl
So mad, so madly in love
You wouldn't stop before singing the whole tape, right?
- Your shower? - Shower?
- l told you l should've come with you - Another time, another time
l had a chick in here, what have you done to Backinam?
l cut her mother to pieces
Hadi, your trip lasted much longer this time
You liked it there and wouldn't wanna come back?
Umda, Umda
You're so fiery too directly from the airport to work
- Get some rest for a couple of days - l don't have time
Did you do what l told you, Imad?
l asked about her in the civil registry office
And l found out she still lives at the same address
lmad, l must find her l must find Sara at any cost
- Do you understand? - You will find her
Rest assured and don't worry
l have a relative that can solve us this problem right away
- He's an officer? - No, he works at a mobile company
- He could help us get her address - Where is he?
Just calm down, take it easy coz this guy is a bit introverted
He might feel we're using him or something
- Just leave it to me - Okay man
Where did l park the car yesterday? Where did l park the car yesterday?
Excuse me sir, haven't you seen a dark small car?
- No, l haven't - Thank you
- Excuse me - Yes?
- Could you help me pass the road? - Indeed, go on
Don't worry, there are no cars on the road, go on
We're all gonna die some day
You're hiding from me?
l don't need this earlier in the morning
You son of a bitch you're gonna ruin my car
Fine, stay, l'll work it out
ln the glove compartments the permits are in the glove compartment
- Mr. phobia is coming - Hold on a second
Good morning Mus'ad and Salah
Excuse me guys
Good morning
Have a nice trip
- There you go, man - Thank you
- The meeting is over? - As you can see
- You think they could do it all over again? - Well, well, well
- Do you have a personal e-mail? - Why Mr. Khater?
You didn't attend the meeting, you're late and you're not wearing the official work uniform
- Go on, go - Yehya just arrived like me
Shut your mouth, don't you say a word about Yehya
lf only you were like Yehya, if only you sold as much mobile lines as Yehya
Come on in, come in
lt's not my fault if Yehya sells mobile lines since he works in Customer Service
Tarek, my boy, l'm iust like a young mother to you
You have a nice personality but full of weaknesses
- Haven't you watched Spiderman? - Yes l did
He was a total failure living by the dumps and all of a sudden...
Hold on, why are you running away?
l don't know, l like to run over here
l thought you were drunk in the early morning
- There you go - What's this?
- The songs you wanted me to put on a CD - This is Muharram Fouad
- So what? - l wanted Sha'ban Abd el-Rihim
They are all the same, Muharram Fouad and Sha'ban Abd el-Rihim
There's iust a couple of months between them
Store him in your drawer for a couple of months and it'll turn into Sha'bullah all alone
l'll be on my desk
- Tarek - What?
You're an impostor, iust know that you're an impostor, do you hear?
- Nagwa? Miss Nagwa - Holy shit, holy shit
That's what impostors do but l'm not really an impostor
lmpostor, impostor
How nice
- Good morning - Good morning
l forgot l'm at work
- Yes, this is City Call - Yes
- Hello? - Good evening
- Yes, who's this? - Ibtisam
What a lovely name!
- May l have your phone number? - 5063566
Great, you live in 1 8th street of Minayyil?
- Manyal - Manyal
Excuse me, the K is not very clear
- The line is out of service - Yeah, it's out of service indeed
What a shame! Don't you worry Miss Ibtisam
l know that living without your mobile is a real hardship
l promise you you'll get back your line immediately
- Thank you so much - You're welcome
We'd be happy to make you the friend of our show, l mean our company
Goodbye, goodbye
We have another call, hello? Hello?
l wonder if you reactive the lines for everyone or just for those with a tender voice
No, for everybody
So you're a bad employee in customer services
And a bad line seller
Yehya, how many lines did you sell until now out of 500?
l have 20 lines to go, sir
What about you wise guy? How many lines do you have left?
- l have one line to go - One line?
- Yes - Is that so?
Yes, l still one line to go before starting to sell the 500 lines
Listen you good for nothing, you're gonna work a night shift all week long
- Fady, cool, cool - l lost, man
- Be cool, hello? - Hello Umda, How are you doing?
l'm fine, thank you
Listen, l have a dear friend of mine that needs 50 phone lines for his company
What? 50 lines? l'll come to you right away
l'll be there in the crack of dawn
Yes? l'll be there in the crack of dawn
No man, never mind my memory cards, just take care of your own
Yes, yes, it's nothing
Are you pulling your cable, Imad?
Fine, tomorrow then
Bye, see you tomorrow Imad, l'm coming
- What is it? - Good evening
You got some water in the fridge, l'm starving
- What the hell are you? - l'm a human being
A human being? l didn't ask about your species
Who are you?
l'm a living creature who co-lives with others
You're a babysitter or what? Who sent you?
Nobody sent me l'm my own president
What brings you to my country, l mean to my house? This is my house
l have an appointment with my pal you're asking illogical questions
By the way, you're super-horrible, super-horrible
- And you're sub-suspicious - Cut the crap, man
Come over here
Listen man, you're inside my house and l'll give you a beating
Will you fight back or what?
- Listen, what's your name? - No need to be so aggressive
- My name is Basyuni Mrad The Animal - Go on
- What? That's iust my name - What kind of an animal?
You're being impudent you wanna hit me or what?
lt's good that l didn't get changed l'll beat the hell out of you
Biso, my pal
- Sorry, l'm late - How are you doing Mu'taz?
- You brought the weed? - Yeah l brought the weed
No need to ask it's not just any kind of weed
Take a look, this is the one l usually take
And that's the one l brought you and l take it as well
- What is it called? - Torabora
- What? - Torabora, it's Afghan
l've got weeds and all kinds of dope
and even something for those who don't take drugs
- Go on guys - Who's this?
l don't know, some useless guy l found in the house
He didn't stop nagging which raised my blood pressure
- It doesn't matter, what's the score? - One-one
Come on guys don't fail me every time
- What's his problem? - He's supporting the team
What's this? He's gonna throw up
- That's my friend - Yeah but not mine
Dearest pal, it's okay, it's okay
- l told you l'm sorry - He apologized a thousand times
l've been insulted, Mu'taz
Listen, the next time you want weeds don't bring the likes of him into my house
lf you want some weed go buy it in a shop
Goal! Goal!
lt's a goal against us against the Egyptian team
- Yeah but in our favor - You support what team?
l'm Egyptian, who am l supposed to support? Nigeria indeed
- Nigeria? - l told you l shouldn't forgive him
- You pushed my friend - Where is your friend?
October 14
Mr. super-horrible why are you so quiet?
What? You're supporting? You're throwing up
Be polite with my friend
Thank you Wezza for avenging me and tying him down
- That's a nice game - A very nice one
- What's the score? - 2 to 1
- Who's playing - Egypt vs. Nigeria
We're the black players, right?
...they scored 2 goals
Scotland took the lead then Italy made a tie in the second half thanks to its back Grosso
who kicked a great corner ball
The Italian team's points increase in the 5th group...
- Good morning - Good morning
Don't you get near it, l warned you
That's gross, that's gross
God damn it, it's supposed to be a respected company
Could you please step on this? Step hard, step hard, hard, yes
Thank you
- So what do you think? - With the 50 lines, l'd be glad to help you
- About the other issue - But l don't quite understand what you want
We're gonna give you the name of a person and its birth date
You'll get into the company's personal computer
and bring us some simple data about him
His address, his residence place it's a piece of cake, okay?
So you want me to reveal the customers' data?
