Narada Vijaya

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Creator, Narayan...
Oh, Narada.
Father of all, your face like a flower, is like the setting of sun...
any pain in the heart?
Any problem between the wife and husband?
One of my disciple on earth is tortured. Very sad.
Why are you worried you about that Lord?
You have the power to protect the good and punish the bad.
I am worried because that is not possible.
The people on earth are very clever.
With the greatness of education...
...they have even gone to the moon. They are trying to go to every planet.
Such scary people will not care for me.
It is very surprising.
That's not it, this disciple has become a very educated man...
...and has achieved that greatness by travelling to different countries...
...and surprising them.
And this has been possible only by believing in me.
Its only because of your difficulties and sorrow.
Narada, go yourself to earth and save my disciple.
I ask your permission. It has been a long time, since I have gone to earth.
Narada, the people on earth are very smart, just to warn you.
Narayana, Narayana.
Narayana, Narayana, How come this eagle is so big?
And what is that sound?
May be it has taken the form of an eagle.
Let me see it.
Narayan, Narayan.
it is like an eagle, but why are it's wings not moving?
Seems interesting. We'll find out.
Hello, This is the captain speaking.
Oh, this is for people to live in. Human thought is great.
Young girl, she is very beautiful.
You, idiot.
Rascal, what did you say?
Why did you throw water on me?
Have you gone mad?
To hell with you and your suit. - What did you say.
Stop it please! Both of you keep quiet, please.
Narayana, the start itself was with a fight.
Receiving you loud and clear. Everything is okay here.
Thank you, thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
May you get married very soon.
Oh, oh. I didn't see you in the flight.
I was invisible.
Funny... Typical Narada, good.
Good, good, this Narada can understand all languages man.
I know all languages.
Mr. Prabhakar, Mr. Vaidhyanath and Mr. Kapadia,
...who have arrived from Mumbai, are requested to... the Indian Airlines inquiry counter for a message, thank you.
Sir, sir, sir, which film are you shooting for sir?
Who is the hero sir?
Is the producer and director also Narayana sir?
Naradaís costume is very good.
It is not a costume, I am the real Narada.
Tell that to a child. Narada, Narada.
Laughing on the truth? They are truly brainless.
Hello Vijay.
Narayana, Narayana, Narayana...
who is this mountain of flesh?
Wait, wait. What is this costume?
Red pancha (traditional Indian bottom)...
...wooden clappers...
...and the lyre.
The commissioner is waiting for you.
No luggage and no briefcase.
I am Narada.
I know that dear. You are Narada, your mom is Sharada and...
...I am Goorda.
You mountain of flesh, who are you? Where are you taking me?
Vijay, you may be a great CID officer or superman.
You can wear this costume and cheat others but not this Gurpa Singh.
It is not a lie, it is the truth. I donít know who you are.
I am Gurrpada and he is a special inspector of the branch.
I will beat you.
Is this the secret code for this case?
It is not a code you bad guy, it is my name give to me by the great Vishnu.
Oh, is the great Vishnu the leader of that gang.
I understood, I understood. Narayana is the culprit.
Narayana, Narayana.
Hey, he is Vijay, damn.
What do we do now? We didn't know.
Let's go and tell them.
We thought he was an actor because...
he was chanting 'Narayana', Let's go and tell boss.
Fine, fine, let's walk fast.
What? You didn't you kill CID Vijay.
You idiots?
Sorry boss, we thought he is a film star and that he came for a shoot.
Boss, one more piece of news. Nobody can recognise him.
He spoke to us.
He was saying Narayana, Narayana.
Beware, till that scientist Lakshmipathyís car formula comes in our hands...
we will have to keep an eye on Vijay.
Cancel all my engagements.
Nobody should come to this underground.
Sir, Vijay.
Hello Vijay.
What is this attire? Which acting company does this belong to?
In the act of life, I am playing the character of Narada.
Good, language according to the character.
This is the first excuse because the flight you boarded, arrived late.
Narayana, Narayana.
I called you because of...
the kidnapping of the famous scientist Laksmipathy.
I know that. Lakshmipathy is a very intelligent person and...
He is a great disciple and the loves God.
I know his entire history.
That is the reason, we have called you.
Sorry sir.
Take Vijay to hotel Ashoka.
