MyCare: Alycia and Avey S. in Towson, MD

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Alycia S: As a mother of a child with cancer I have plenty to give me worry,
one thing I don’t have to worry about now thanks
to The Affordable Care Act is having Avey’s treatment denied.
Toddler talk
Alycia S: Avey is a wonderful, sweet loving girl.
She loves music, she loves art, she is active,
and has been so strong and so brave through all of this, amazing,
Taking her medicine, going to clinic, putting up
with all the procedures without a fuss it’s really amazing.
Toy duck quacking
Alycia S: Avey has ALL, the most common childhood cancer, the most common Leukemia.
It came as a complete, complete, shock to us.
Avey: Whoa!
Alycia S: And my first thought, as I was trying to process the fact
that my two year old has cancer-I was also trying to
figure out how-how am I going to take care of her?
Avey: Daddy, Catch!
Alycia S: He did, he did a good catch, Oh, that was nice catch too.
By the time Avey finishes treatment she’ll have been on
chemotherapy for more than half of her life.
For Avey treatment is the difference between life and death
and there is just as a parent there is um nothing, nothing more important
than that to make sure that your child can get the treatment that they need.
Here I'm gonna sit you up here on the counter.
The Affordable Care Act has given us tremendous peace of mind
to know that Avey will be able to get the treatment that she needs.
Here, we’re gonna give them a little bit more juice and then we’re gonna set ‘em
Without The Affordable Care Act we might be able to get insurance but the insurance company
could say ‘sure we’ll provide coverage
but not for that cancer treatment,’ Which would be worth nothing to my family.
Oh, it’s a nice day for them to fly away.
And when she’s an adult and she’s looking for jobs
they won’t be able to deny her coverage in the future.
Avey is doing amazingly well, her prognosis is excellent.
And she should go on to be a happy, healthy little girl
and hopefully this will just be a footnote to her life story.
The health care law is about people like me.
It’s Alycia care.