- Exactly - What? Indeed l can't
that's beyond my iurisdiction and against my principles and morals
We don't want you to act against your principle, morals and jurisdictions
- It's very simple, this girl... - What? She's a girl not a guy
That's impossible, impossible Imad
This girl ripped him off a 9 carat diamond ring
And changed her address
We couldn't find her house and address, nor could the cops
You're the only one who can help us
l cannot do it Imad it's impossible, impossible
- 100 lines - You want her mobile phone too?
- All possible data - l won't do it
l would never try to get information about a girl, l am sorry
We have nothing more to say, you can leave now
l'm gonna leave
You can forget about the lines
l wouldn't do it even for all the lines of the world, excuse me
- l'm a decent man - You're a loser
l want you to sell me the lines, lines
- l agree but l have a small request - You'll get 5000 pounds
lt's not about the money when do you need the 200 lines?
We iust want 1 OO lines
Who said 300 lines? l said 400 since l got here
l agree, l agree
By the way, you will indeed find her data in your company
We searched all the other networks, to no avail
There you go, 400 lines
- That's the company's order - Give me her name, her address
Her mobile number and all her personal data
- What would you be doing then? - Yeah right
l forgot, excuse me, l'm a bit tensed
- You got it? - Yeah, l got it
- What's her name? - Sarah Muhammad el-Mahdi
That's a lovely name, okay guys
Tomorrow morning you'll have 500 lines
- Good afternoon - Good afternoon
Hold this raise your leg, raise it
- It's okay, have a nice day - Thank you
Have you lost your mind? Where do you wanna enter?
You're gonna get me into trouble
Please Noga, it's a favor for a dear friend of mine l just met today
No, Tarek, don't beg me please
- 5 seconds - No
l'll iust enter the control room for 5 seconds
- l'll bring the data and get out - No
- 5 seconds - No
- 3 seconds - No way
- What about half an hour? - Okay, you can enter for half an hour
- Hello Marghani - Tarek, what brought you here?
- Nagwa is expecting you downstairs - Nagwa?
- You like her, don't you? - Yeah, but it's a third-side love
What do you mean? l never heard of such a thing
She loves a man and he loves her and l just hang out with them
She told me about the first guy but never mentioned you
- She's waiting for you downstairs - Okay, let's go
No, she told me to wait for you here until you come back
- She said that? - Yes, l took her permission
- Okay - Why would l lie to you?
l want you to become the first in her life
Sarah Muhammad el-Mahdi
Go on, quickly
Yes, Sarah, Sarah...
Sarah Muhammad el-Mahdi
Sarah Muhammad el-Mahdi, that's it
Sarah Muhammad 1 3th street of Maadi, great
God be with me
What's this? 57? It's the number of Mr. Usama Munir
She calls him
Hello, hi Usama, by the way today's episode is very nice
Thank you, it's no nice of you
l already heard this voice, yes
My computer's number is 17
- What are you doing here? - l wanted to get electrified but l failed
- And l wanted to love but l failed - Why? What happened?
She started blabbering but l didn't understand a thing
- It's okay, l'd better get going now - Let me be of help, l have some change
Do you have the change of 1 O, 2 pieces of 5?
- No, l have 6, 2 pieces of 8 - Would you stop blabbering with me?
- Sit down Marghani - Alright
Let's try the link, l hope it's working
That's why l have a feeling that l would never meet someone to love
Believe me Riham, love finds a way
- We look for love but... - It's Riham
- The friend of the show, yes - Love is a chance, you'll have your chance
- Thank you for calling - How the hell could she be a crook?
l will dedicate you the next song
- Hello, where is Mu'taz? - He's upstairs
- Mu'taz, come down - Welcome back
- Park the car and come up - You know that l cannot get up
You get down quickly l wanna talk to you
- Fine, here l come - Quickly
Okay, fine
- Awesome, awesome - The coffee?
What coffee? It sucks
l'm talking about the girl l already told you about
Her voice is so angelic
- Where did you hear her voice before? - l heard her speak with Mr. Usama Munir
- You're still listening to this show? - No, man
lt was a coincidence l stopped listening to it
- Good - l want you to introduce her to me
- Listen - What?
Forget about that girl, the director is keeping an eye on her
l wanna make sure first she's not a crook
She's surely a frisky girl l know the likes of her
Shut your face, l won't let you insult her, do you hear me?
Leave the site right now
You're an indecent and deceiving man
You're insulting me in front of the workers?
- Hear this, workers of Egypt - Get the hell out of here
- Hello Gamila, where are you? - At work, l was just with the manager
Drop by and we can have lunch in the restaurant that's near the Ahli club
This is my chance
Where is that restaurant? Oh yes, at Zamalek
Fine, see you later
Gamila, you know what? l can't get out why don't we have lunch at my house?
Fine, l'll wait for you
Damn ugly faces you must be kidding me
l can give her a call on her mobile
How the hell did l forget my mobile?
Quiet, quiet unplug it, unplug it
l hung up, what are you laughing at? It's not me, l'm not the caller, see?
- Excuse me, man - What?
ls there another restaurant or coffee shop nearby?
- Yeah, the contiguous one - Right next to you?
- Yes - Oh man! Oh man!
Dear Lord
- May l use your phone? - No
Thank you
l wonder which one is she?
l hope she's all of them
What kind of a desert is this?
Excuse me guys, could you please turn up your mobile's volume if it's on silent?
- Hey mister - Yes?
- l'd like you to get out of here - Alright
- Why didn't she come? - Excuse me Miss
What are getting here for? You surely wanted to get into the one next door
Oh my! Get in if you wanna know how it feels, you'll soon suffer from complexes
l wonder if your balcony Iooks down upon the road?
She must be Sarah
Sarah's residence place
She's gorgeous
What's this? Is she pregnant or what?
Dear Lord
What kind of an animal is this? It seems like a dog
What should l do? The hospital, H O S, hello
Hello, the dogs' hospital? l mean the hospital?
Yes, l need an ambulance
l hope it's a boy what the hell? She's not pregnant
l hope she gets well soon
Tell me doctor, she's alright?
She passed out because she got poisoned
lt's obvious that she was forced to have something
- Was it rape? - What are you saying?
Then what happened? Can l get into her room to check on her?
- No, she went above - What? She passed away?
What are you saying? She was moved to the 7th floor
Seven? Couldn't you put her anywhere else?
Fine, l'll come back tomorrow when she's transferred to the ground floor
- We have lifts - l hope you have stairs
900, 901
Oh Lord
l'm so tired
Honest love is overcome by grieve
Today we're asking about your prince charming
This is the tape l'm looking for
How do you want your charming prince to be, Rym?
He should be romantic and he should be listening to your show
- Here am l, here am l - Thank you so much
- What about the main characteristics? - l want him to be poetic and kind
l'd like him to be so attractive and tall
- If only he can be calm and daring - l'm losing control
But of course, these are just primary characteristics
- If l told you to give me... - These are hopeless conditions characteristic, what would it be?
These questions are not part of the curriculum
He should be handsome
- Handsome, handsome, handsome - Stop, stop, stop
- l heard it, l heard it - Handsome, handsome
l know l'm handsome
Handsome, handsome, handsome
- Quiet - Handsome, handsome...
No, l cannot be treated like this
Hello Mu'taz, help me Mu'taz
The tape will almost kill me
Mu'taz, Mu'taz l'm getting finished off, Mu'taz
What are you? A 24 hours tape?