Yes sir, come Vijay, come.
Do you want a bottle?
All of them are forcefully trying to change me.
I am not human like you.
Hello. - Bye.
Bye. Thank you.
Hello, my daughter.
Hi Vijay,
I am lucky. I didn't know you would come but I came and met you.
Stop it, please leave me.
Is this the way you will disappoint me, when I have come to meet you?
I have come on duty, I have already missed a flight, Radha.
It's already late, let me go now.
Please, Vijay.
Radha, Radha, shall we go?
Okay daddy let's go.
Good afternoon sir.
Good afternoon.
Checking in?
Yes, please.
Your room keys.
Thank you.
Room number 309. I'll be there in a minute.
Okay sir.
Good afternoon.
Good afternoon, I will have one scotch, large,
...Black Label with lot's of ice.
Yes sir.
God of wind, praise you.
There is water coming from a tap. Wonderful!
Narayana, Narayana...
Narayana, Narayana...
What is that sound?
It is coming from outside...
let me go see.
Narayana, Narayana...
Oh my God, 306, sorry.
Commissioner here.
Oh Vijay.
The enemies are on high alert.
As soon as I came into the room, they attacked me.
Is it true? Nothing happened to you, right?
It's surprising, how did they know about you.
Anyway, do want help from the police?
I donít want anything. I can manage myself.
Then it's okay, Vijay. But Vijay we need results.
Good luck.
Sir, when Vijay came in Naradaís costume, I thought...
What did you think?
That, that sir.
What? What is that?
I donít remember sir.
Leave it.
I asked you to meet Vijay, to give me his progress report.
Donít tell me what you think about him.
Yes sir.
My God.
Sorry, sir. Excuse me, sir.
Hello. I am Vijay. Special CID.
Oh...come in.
Sit down. - Thank you.
I heard that your husband is very brilliant.
That is the reason why he has been chosen.
I don't know how he is. Where is he?
I am taking up this case. Donít worry.
I came here to ask you certain things.
Ask me.
Dr. Lakshmipathy has invented a car that runs without petrol, right?
No. He is still researching it.
I see...
can you tell me, what happened on the day he got kidnapped?
That day, he was doing some experiment in his laboratory.
After so many tries, this time, will you find out the formula?
This time for our wedding anniversary...
I wanted to invent a car which runs without petrol and I wanted to go to the temple.
and commit myself to Lord Narayana.
I tried a lot...
...but I couldnít succeed.
It will take some more time.
Its okay. It has been 3 years and your wish couldnít be fulfilled.
Let's pray to Lord Vishnu,
that you prosper and that you become famous in all the countries. Lets go.
Did your car get spoilt? - Yes.
Do want any help?
Where are you taking him?
Donít cry mother, donít cry.
Its been a year since he left, there is no news about him.
The police called me to finish his work because it is very important.
Can I take his diary?
As a policeman, it is your responsibility to bring him back.
I should be saying that. I will leave now.
No, thanks.
our protector during troubles, protector of all,
...please save me from this hell.
My daughter...
Mr. Lakshmipathy. I have given you everything you wanted.
The time you have asked is over and you still continue to trouble me.
I am losing patience.
I will let you go...
...only if you come with the car formula.
Somebody else's things are being used by somebody else.
What I was doing, was an experiment that didnít succeed.
When will it get success?
By the grace of God.
Grace of God?
Donít hit me, no...
Narayana, Narayana.
save me.
This is the voice of our disciple.
Who he is and what torture he is inflicting, I donít know.
I can't be blind.
Take me back from earth...
It's surprising.
I have supernatural powers and you...
Donít use your powers.
I Donít know what all games you'll will play with me.
Let it happen. Let it happen the way you want it to.
Why is it that you never come out? It's been long since you came home.
Balu is not in town. He is gone to see a cricket match.
Cricket match would be fun, right?
Hmm... it will be.
I see, I will meet you tomorrow, okay? Bye.
Okay. Bye.
Sorry, sorry.
You fool.
Delicate hands have got hurt. Is it paining?
You rascal.
Vijay, Vijay.
May I know your sweet name please?
Dry pepper or moist?
Crispy pepper.
Crispy pepper, I like crispy pepper a lot.
You Rascal.
Sweetie, sweetie.
Hi Vijay. You think I can't recognise you in this costume?