The hell with you
l won't open
l opened the tape recorder and you almost killed me
What would you do if l opened my door for you
- Garbage collector - You're cursing too?
l'm here to collect your garbage Mr. Tarek
Uncle Dsuqi, there is a wild tape outside
Thank you, thank you
Mr. Tarek, how are you doing?
- Hello, how are you doing Mr. Fady? - What have you done?
- About what? - About what? The phone number
Yeah, the mobile number
ln fact Mr. Fady, l'm not in charge of the data right now
- l iust need some time - How much time?
About a couple of days, a month
Be ready in 3 days, okay?
l'm gonna lose my mind
l'm dying to know who took me to the hospital and brought me all those white roses
lt seems you have an admirer, beautiful
What's this? No, it seems that the shop is upstairs, get back
lt must be here somewhere, l don't know
There it is, oh, it's closed, let's go
What's this? Where did they go? Where did they go?
- You're going to the underground? - No, l'm going to Maadi
Give this to your wife
Where is it?
- Who is there? - It's Mu'taz
- Come on in - Come here, you get in
- What happened to you? - l'll tell you everything
- Come here - You know that our ceiling is very nice
Oh man
l have a feeling l'll never see the floor again, Mu'taz
Come here, come here
That's it
So l decided to leave before getting myself killed
l have a feeling that l'll be crippled Iong before l get to talk to her, Mu'taz
You're following the old ways? You should change your way
l would never change my way of expressing the love l feel for her
See? Can you even hear yourself?
- l can only look upwards - Then you must listen to me
You have to change everything in you, your personality, your ideas
Even your look that's similar to a police chief
- You must change your looks - Do you want me to pump up my lips?
- Your moustache - You want me to pump up my moustache
- You have to shave your moustache - Shut up
Don't you dare mention my moustache again
Cut it out
Hey Gamila, how are you doing? Yeah
Yeah, l received the invitation
l will surely attend
This is the school Mu'taz tell me what will you do?
Just let me take care of everything and l'll get you in
Put your hand down you can let it grow again
- What if it didn't grow? - What's your name, sir?
- Omar - Who's Omar?
- Omar Abu el-Wafa - Yes, Omar Abu el-Wafa
- Okay, Omar Abu el-Wafa - He knows best
There you go sir, okay
- What about you? - l'm his friend
Excuse me, you cannot get in
- What? - l'm sorry
Calm down, don't be upset, l'll manage
- Go on in and l'll be right with you - Don't be late
Go on in
What's your problem man? Can't you see?
- l'm iust looking for someone - And who are you?
- l'll tell you - You're Omar?
- Let me explain - Omar Abu el-Wafa?
- Hey guys - Don't expose me
Omar Abu el-Wafa is back Omar Abu el-Wafa is back
Was he on the run or what?
- God damn you Mu'taz - Omar
l couldn't believe you're here, you look so different
What's this? You changed so much in the USA
You know, it's due to the humidity, the cold and hot weather and the lack of sleep
- It seems to me you're still a bad boy - Not that bad?
Well, let me introduce you to my fiancé Amal
Nice to meet you, how are you Amal? How are you doing?
- You're the son of uncle Mirvat, right? - You know my dad?
lndeed and l know your uncle Su'ad too
What a nice party, hi
- There l am - No, that's me
Man, we're like one, no, not one
As soon as l appear on the screen tell me
coz l cannot remember how l looked as a small boy
By the way, you were a very bad boy
- What did we do exactly? - Stop it, Amal is here
You're happy with what Amal is doing?
l complained about Amal's behavior and you're acting just like him?
Now, l'm confused
The brilliant student Omar Abu el-Wafa
- That's you - What? l'm here
They're calling your name
- It's me... - Where is Omar Abu el-Wafa?
- How are you? - Thank God
You still remember me Omar? l'm Miss Nahed
lndeed, how are you doing?
You're the only one whose lessons made sense to me
- l'm Miss Nahed from the student's office - That was a very difficult course frankly
Hello to the rest of you good evening, good evening
- May l take the stand? - Sure, go ahead
- Excuse me - Go ahead
What's wrong with him?
Tell us Omar about your architecture diploma and the life in the USA
Fine, fine, fine
ln fact, l'm honored as one of the brilliant students
to stand right here today and be a good example for you
Actually, it's clear that l studied architecture in the USA
lt's clear that's a unanimous agreement
Let's make it clear that l'm not part of this unanimous agreement
l wanted to say that when l was in the USA
One day, as l was walking by the US Nile that is located in the US highway
l was moved by a certain attitude...
Holy shit... l was moved
Before l talk about this attitude, let's speak frankly
Why don't we speak frankly?
There comes the attitude
lt's beautiful, transparent
- Hello Gamila - How are you doing?
- l'm so happy, l'm thrilled - l know no one
l'm so happy
- Who's that? - It's Omar Abu el-Wafa, an architect
Here in this school, the school of...
in this school from which l graduated, in which l studied hard
The school of... the school of the international future of the past
The school is still the same it hasn't changed a bit, right?
The balloons are great
- Omar - Yeah
- Come here - Yeah, you're calling me?
Good evening
- Don't you remember Sarah and Gamila? - Not quite, we were kids back then
- No, l cannot remember them - And l didn't remember you in the first place
Let's go Gamila
- l can remember, why is she in such haste? - Her dress is magnificent
Red has always been her favorite color
What's this? fourth in the third grade?
Let's beat it coz the real Omar has just arrived
What? Omar el-Hariri is here? l wanna take a picture with him
l said that the real Omar is here
- Let's beat it - Okay
- When the real Omar arrives, give him this - Go away
We're still on a date, right?
lt's been 2 hours that we're watching some queer stuff
For God's sake, why are those people selling eggs here?
Most importantly, when they said they will arrive on the phone?
- They didn't say when nor where? - What?
They said they're coming here
- What time is it? - l don't have a watch
See? They're very late
There they are Mu'taz they're here, there she is
Do you think this red color is enough or should l add a little bit more?
- No, it's fine - Great
- You sure know what you're gonna do - No
Look, l want you to show a great self-confidence
Then, shake hands with her very gently... very gently
l want you to charm her with your words
l want you to stumble her off
Man, you were gonna do that?
You meant that l should stumble her with the tennis racket not with my leg
What? What?
lf l had told you, make her love you to death, you would have buried her?
What can l do? l am totally inexperienced
Look, l have nothing whatsoever to do with this, is that clear?
lf you yelled at me again l'm gonna leave you here and go
Wezza, Wezza
- Get ready, they're coming this way - Yeah, l can see them on the tip of my nose
Throw your mobile as if it fell on the floor
Fine, hold these sunglasses for me
- As if, as if - Fine, like a coincidence
- Why didn't you say so? - As soon as she sees you, she'll call you
And if she doesn't? Should l call her?
- Okay, fine - Excuse me Mr.
- Should l answer or be heedless of her? - Excuse me Mr.
- Answer her but play the cocky - Fine
- What? - You dropped your sunglasses
What about my mobile? Didn't you notice it or you have poor sight
What's this? It's Omar how are you doing Omar?
What's this? Weren't you...? We were together in that gathering place
What a nice coincidence what a nice coincidence
- What do you say we play together? - No, we don't want to delay them
Play as you like, we don't want to delay you, the whole garden is at your service
- Nice meeting you - Bye
- What the hell? They left, they left - You just told them to leave
- What will you do now? - You're asking me?
Bring the mobile, bring the mobile
- What the hell? - What?