It's wrong, peace.
What happened?
No Narayana.
Hey, for once, only once call me...
Please Vijay.
What is this peculiar thing?
What is so peculiar? Why are calling me a thing?
Oh God, who is this lady, why is she torturing me? What do I do?
You donít have to do anything. You role play and somehow escape.
really, I donít know whether you love me or not.
Tell me Vijay.
I am a bachelor for this life.
That is why I am asking you to marry me.
No, donít do this child, I join my hands and request you.
I have a hundred things to do. Please leave .
Okay, is this the reason, you have taken two rooms on the same name?
Two rooms?
306 and 309.
Child. I beg your sympathy.
I donít like this.
Like this.
Please Vijay.
Like this.
I donít like this.
Like this.
Narayana, Narayana.
Look at this..
human beings want to enjoy a lot.
Vijay is missing...
He may come.
Did you all come for Vijay?
Narayana, Narayana, even she thought I was him and...
...even they thought I was him.
I can be him and start the story and I will succeed.
You rascal.
Leave me, leave me.
Love me, love me.
Scientist Laksmipathy...
It looks like someone was here in my absence.
Is this a time bomb?
Mountain of flesh. He speaks loudly and hits very badly.
Hi Vijay.
I didnít drink much today. Yes, I drank, I drank.
Let me escape from here. I will read about scientist Lakshmipathy later.
This is too much, too much.
You wild creature.
if someone is playing a trick.
Who could it be?
beggars have no proper time to come. First leave.
Narayana, Narayana,
You are not leaving, I am coming.
Donít you have anything else to do?, Go.
Oh, it's not a boy, it's a girl. Narayana, Narayana
Narayana, Narayana.
Let me confess that I am Vijay.
What is it Vijay? Why are you in this costume?
It's not a costume, child.
Child, child, I am going to be the mother of your child.
I am a bachelor.
You are a bachelor and I am bachelorís wife.
And even our children will be bachelors, okay?
Come on.
Narayana. - Come inside.
I came here to save Lakshmipathy,
...the disciple of Lord Vishnu, for few days.
Donít worry.
Come in.
Narayana, Narayana.
Vijay, I have seen people wearing different costumes but...
for the first time, I am seeing somebody in Naradaís costume.
Thamburi, do you like playing thamburi?
This is not 'Thamburi', it is 'Mahati'.
From where did you get this? Its fragrance is good.
They are from the world of the Gods.
What is this world?
Stop it, stop it.
You tell me. I want to tell you that I love you, I love you.
Oh God...
what all the beautiful women of heaven could not take away from me...
the women of earth are trying to destroy it.
Mother, leave me, go far, go far.
I won't leave you.
Daughter, your mother.
Vijay, Vijay...
Hey, Murali, look at how the cycle is moving?
Did you see the plight of Narada in an another world, Narayana?
Mr. Naresh, what happened about the car formula?
The scientist is saying that the car formula is not yet completed.
After taking the car formula and rupees one lakh I have given you...
are you playing a game?
Did I take one lakh rupees for fun? You would take that formula...
and make cars that donít run with petrol and you want to earn crores?
You are worrying me due to that greed?
No, No, Mr. Gupta, you have misunderstood me.
Nobody has ever done such a thing to me.
What do you know what I am facing?
The CID has come and you are looking at your problems.
I have plotted against him, I will take care of him.
It's not that easy. I couldnít recognize him, he was in a different costume.
If we together plot against him, it would be better.
Leave all that to me and you concentrate on the scientist.
That work is important, understand?
Narayana, Narayana,
You went and got the diary of scientist Lakshmipathy in this costume.
On earth, I roam around in this costume only, dear.
I donít agree, you rather use a train for that.
Instead of doing your work and finding scientist Lakshmipathy,
you are holding the 'Thala' and 'Thumburi' in your hand...
are closing your eyes and you are chanting Gods name.
I can't leave the 'Thala' and 'Thumburi'.
There is a reason that the work is urgent.
There is a reason that the work is urgent. There is a man just like me.
The same form, the same presence.
Only the clothes he has worn are different.
Yes, even I noticed.
At the bar.
You might get confused sometimes, therefore I am in this attire.
Thinking I am him and he is me, I am him and he is me.
I am him, he is me, I am him and he is me. Me as him and he as me...
Enough! Stop it!
I am already confused and you are confusing me even more.
You stay here, he will be there and I will be here.
By the way, who is he?
Who is he?
Scoundrel, short-tempered...
donít forget to show him a lesson.
I understood Vijay, I understood.
I guess those gangsters have done this to fool us...
what say?
Good, good, you are not just a mountain of flesh...
You have a little bit of brain as well.
In case you see him again?
Arrest him.
Narayana, Narayana, - Tie him with hand cuffs.
Narayana, Narayana.
I will lock him up.
Carry on.
Do you have to go to the bathroom?
Come here.
That is a strange place.
Be careful, okay?
Thank you.
Come son, come, you cheat this Gurpaal?
What do you think of me?
Hi, Gurupala.
Hands up.
You, hands up.
Hands up.
Hey, have you lost your mind? It is me, Vijay.
Just because you look like Vijay, do you think I will believe you?
I am not just a mountain of flesh, I also have some brains.
Tell me...
who are you?
Who has sent you?
Why did you come?
Hey, donít be silly, I say.
Shut up.
I know all your games, Kuldeep, arrest him.
If you come close, I will shoot you.
Hands up.
It is alright.
Sorry. - It's alright.
Come here, come here. Move, move, fast.
All the children clap your hands. It's not magic, it's not black magic.
All those who are standing, take care of your pockets.
Boy coming. - What is this?
A box.
Boy...come here.
Who is this?
Murga. (A chicken.)
Boy, come here. - Coming.
Who is this?
He is not only a mountain but he also has a little brain.
Boy...come here.
what is his job?
Sir... -What?
Will you ask him what I ate at the south Indian restaurant?
Surely. -Please ask. -Brother... -Yes?
So, do you know what he asked?
I know. In the restaurant, in Krisna Bhavan hotel near the Udipi temple,
he had a south Indian meal, spiced panckes.
Krishna Bhavan, spiced pancakes.
Brother... -Yes? -Keep this.
Thank you.
Come on, come on.
Vijay, what is this childish game?
It is not a kid's game, it's an escape plan. Come I will tell you.
you work in Police department, right?
Then why is the police chasing you?
Yes but that nut Gurpaala says that I am not me.
That means, he says that I am not Vijay. It seems I am somebody else.
Then what will he say when you wear different costumes?
Didn't you come yesterday wearing a costume?
Yes, with the...
'Thala' and 'Thumburi'.
'Thala', 'Thumburi'.
I got it.
I know the reason for this mess.
The person who is searching for me...
is in Naradaís attire.
There is some confusion.
Even that Gurpaala mistook me.
Maybe this is also because of him.
There is no doubt.
I will see him.
Oh. Vijaya.
Stand up, stand up or I will shoot you.
Stand up.
Who are you?
Who Narada?
Narayana, Narayana...
has the time come where people donít even recognise me?
My child...
I am the one written about in the old epics.
Which old epics? Who sent you here?
Lord Brahma has sent me here, I am his son.
Are you telling me stories? Idiot.
You know what this is, right?
If I shoot you, you will die.
I am immortal, son.
I will see that, son.
Using a weapon in a scientific way is for cowards like you.
If you are a brave hero, throw the weapon.
Let's fight.
In the name of Lord Rama Raghavendra.
What a powerful man you are!
You are no less too.
I appreciate your bravery.
Listen Narada, I donít want a fight between you and me.
Nobody is there.
Look, I join my hands in front of you. Tell me, why have you come?
Scientist Lakshmipathy is the disciple of Sri Hari.
Oh, oh. I thought you were related to the kidnapping case.
Did that gang send you?
No son...
the lord Narayana has sent me.
donít give me all these dialogues. Why did you come?
To save that scientist.
I am there for that.
It's not possible for you, child.
Why is it not possible for me? Who are you to say that?
That Gurpaal is asking me who I am.
I know the happiness you get from girls...
and the problems you get from your enemies. So sad.
I have come here to safely and correctly complete the task.
Don't I have the capability?
My foot! Neither can anyone kill me nor put me in the jail.
I donít need anybody. I will go and save the scientist.
No son, the task can be accomplished only by me.
By me.
Let's see? -Sure.
Do that. I will be keeping an eye on you.