- It needs recharging - Move, move
- Omar sounds very familiar - No kidding, that's very normal
- We used to go to the same school - No, l don't remember him from school
l saw him as a grown-up man
Hit the ball towards her and go there to hit it again
- l should step on you neck, man - What?
This is not billiard hit the ball while standing
- While standing? - Yes
How the hell would l know? Why don't you explain it quietly
Get back a bit
l'm terribly sorry l didn't mean to, l'm sorry
- Did it hurt? - Yes indeed it hurts
- Thank God - What?
Thank God there were no complications
You've been playing golf for a long time?
l've been playing since the morning
lt's too far, hold on a second Iet me fetch it for you
- Fetch what? We're going that way - But that's a very long way to go
Hold on a second, hey lad
Could you please take us to that ball?
He stopped, let's go, l've got some change, don't you worry
- It's Mu'taz Ping Pong - Ping Pong? What does it mean?
- Don't you ask me? And don't be upset - Take your hand off
- Don't talk to me like this again - Something like that
- Let's go Sarah, l'm hungry - Why?
- Go on - Okay, bye
- Bye - Bye
- l'll call you - Bye
Tell me the good news what have you done?
- This is the happiest day of my life - What do you mean?
- Everything is fine? - What a silly question
lndeed, everything is fine
- You took her phone number? - Indeed not coz l have it
- You're a fool or what? - She doesn't know you have it
You should have taken it to call her
Fine, you told her you like her very much?
- No - Fine
- You agreed on a second date? - No, nothing like that
- You didn't agree on anything? - Not at all? No, l did none of that
- Oh man - It's the happiest day of my life
Oh man
Why do you blame me?
Why do you blame me? If only you've seen her beautiful numbers
What could happen?
l will tell, Sarah, my name is Tarek el-Wakil not Omar Abu el-Wafa
My name is Tarek el-Wakil not Omar Abu el-Wafa
l think we should put off this decision a little bit?
- Wezza - What? You son of a bitch
This is the decision l'm waiting for
Malaki Giza, how l love you
- Good morning, Miss architect - Good morning
- Do you need anything else? - No, you go on, Mr. Ibrahim
- l'll follow you - Alright
- Good morning - Omar
- l looked for you everywhere - Why is that?
- Ain't this your plate number? - Yes, what is this?
You dropped it yesterday on the golf course
And l called this number all night long, but it was busy
lt seems you stopped in front of a long road sign
- Thank you - You're welcome
- How did you get my address? - From the traffic station
l went there, showed them the plate, paid the fines, brought the address and here l am
l don't know what took me so long
What's this? You have a sleeping (= flat) tire
- Quiet, we don't want to wake it up - l can't believe it
- It's no big deal, l have a tire pump - What?
You're gonna use the tire pump and l'm here, that's impossible
What's this? You have another flat tire there it is, l swear
Two flat tires at the same day? You might find your tire pump gone as well
You're happy or what? l'm gonna be late
My car is at your service
Why are you looking upstairs? It's not parked on the tree
There it is, that's my car that beautiful thing is my car
Come, l can give you a lift
You might find it a bit used but l brought some socks to cover her
Come on in, come on in
Okay, close your nostrils before l start the car
Let's take the shoes off take the shoes off
Don't be surprised, when l take my shoes off and drive bare foot, l go quicker
Close your nostrils l'm gonna start the car
- Car and driving licenses - Take
- Your licenses have expired too - Due to too much driving sir
- Too much driving? Yeah - It's okay
- You have a fire extinguisher? - Yes indeed
- l wouldn't drive without it - Show it to me
There you go
You're kidding me? l said fire extinguisher
Okay, a fire extinguisher fine, l misunderstood
There it is, but l have to keep it bent or else it will hit the ceiling
- What exactly is the problem sir? - Can't you see the problem?
- Security and soundness - Security and foulness?
You're taking the licenses because of foulness?
- l can clean it - Clean it?
When your car burns down you can extinguish it with the ashtray
- Yes sir - Move it
Yes sir, yes sir
For god's sake, excuse me everybody no smoking inside the theater
- Why? does the theater have chest pains? - What took you so long?
- l'll tell you later - How are you doing?
What are you doing here? How are you doing Omar?
- Fine, thank you - Come on in, just a second
What a prestigious place
Move the painting to the right, Gamal, a bit more
Sarah, Sarah, the sound please
The band wants to rehearse
Yeah, keep it like this
- May l say something? - Hold on a second
l had a dream about you
- Me too - l dreamt about you before meeting you
Or maybe because l was Ionging to see you, l don't know
What did you dream about?
ln my dream, you were sleeping with you hair hanging down on the pillow
And that's it
Close your eyes
That's how you looked like just like an angel
- There is a missing number - What?
Don't get startled, l iust fixed it quickly
coz l lost the screws when l was taking it off the last time
- What? - Why do you inquire about everything?
ls it an investigation? Forget about it
Why don't you come wash your hands in my workshop
lf only, l'd like to
There you go
Don't look backwards you should always look forward
By the way, your can is very elegant were it black, it would have been outstanding
- Black? No, l hate that color - Me too
Although l know that black is a majestic color
it could make the painting look ravishing
- The power is back on - Who said it was off?
- Just kidding - Wash your hand
Because it's black, right?
- Where is the bathtub? - To your left
- Would you like a cup of Nescafé? - But not black
l tried hard to change my laugh but l couldn't
Change it? Like add some vibrations to it?
lmagine someone with a vibrated laugh
Act naturally
l dreamt about you too
Omar, Omar
- Who knocked at the towel? - Me
What did you say when l was using the towel?
l dreamt about you too
Could you please put my eyeglasses on coz l wanna hear it better?
When l told you l dreamt about you, you said me too
No need to do that, the Nescafe is more than enough
You really dreamt about me? What did you dream about?
- It seems that daddy's home - What?
- What's wrong with you? - Run away, run away
- Where to? - You said your daddy's back home
- Yeah he is - How can l get away?
- Why would you get away? Stay here - How can l stay? Your dad came home
- It's no big deal - You'll tell him l'm your brother?
You're here?
- Calm down, what's wrong with you? - How the hell can l calm down?
- Hi Sarah - Hi daddy
Let me introduce you to the engineer Omar Abu el-Wafa
This is my father Dr. Muhammad el-Mahdi
This towel is not mine
- l'm a veterinarian - The best of them all
Tell me something Omar, what kind of engineering you specialized in?
Veterinary, l'm an architect
- Really? You're an architect? - Yes
l will be needing you when we move to the ranch
- Okay? - Yes alright
Excellent, see you later alligator
- Bye - Bye daddy
- He left - Yeah
- It's that simple? - Yeah
l told him that the towel is not mine
l told you not to worry dad is open-minded
l'm gonna spend the night here
Man, the car is right in front of me
160 thousand or 170 thousand l'll give it a try then l can fix a price
Fine man, goodbye
What were you saying?
l was saying that l might go to Tunisia for a week, to work there
- And l'll be back soon - Tunisia?
Yes Tunisia, don't you like it? Tunisia is a nice country
No, but you already told me you need a couple of days
and now you're going to Tunisia for a week
Hopefully, l won't stay for long
- What's this? - What?
- Where's your moustache, man? - It didn't wanna come with me
- Come with me - Where to?
We'll try this car and continue our little chat
To the right, to the right
To the left, to the left
How much does the owner wants for this car?
160 thousand
After this ride, you might take it for 20 pounds, it would be a great price
Okay man, have a safe trip to Tunisia
- Where is this ranch? - Nearby, in Fayyum
Sarah, would you invite Mu'taz to come with us to the ranch?