I will know what your intention is and then do my work.
Oh God.
Take this. We donít have to fear anything from now on.
With this it will become easy for us to kill that CID Vijay.
With this camera, see the idiot's end, Mr. Gupta.
We just need his photo, that's it.
This is not an ordinary camera Mr. Narayan,
I will show you its qualities. Call your girls.
Wonderful! Marvellous!
Do you see, at this time, nobody knows what is happening?
Don't you think it will be easy for us to kill Vijay with this?
Yes, yes, give it. Give it.
Thank you. thank you very much.
I have given you whatever you wanted. And now... what I want.
You want the formula, right?
The formula will come to me in a week.
I will get the formula in one week.
After that I will flash this camera on him and he will crash.
Why are we here? What happened to us? Boss, boss,
what did you see? What happened here?
Donít worry, donít worry. let's go up. Come on follow me.
Sorry gentlemen, I can't do it. Sorry, I can't help.
Come on, quick. Come on, come on.
It is unbelievable and unimaginable. A bank robbery!
A robbery in a jewellery store and temple.
How could it have happened?
And all this has happened in the daytime when everyone is around.
What's this nonsense?
What is Vijay doing?
He sitting in the room and playing the 'Thumbur' and singing.
I cannot understand his behaviour.
I know sir, he keeps chanting Narayana, Narayana.
That is his secret code which nobody seems to understand.
Shut up.
Yes, sir.
Go to Vijay and do a spot inspection.
Yes, sir.
Sir, I think...
Donít think anything. Go and find out what he is thinking. Go.
Yes, sir.
My God... - Sorry sir, sorry sir.
Gurupaala, they are dirtying God's jewellery. Man is a coward.
Not only God's jewellery, they can even sell God.
I donít want all these code words. Firstly, tell me why didn't you work?
Have you been working for Narayana all these days?
Oh, mountain of flesh, Brahma has given you a head but...
has forgotten to put a brain inside.
Too much, too much.
Gurupaada, Gurupaada, what has happened to him?
He is not moving.
Oh, maybe his heart has stopped beating.
It seems to be fine. What is this magic?
Hey, you drank a lot and you are standing in the centre of the road.
Hey, I am asking you, donít you have any work?
He is a police officer.
He is an officer, mountain of flesh,
Come here.
Make way, make way.
Somebody give me some water.
Give it quickly.
Why are you looking at me like that?
What happened to you?
Nothing happened to me. We were there.
How did I come here from there?
Gurupaada, donít you know what happened?
You were standing there, like this.
Standing there, magic!
Vijay staying with you my mind has got spoilt. Confused, I am confused.
Donít worry, this is the beginning. After a few days you will get...
used to it and will know the reason why.
Donít talk like that. The commissioner trusts you a lot.
Narayana, Narayana, nobody fear, while I am here.
The commissioner wants you. I am Vijay.
Now I understood why Gurupaada did that.
Get up man...
Oh... Vijaya...
what happened to your face? It looks as though it is bent.
What else will happen? This is all because of you.
Tell me the truth, who are you?
I have no experience in lying. I am truly Narada.
I donít believe it.
There is nothing to lose.
Why will you face a loss? I am facing a problem.
Believe Lord Narayana, I will ease your losses and troubles.
Narayana, Narayana.
That is all heavenly talk.
That means you donít believe in God, human?
No. Should I believe the power of my mind or God's power?
Your powers were proved in front of Gurpaada.
The moment he saw you, all your powers were trapped in a box.
And he left.
You are the reason for that.
That nut did that because he thought I was in Narada's costume.
even when you were this, that nut would believe you...
and then you should have seen what would have happened.
I wanted to suggest this too and so I came prepared.
At last you said it.
Look, if you wear this, you will look better.
Narayana, Narayana,
Donít worry, give me your costume.
Turn. Turn that way.
Come here.
Hey nut, wear your shoes properly.
Stick the moustache.
Narayana, Narayana.
Narayana, Narayana.
Excuse me.
Now listen to this Naradaís song.
Narayana, Gurupaada is waiting for you outside.
Gurupaada, no one can save him from me.
Sri Hari, there is a lot of drama.
An ordinary human is teaching Narada.
Son, I will definitely set you right.
Hands up. Donít turn.
Narayana, Narayana,
Yes, you are the culprit Narayana.