He's dying to come but l don't think he'll come
No, no, l'm sure he'll come
Mr. Fady, when did you come to Tunisia?
l'll call you
Welcome here, take care
- Right here - Yeah
By the way Ma'am l found a flat right next to you
Hopefully, Sarah can design it the way she likes
- What took Omar so long, Mu'taz? - Traffic jam
Why don't you eat, Mr. architect?
- l was iust playing with him - It's obvious that you're scared of dogs
- Why? It's a very nice dog - l haven't seen him before
lt's Dr. Adham, Mr. Omar he's an architect
- Nice to meet you - Nice to meet you
- What is your specialization, doctor? - Gynecology and obstetrics
- Both of them? Or one of them - Both are the same division
Why don't you show me the rose you planted, honey?
- Okay honey - Okay
- Why don't we go for a walk? - What?
- All together - Okay
- Why don't you show me your ranch? - Fine, come on
Go on
He's very nice, a man's known by the company he keeps
Have a nice chat with him
- It's a nice ring tone - l'll send it to you
- Can you see this? - The white and black one?
- Yeah, she's named after me - No kidding
- Her name is Sarah Muhammad el-Mahdi? - l'll go get it for you
- Fine - You'll receive the ring tone
- Excuse me? - Beware
Don't you worry
You iust received it
- What? What is it? - Nothing
- What's wrong? - Nothing
What's wrong?
- Omar, Omar, what's wrong? - l'm a bit dizzy
Don't you worry l'm scared of heights
- l have a phobia - Phobia?
Don't you worry, it's not contagious
- Omar, Sarah, come out - What's this?
- Dad's calling us, let's go down - Never mind him
Come here Omar, l wanna show you this nice empty piece of land
That could be exploited in many different ways
But l'd like to build a windmill to generate power for the ranch
- It's a wonderful idea - Would you draw it, architect?
That's a very bad idea for me to draw it
lt's a windmill, any miller can build it, sir
Just like a building any builder can make it
- It doesn't require an architect - How is that?
To each its own specialization
- When l decide to build, l need a sketch - Indeed
- And to make a sketch, l need an architect - Indeed
and when we need an architect there's one person required
- Who is it? - Omar
- Red - What's red?
The windmill, we can make a long red windmill just like the nations' league
- Omar - What?
- Let's go to the pen - Fine, you can go to the pen
Does your pen move?
He's not coming with us to the pen or he'll be there waiting for us?
Just go
My problem is that l have no problem at all, not the slightest problem
l have a feeling that each person should have some worries
that keep him awake at night
- l seem to be facing an imminent problem - It's a serious problem
ls that so? You really should have studied architecture
Even if l studied veterinary medicine, l can see in your eyes what you refuse to admit
- Call them to see where they are - Who? Your eyes?
Yeah Wezza, we're in the pen
- In the pen? - No, don't get me wrong
- She obviously loves pens by the way - Speak up, l cannot hear you
- l'm not holding the mobile in my hand - Then what are you holding?
- You don't wanna know - Go on, tell her you love
Open discussions, charm her
What the hell are you doing all this time?
- l'm making tea with milk - Tell her you love her
What? You want me to tell her now that l love her?
l cannot hear you
You want me to tell her now that l love her?
This is the cow l love most, since l arrived l felt that l'm gonna love her
There's a cow on your mouth, l mean there is... what is it called? Just wipe your mouth
l'll be down
l love her so much
l adore this place, isn't it gorgeous?
You know something? When l'm feeling down in the dumps, l come here
- Who's Adham? - My cousin
- Is this Adham... - Why are you keeping him in mind?
Forget him
Go on Sarah, get off and go with your father coz l don't want him to drive alone
And l'll go with Adham coz l'm going to your auntie's
Should your mother pay a visit to your auntie today?
- Yeah she should - Fine, okay, let her sleep over too
She's so rude
What's this? Sarah Sarah, what about the dog?
Doesn't he wanna pay a visit to auntie?
- Why don't you take her home with you? - But...
Sarah, Sarah, iust wait a bit
Ragab, take these things upstairs please
You're coming with me or you'll go straight to the workshop?
No, l'll wait for Omar l don't know what took him so long
Okay, l'll get up then
He's a nice dog
What's this? Why are you in such a mess?
l turned the volume up a bit
Get inside
Leave him, leave him l can take a cab, no problem
Get down, get down
Get down? She's a female
She's very strong that l thought she was a strong male
Besides, she hates l-shirts
Okay then, goodbye
- Sarah, may l ask you something? - What?
- Who's Adham? - First, l've heard this question a lot
Adham is my cousin, mom wants me to marry him
and l would never marry someone l don't love
Doesn't he stand a chance? Coz l found him a nice and sweet guy
- Good night Omar - Good night?
No, l'll wait until you get upstairs and wave for me
- Fine, okay, bye - Bye, bye
l forgot to ask her about Adham
l thought you forgot, good morning
So what?
Say hello, please say hello
Say hello, please don't push the ''no'' button
There are plenty of beautiful girls but they all have network problems with their phones
All they do is give false excuses
You're the real hello and the best messages ever
And the best battery
Say hello, please say hello
Say hello, please don't push the ''no'' button
Say hello, hello, hello
Say hello, please don't push the ''no'' button
Put it on silent
Hello, hello, answer, hang up
Ouch, you hung up on me
You hung up on me, it hurts
Your love stole my life and deleted me ofFthe world
Before you, l was living alone with nobody to care
I've been su_ering for years and waiting impatiently
I've been su_ering for years and waiting impatiently
You're my first real love
Say hello, please say hello
Say hello, please don't push the ''no'' button
l miss you so and l long for your vibration
That l never answer unless l hear your ring tone
Answer, don't be a fool
lfwe're talking via voice mail l'll be waiting patiently
You lost me inside the network please answer my call
Answer, hang up, cancel, hang up
How nice, Tarek is wearing a suit with my tie and shirt
Just temporarily
Besides, you're wearing my dressing gown and l didn't object
- See you later - Listen
Where are you going so immaculately dressed?
l'm going to see Sarah and l'll confess everything to her
l'll tell her and she will indeed appreciate my love
and will consider these couple of lies a passing emergent circumstance
Wish me luck
- Listen - What?
- Why don't you wait a bit? - l said l'm going, man
- Just give me 56 pounds - How much?
56 pounds
- What's this? - No
- What? - Don't you throw it away
lf you want to throw it do it in my absence
- Goodbye, wish me luck - God be with you
The last thing l expected was to discover you're lying
And you know very well how l abhor lying
- You? You Ibrahim? - Liar
- l swear Miss, my wife was... - Your wife told me she wasn't even pregnant
You may leave now Ibrahim and never come back again
Leave, leave, you liar
- You wanted to tell me something Omar? - l never wanted to say anything
l iust wanted to ask you something
You won't let Ibrahim get back to work with you?
- Impossible, he's a liar - Never? Never?
Look, forget about him and tell me what's with this elegant suit?
Was l so badly dressed before or what?
Look Sarah, l can't imagine my life without suits
But you know something casual wear suits you better
By the way, l cannot imagine my life without casual wear
l've never ever worn a suit
lbrahim won't be back?
You know that the man in this painting Iooks very much like your father
When a person starts drawing he would have something in mind
And when he finishes the painting he find it totally different
Because l think that sometimes we draw with the soul not the mind
Believe me, it's something that happens frequently with me
l was once drawing the plans of Elwi bridge
When l finished the drawing, l took a look
And found the drawing of a friend of mine
- What? - Yeah, it's a frequent occurrence
But l understood what happened, it's because my friend's name was Mahmud Elwi
Thus, the similarity between him and Elwi bridge
Drawing is a great art and so it happens
Madiha, call me Tarek el-Wakil right away
Okay Mr. Fady
- Hello, yes - Hello
- It's my phone - Ain't this the phone of Mr.
Yeah, it is... there you go
l didn't add any sugar mine is the big one, okay?
- Don't be greedy - Fine
- Hello - My pal Tarek
Yes man
lf you cannot work this out
- Just tell me to find someone else - Someone else? No
We made a deal, iust give you exactly 2 days
Okay, okay, see you
This is not the right time for you at all
- Who was this? - A friend of mine who needed a favor
l wanna tell you something real important about Omar
She's surely gonna say she loves me
That's not the time
How is our company's active employee doing?
Fine sir, thank you
Haven't you sold another 1 OO lines?
You think l conceive them, sir? l hope so
Gamila, it was the voice of a girl
When l asked him about it he said it was his friend
That's pretty bizarre
Look, do you know his address?
l don't know, how about we send him Leila?
You know her, she's gonna expose him
The most important element about a salesman is his tongue
lndeed, that's the most important thing for every person
- But it shouldn't be very heavy - Yeah, it shouldn't be very heavy
- That would bring the salesman down - Indeed sir
- Tarek - It's enough
- l thought you left, l was talking to Mursy - Mursy
Yes... go on, dear Lord
Well, goodbye Gamila
Holy cow, l iust bought you Iast year, how come it's empty now
Goodbye Sarah, l iust arrived in front of his building
Get dressed, we should get going
lt's still too early, l'll go check if the socks are dry
You look like Um Sayyid after taking her bath
l hope the socks are dry
lt's still wet from the inside
Get me anything to eat this stuff is making me starve
You left the freezer's light on since yesterday?
We iust have some beans
Fix me a bean sandwich without tomato sauce
Did you hear me? Without tomato sauce
Tomato, we don't have any tomato sauce
You want one without sesame oil sauce?
Okay, okay, l'm coming
A real Ping Pong
Excuse me, isn't this the building 67?
What if it's 68 or 69? It's my birthday Iet's all celebrate together
- Is this the flat of Mr. Biyasti? - Yes
- You're Hasim Biyasti? - Indeed
They don't fit together but we can manage
- Man, why didn't you say so? - Fine, why don't you get in?
- Why don't you get out? - Sure thing
Stop playing, stop playing
Listen, help me, Fady's here
- Who's Fady? - The one l told you about
- Who did you tell me about? - For god's sake, concentrate
Fady is the guy over there l want you to delay him
- You want me to kill him? - What?
lf he asked about me, tell him l'm on a 1 3 to 1 5 years vacation
- Okay, fine - Go on, quickly
Delay him, don't kill him
- Bruce Willis? - No, l'm Fady Atawya
ls Mr. Tarek el-Wakil here?
- He's not here? - No
- Where is he? - On a vacation
- Vacation? - Yeah
- Vacation? - Yes, vacation
Hey sir, you were asking for Tarek el-Wakil, right?
- Yes - As soon as you arrived, he vanished
- What do you mean? - He took off
He took off? So he's not on vacation as little missy just told me
What vacation? As soon as you entered he turned pale and disappeared
lt seems to me you're on very good terms with him
He's my dearest pal
- Fine then, Mr. - Yehya
Yehya, this is my business card, if you really care for him, drop by me at any time
- Fine - Fine, man
l don't know why she's not answering my calls
She must have found out something
She must have found out something l'm absolutely sure
l've been working on this plan for 2 months
She's not answering my calls she's not answering my calls, Mu'taz
l'm so upset, so terribly upset, absolutely upset
- Hey man - What? What should l do?
- Let go of me - Don't break anything
l won't, let go of me
Fady paid me a visit in the company and she's not answering my calls
So she certainly found out something, Mu'taz
- l'm terribly upset - Hey man
Maybe she doesn't know a thing and is just having attitude
- Go to her house as l advised you - There you go sir
- Thank you Mr. Hussein - You're welcome sir
Listen, you got the windmill drawings ready?
- Yeah, they're ready since yesterday - l want you to explain them to me
So that l know what to say to the man
Where is the weed you told me about?
Mu'taz, where is the weed?
lt's iust my friend, it's no big deal
Show some respect towards respected people
When you need something like that, say cappuccino
- What? - Cappuccino
- With a C? - Yes
- Why didn't you say so? - l just did
Go and sit there
Where is the cappuccino? See? l said it
- When will you leave? - In 1 O minutes
l was absolutely sure l'll find you here
See what l got you? Some nice weed
- Who's there Uweiss? - It's the dog sir
The dog?
Welcome Mr. Architect how are you doing?
- Hello doctor, how are you doing? - Come on in
- Is Sarah here? - Yeah but she's asleep
l didn't come to see her l came to show you the drawing
- Well done, come on in - Okay
How can a dog ring the bell? Look straight in front of you
Dear Lord
You shouldn't get him used to such movies
l'm starting to get iealous you're closer to him than us
One should be humiliated to be happy you know what l mean? l just love dogs
Fine champ, show me the drawing you said you brought me today
- Sir, is Sarah still asleep? - Yes dear, Sarah is still asleep
- Shall we? - Okay
As soon as l called you, you came up
The next time, you'll sniff it
That was nothing, l'll make you wander the streets longing for a sniff, you dog
Shut your mouth
- Dear Lord, it's really very nice - You're right
- Well done, Omar - No, l drew it myself
- Yes, l said well done Omar - Oh yes, see how great it is?
- Did you see the blades? - What blades?
The windmill blades they're producing some air
Beware, you'll get your finger cut
That's at night, if we saw it in the morning, it'll be very different
- Great, great Omar - Thank you doctor
- Is Sarah still asleep? - Yes, l already told you she's asleep
She usually sleeps all Thursdays and Fridays
This one is great
- Someone has coded the data - So they're coded?
You brought me the two wigs?
- How can l forget? - How nice
lt's a nice long table doc
- Why don't finish your meat plate? - l cannot, l'm full
l ate as if l haven't eaten in 3 hours
Thank you doc, your food is very light
lt was very nice of you, soup and stuffed vegetables, l'm really speechless
Excuse me, l have to get the dog vaccination shots out of the fridge
- Go on doctor - Excuse me, l'll check on Sarah
Go on Ma'am, yes that's great, you're gonna leave me all alone at this long table?
ln fact, l gathered you to... l don't know what to say
- Come on Omar - What? l'm vaccinated
l mean it's too late, it's time to sleep
- But l don't sleep now doctor - We want to sleep
So you want to leave?
Oh, you mean that l should get going
Excuse me, but this friendly environment moved me so
lndeed, go ahead doctor
- l iust wanted to ask you something - What?
When Sarah's mother went to wake her up, she didn't come back
Could there be a hole in the room or something like that?
Let's check on them at your neighbors', in the floor below
- She might be dead and you're not telling me - Go ahead Omar
- You're most welcome - Thank you
When Sarah wakes up and regains consciousness from her monthly sleep
Tell her l passed by and asked about her
- Fine, okay - Goodbye
- Goodbye - Goodbye
l don't understand why is Sarah mad at him, Tarek is a very nice guy
You forgot the door open beware of thieves
- Sarah - Go on
- Sarah - Go on
He's very nice and decisive
ln brief, Tarek coded all these data
And he's the only one who can enter them
But don't you worry sir we can manage as well
l had a feeling he's lying to me
This is not the right time for you, Fady
- What the hell, man? - What is it man?