I... Gurupaada, it's me.
Yes, you are under arrest.
I am Narada, sir.
So , where is the diary, son?
Hey, where is your 'Thara thamburi'?
What can I say Gurupaada, that man who looks like me is very clever.
He took my 'Thara thamburi' and ran away.
He said he will come as Narada and when you see both of us...
you will get confused.
That means, Vijay, I have a doubt.
What is that?
The person who kidnapped the scientist...
may be the imposter.
I will burn him with my bare hands.
Gurupaada, donít give him a chance to harm your life.
You are correct.
Narayana, Narayana.
Hi Bala.
I am Vijay.
Rascal, by wearing Naradaís costume, you cheated Vijay...
and now you want to cheat me? You?
Come on, donít be silly.
Bala, Bala.
Hello, Gurupaada.
Hands up.
I am Vijay.
Very good. If you wear wings like a bird, can you be a bird?
Vijay never once smoked a cigarette. Do you know that?
You fool.
I am the real Vijay.
Is it? Diary, diary?
Diary, which diary?
Milk dairy. The one which you brought from Lakshmipathyís house.
That diary.
Oh that, that is in the trouser pocket. This is a 'Pancha'.
It has no pocket.
Are you cheating this Gurupaada? You can't cheat me.
Come on, get in. Follow me.
Stop! Stop! I can't shoot you, stop.
Follow him. Follow him.
Follow him.
Hey, hold on. Hold on...
Come back. Come back.
Follow him.
Hey that is my bike, why are you taking it? Stop, stop. Stop.
Give me back my bike, hey.
sGo after him... quickly, quickly.
Mom, why are you like this since so long?
Dad has gone.
He will come back soon.
Since we got married, barring one year...
we would go to the temple to do pooja every year.
And this year, he is not with me. -Mother...
Let's both go to the temple and ask God to give us back our father.
Sri Hari...
since our marriage, except one year...
both of us used to come and worship you...
but this year...
Today, Chandru, Sundru, I am going to rob this entire country.
Everything is going to disappear... I am the God Narayana.
Boss... and me?
You are my disciple, Narayana.
Chandru, Sundru, tomorrow night, Hotel Honeymoon.
Yes boss.
Okay boss.
What happened about the formula? When will I get it?
Formula? It's almost over. It is getting a little easy.
If you wish to live, finish it fast...
or else....
Mr. Narayana, this formula is not worth more than my life.
Can you do me a favour?
If you give me the formula, I can help you.
I will help you. I will definitely help.
Can you let me go to the temple tomorrow?
God's servant / disciple...
Go to the temple and give me the formula.
That is best, for your life.
Thank you, thank you very much.
Laksmipathy, you know the consequences...
if you try to escape. -Yes, yes.
Please protect him.
Chandru, can I sit here for some time?
Sit but donít try to do anything wrong.
Did you see that priestís face? There's a glow on his face.
We will ask him what is going to happen to your dad.
You are only assuming this.
No, when I look at his face, I get a feeling.
Swami, one year back, some bad people came and...
forcefully took my husband. There is no news of him since.
You are intelligent.
Can you tell me where he is and what is going to happen.
Please Swami, talk.
Swami can't talk. He will remain silent as his commitment to God.
Let's leave. we need to reach Gulbarga before sunset.
Tomorrow night, Hotel Honeymoon.
Mom look at this writing.
It is dadís. That Swami is my father.
Oh God! He was right in front of me and I couldnít recognise him...
Why did this happen?
Narayana, Narayana.
Narayana. - Vijay.
Vijay, today I saw my father.
Really? Where?
Me and my mom went to the temple.
My dad was brought there in a sageís attire.
Who are they?
I donít who they are. Even they were dressed as sages.
I don't know what they are doing to my dad.
Vijay, see this letter.
What is this?
My father dropped this. This is his writing.
Tomorrow night, Hotel Honeymoon.
Vijay, do something and save my dad.
Whatever is written in this letter, is for my daughter.
Daughter, daughter, I am your partner for life.
Don't worry. Donít worry...
if you believe in Him...
Narayana will never leave your hand.
Now, leave.
It is bad for both you and me.
Okay then, I will leave.
Okay. Go.
I will come again.
Oh... Vijaya, Narayana.