Why aren't you answering my calls?
You called me, l iust put my phone on silent
- Thank God, the ring tone is back on - Fine, come here
- Why? - Come here
Alright, where do you want us to go?
To Deius
You're not gonna park the car?
No, it would be iust like a bump on the road
- Gugu - Mu'taz, how are you doing?
- Happy birthday, you gorgeous girl - Thanks a lot
- You shouldn't have bothered - l indeed should have
- Come on in, l'll be with you in a while - Fine, don't be late
No, l won't
- Hi - Hi, how are you doing Mu'taz?
- So, you couldn't find anything about her? - Maybe, she left Egypt
So bad
Sometimes, we are forced to lie in order to save ourselves
And sometimes, we are forced to lie to show a better image of us
Long live Fady
And sometimes we lie because we're keeping a secret
- And we don't want to reveal it to anyone - l don't get it
Thank you
Could you tell me what has Omar done for you to...
Mu'taz, please, l don't wanna talk about this again
- Sarah hasn't broken up with Omar yet? - Omar?
- Where is he? - He's with her right now
l told you Mu'taz not to ever mention this subject
- But, you shouldn't act like this - Excuse me, Leila guy
Come with me, l wanna talk to you
lt's not iust about Leila, whatever
No, not this one indeed, l would never look at someone like that
- Why don't you answer? - That's nobody
- He's not answering, where would he be? - In the office indeed
l'll meet him there, write down the address for me, l'll go get my purse
By the way Mu'taz, you're an asshole
l had to save my friend from your deceitful friend Leila
Ping Pong, don't be a fool
Man, l wanna be honest with you
Lies always let a person down, lies are short-lived and l...
- l lied to you too - You lied to me?
Sarah is not a crook
Sarah is not a crook l just want you to get me to her
- l wanna lay hands on her - It's clear that she hurt you so
On the contrary, Sarah is the love of my life, man
You cannot imagine what a good match we were
Just a foolish argument that happens with any couple spoiled my whole life
- What the hell... - l love Sarah, man
Please, you're my only way to her now... man
Just calm down
What is it?
- Sarah used to draw - What?
She had turned my life into a nice drawing and made my memories so colorful
- Please man, do it for me - Okay, okay
- l beg you, man, l'm in love with Sarah - Okay, okay
You surely understand me you surely have a heart
- You understand what l'm feeling, right? - Yes, yes, l understand
Just calm down for God's sake
- Stop crying, stop - l love her man
l believe you, iust have mercy on your hand
- Stop, stop - Stop it, leave me alone
Stop chit-chatting, man, leave me alone
- Leave me alone, man - The man is a lunatic
l wanna be alone for a while
What does he want? Hello? Yeah Mu'taz?
What? She said she's coming to see me in your office?
Fine, fine, see you later, see you later
lt's a friend of mine l was supposed to meet him but it's a bit late
Mr. Fady, l don't know what to say
- To be honest... - Yes, be honest, man
To be honest, l looked for her really and found nothing...
- Found what? - l'll tell you
l found nothing about her on our network, she might have left Egypt
She must have left Egypt
What's wrong Mr. Fady? You're okay, Mr. Fady?
ls there anyone here to help? Is there anyone here to help?
- Should l leave? - Okay
Where is the nurse l usually see with you?
- It's okay - May l leave now?
- Excuse me - Go on
Excuse me
- Yehya - You brought tears to my eyes, sir
- He's going to see her, get him to me - Just a second
- What is it Fady? - Out of my way
He knows Sarah's number and is talking to her as a friend of his
- Be cool - What the hell?
l told you he's talking to her as if she was his friend, man
- l'll kill him, l'll kill him - Fady
Don't work for me l don't want to have dinner
Nobody messes with Fady Atawya
Uncle Hussein, Mu'taz told me to come to...
He told me
How are you doing, Mr. architect?
Why aren't you answering my calls?
- You're not answering your phone at all - Was it me?
- l didn't know you hold grudges - And you've got a complex about black
- Why are you breathless? - It's nothing
l was iust drawing a high stairway
- Because you're scared of lifts, right? - l hate to use the lift, there is a big difference
Why don't you draw me a chair to sit on?
Have a seat, you sat?
Leave the triangle alone
- Leave the triangle alone - How come they are both triangles?
They have two different fathers, what's the big deal? Genetic engineering, it's normal
- l wanna have a cappuccino cup - What? What did you say?
- Cappuccino - Cappuccino?
- Yeah - You drink cappuccino?
- Yeah - Since when you drink cappuccino?
l'm a cappuccino addict, it's the first thing l do when l get up
- l drink a cup before breakfast - A cup before breakfast? A whole cup?
Not iust a small amount?
- And you take the regular one? - The regular cappuccino with the foam
The foam? Who's the foam? It's the nickname of the dealer, right?
You're a dangerous girl, the foam, huh?
What's wrong with you? It's just cappuccino
Why don't you say where we can get some? Mu'taz works his guts out to find some
- Cappuccino - Cappuccino?
- You mean the brown drink? - Yeah
The one with foam on the surface we stir it and drink it in a mug?
The hot one that Ieaves a moustache?
No, we don't have any, we don't use it
lt was forbidden in the office because it leaves a moustache
- Or do you love moustaches - U-huh
What? You love moustaches?
Damn you Mu'taz you love moustaches?
lt's okay, excuse me
- Hello? - You're a fool or what?
l've been trying to call you why the hell don't you answer?
l don't wanna hear your excuses
Listen, you should leave at once
Fady is coming your way
What? How the hell he knew where l was?
Yehya? How did he met Yehya?
What? A gun? How much has he paid for the gun?
He wants to kill? What road?
You've got the wrong number, Imad
- What is it? - Nothing at all
We'd better leave now coz there's no one in the office
We're all alone her the devil is on his way
We might commit a mistake or something
- let's go - Hold on a minute
l wanna ask you something, where do you sit when you call me? Here or there?
Here or there? Let's go it's not time for being romantic now, let's go
- Don't be so rude - Let's go
Wait, What's wrong with you today? Why are you acting so weird?
Nothing, nothing
Why are you running? Why don't you walk slowly?
This is how l walk in the office, let's just go
- Backingham - Don't tell me you're still angry with me
because of what my mom did when l was gonna sleep over?
Not at all, your mom is a good woman and you're a good woman too
Why should l be angry? It's nothing
By the way, l forgot my nightgown at your house
The small one? Yeah l remember it you used to wear it as a small girl
Look, nothing is lost in our house
l kept it for you with your mom's veil, with your good mom
She's Backingham, a good woman
Sarah, Sarah
Hold on man, hold on
l'm gonna tell you
Open the door
l said, open the door, open it
l'm a loser, l'm a loser
l don't know how to thank you
May you have more and more files in here
He stole my tennis shoe
- Omar, how did you find me? - From the traffic station
- You're kidding me? - Indeed
Anyway, l don't like kidding because it always end up with a smile
Enough drawing
Let me see, wow this is a masterpiece
- What the hell? You're mad or what? - Yes, yes, l'm a mad man
And l'm here to tell you that the nightgown she talked about is for Mu'taz
- Is that so? - Yes
l mean it belongs to Mu'taz and this girl is a friend of his, l don't know her
l swear, l hope to die, l hope you get paralyzed if l'm lying to you
You're the only woman l've ever known, believe me
Forget about that please for my sake, forget about it
- What's this? - Forget about it please
- There - There
A room for rent, call the driver
This mobile is at Fayyum it used 1 8 K of the network
One second and l'll get you the right address
Hello? Yes Mr. Fady l know where they are
- How can l help you sir? - Go get Sarah
- Who's asking for her? - Move, quickly, move, quickly
- Go ahead, eat your plate - Alright
Sarah, l have an important thing to tell you
Sarah, l...