You look extremely tired and you have hatred in your eyes.
What can I do?
That nut Gurupaala, in this costume too he is chasing me like a dog.
What do I do?
You donít have to do anything.
Take this Naradaís costume and keep it for yourself.
And give me my suit.
Okay. I will. Turn that way.
Fast. Quick!
You turn that way.
Mr. Narada.
Child this is a letter given to me, assuming that I was you.
Who gave it to you?
Your lover, Mala.
Tomorrow night, Hotel Honeymoon.
Hurry up.
Come on, quick, quick, quick! Hurry up, hurry up.
Quick, quick.
MEJ 2718
Mala, you go. I will leave.
Hey, Narada, I know that this is your job.
Saying that you have come to save the scientist, you rob people.
I will not. I will not leave you.
Hey, you human, donít just work your tongue.
Let your mind do some thinking too.
The culprits have gone in vehicle number MEJ 2718
Do you need any help from me?
No. I can look after myself.
Both of them together?
What is this?
He acts in front of me and now...
Hey CID, Gurupaada is not just a mountain of flesh...
Narayana, if you cheat, I will not spare you.
You said that you would kill CID Vijay using that flash camera.
You committed theft using that Camera.
Your flash camera didn't do that, I did.
Shut up.
Is he God?
From now on I am not going to trust you.
Today, now, at this moment, I want the car formula.
Or else...
Are you threatening me?
You want the car formula...
I will not give it to you.
I am not a fool.
I know your capability.
That is why it matters how you use your flash camera.
It is in my possession.
If you donít give me the car formula in 30 minutes...
...those papers will reach the police station.
Sorry, Mr. Gupta.
What do I do? That scientist is not giving me the formula.
I donít know what to do?
torture the scientist.
I know how to take the formula.
Hurry up.
Mr. Narada.
Thank you, thank you very much.
How did you come inside?
I travel from one world to another.
Why would it be difficult for me to come inside?
I do not understand what you are saying.
Very soon you will understand everything.
Laksmipathy give me the car formula...
or else you will get charred like this.
I will give that formula to the government...
not to destroyers of our country like you.
Sri Hari, Narayana the Protecter, Narayana, save me.
Narayana, save me.
Sri Hari...
Give me the camera.
Give it to me.
I am Vijay.
Shut up.
You are not Vijay and even that Narada is not Vijay.
Both of you are fakes.
if I was a fake, why would I save you, fool?
Didn't you understand?
No, I am confused.
I am hungry, let's move.
Oh, Narayana.
Hey, I will not leave you.
Leave me, leave me.
Gurpaala, Gurpaala...
Hello, hello. Hello, commissioner speaking.
Hello, commissioner, I am Vijaya.
Is it?
Good, good.
I know that place. I will come there.
Get your army along.
This is the secret.
This miracle happens with it.
With this, these bad people have done many bad things.
Thank you for this. Where is the scientist?
Nothing has happened to him. He is here.
Mr. Narada, at least tell me now, who are you?
I am really the true Narada. You still seem unsure.
I came here to save Lakshmipathy, the disciple of God...
on Lord Vishnuís command.
Narada, your coming to earth...a
What a wonder, what a wonder!
Son, to become intelligent and famous and to excel, must ask for God's help.
Nothing can happen without his acceptance.
I understood Narada, I understood everything.
Vijaya, stand up.
I have completed what I came for...
Now I am leaving.
Sir, come, come.
I am Vijay. CID.
Thank you very much. - Come.
Ask them to take their position.
Vijay, who is the gang leader?
Please come. I will show you. -Then come.
Vijay, why are they frozen?
I will tell you sir.
Vijay, why is Gurupaala standing after clicking with the camera?
That is the secret sir. When you click this camera...
everybody will freeze. They donít know what is happening.
He committed robbery with the help of this camera, sir.
Even he is responsible for the kidnapping of the scientist.
Congratulations, Vijay.
Thank you sir. You have caught the country's cheats / traitors...
and have saved scientist.
Good, very good.
It's all by the grace of God, sir.
Narayana, Narayana.
Good Narada. I appreciate your bravery.
You went to Earth and the drama you played, I enjoyed it.
You are the creator and I am the puppet.
You make me play and I play.
Mountain of flesh, Gurpaada..
Hold on.
Sorry, sir.