- Miss Sarah, somebody's asking for you - Who is it?
- Excuse me Omar - Go on
Would you like to drink anything?
l must tell her the truth
l tell her, l tell her not l tell her, l tell her not
l tell her, l tell her not, what the hell?
l should have asked for a pasta dish it would have been much easier
What took her so long? What took you so long?
l was gonna go check on you, l couldn't eat
- What's wrong? - l don't know
lt's something in my eye that's bringing tears to my eyes
- Could you get me a handkerchief? - Indeed, hold on a second
- Could you give me a chance to explain? - Explain or lie to me?
- Please - Why did you lie to me?
- What have l done to you? - l just wanted to get closer to you
When you told me you dreamt about you, was it a lie?
lt was real but to me, it was a dream
- Sarah - How? l dreamt about you too
- l took you to the hospital - Even the nice thing turned out to be a lie
l promise you that after today there will be nothing but the truth
Believe me
l don't believe you
You're a liar
There it is, sir
You know very well what's the sanction of spying on the customers
You'll be brought to iustice along with Miss Nagwa
- Because to do such a terrible thing... - Nagwa has nothing to do with this
l entered the room she didn't know a thing
Consider yourself on a long vacation until the investigation started
Calm down, never mind
- Why don't you take a smoke? - l can't, l can't...
- Mu'taz, the name is Mu'taz - l can't Mu'taz
- No news from work? - They're investigating
lnvestigating what? It's a murder
Look, why don't we listen to your friend's show?
Although l hated to listen to him
- Let's take another call, hello - Hello
Hello Riham, how are you doing? We haven't heard from you for a long time
What's new?
You told me once that if l encountered love, l should get hold of it
But l think that even if you encountered Iove, you should stay away from it
Why are you saying that Riham?
Because love is a big illusion there is no such thing as love
Even if l decided to get married l'll do it the traditional way
Something normal, without love
Hello Riham, you're still with me?
l think the line went dead, let's take another call and say hello
- Hello? - Yes, good evening
- Yeah - Who's speaking?
- It's Tarek or Omar, you choose - Why are you so gloomy, man?
Because you don't understand a thing, what about forgiveness you used to talk about?
We really should forgive, Tarek
l wanna tell you that a person could lie without noticing
l didn't... no, l knew, l knew l was lying
but l couldn't tell her l was scared of losing her
Besides, she's lying too, she doesn't give her real name when she calls you
l love her, hello? l love her, hello?
Hello? Hello?
- l think the line is dead - Hello?
But Tarek or Omar
- l think you can hear me - Hello? Hello?
He must have hung up Tarek, he must have hung up
- If you can hear me... - No, he didn't hang up
l'm telling you he hung up, believe me he did
- Love is a strange thing - Why?
Why did he hang up? Is this Friday? Why did he hang up?
- Why did you hang up? - He hang up, just listen to me, he hung up
- What are you doing Tarek? - Why didn't he answer?
- Why didn't he answer? - Calm down
- Calm down - Why didn't he answer?
- It's no use, iust forget about it - No, l won't forget
Wait Tarek, where are you going? Wait
l said wait, don't you act like a lunatic
Hold on
Hold on you crazy man, Tarek
Wait, Tarek, wait
Tarek, wait, l'm coming with you
Sarah, Sarah loves me
- Sarah loves me, do you understand? - Yes l do
- Do you understand? - Yes l do
But l want you to ask her, Sarah, Su
- Who should l ask? - Ask Sarah
- What will bring her here? - She's here, you can ask her
There she is, ask her
- Who's she? Where is Sarah? - Man, this is Sarah, the girl l'm looking for
Not the one you've found and hidden from me
- So bad, man, so bad - What?
She's the Sarah you were looking for?
Are you sure?
l don't know what to say l'm terribly sorry for the mess l caused
l'd like to kiss me but excuse me l'm already engaged
- l don't know what to tell you - You cannot believe where l found her
She was married to a friend of mine, the only one l didn't look for her at his house
Why did you do this to me, then?
Because it could have been her? And then, we wouldn't fit together
- Man, you're such a moron - Tarruk, l love you so
lndeed, you're getting dressed up and wearing perfume
while l was looking everywhere for you
l looked for you at Sarah's house and didn't find you, where were you?
- Sarah wasn't Sarah, Mu'taz - What?
Sarah wasn't Sarah, yes
She's not the same Sarah Fady was looking for
What? l told you a thousand times to forget about this, forget about it
Just tell me, how do l look? Should l change this shirt?
l wanted to iron it but l couldn't find the hot iron
l'm going to her, Zizo
Sarah and her parents are at Adham's house
So what's the big deal?
l know where is Adham's house, l'll meet her there
Sarah and Adham have been engaged
- Tarek, l'm sorry but l had to tell you - But l'd like to see her
Tarek, calm down and listen to me
You're a very nice guy
Don't let the world drift you apart like me and become totally careless
- She told me she didn't love Adham - If she loved you, she'd have forgiven you
But l hurt her, l hurt her Mu'taz
There we are, calm down and don't get tensed, you're gonna see her, okay?
Wait, wait, l'm coming with you
- Where to? - l'm coming to see Sarah
l'm coming to Mr. Adham's flat
- Who should l tell him? - Tell him it's Tarek el-Wakil
- Hold on a second - Tell him it's Tarek el-Wakil
What are you doing? Wait for her to come down
When he tells her it's me she'll let me go up
- She'll let me go up - Nobody's answering
What do you mean?
Come on Tarek, don't pick up a fight with him
l won't be scared this time l lost years of my life being afraid
I won't be a regular person l will defy any circumstances
l won't be scared this time l lost years of my life being afraid
I won't be a regular person l will defy any circumstances
l'll get to you even if l could get killed
l'll get to you and you should feel for the one who's deeply madly in love with you
l'll get to you even if l could get killed
l'll get to you and you should feel for the one who's deeply madly in love with you
lf l couldn't touch your hands
l can very much die seeing that...
you're longing for me
Separation, separation is the worst feeling ever
When two persons are in love
to be separated is like a straight wound deep into the heart
lf we're in love, we should get hold of our love
We should care for one another we should stay hand in hand
We should get hold of our Iove... with all our might
lf you wanted something so bad, let it go
lf it comes back to you it's yours forever
lf it didn't, it wasn't yours in the first place
l can't believe my eyes you're really here
Why don't you take these off first before you fall down again?
- l dreamt about you - Again?
- No really, l dreamt about you - What did you dream about?
- You won't believe me - Never mind, just say it
- l dreamt you held my hand - The left or the right?
- It was the left - But l held the right hand
- What do you mean? - l paid you a visit at the hospital
No kidding? Then, let's go to the hospital, l mean, let's get out of here
l'm fired anyway
Mom used to always tell me that the person who falls down is a fool
l hope she gets back safe and sound
Hello? Who do you want? Omar Abu el-Wafa?
You've got the wrong number