Apostolado Jesus ensina nos como devemos evangelizar Maria Madalena

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Moment of Reflection
Jesus teaches us how to evangelize
The mystic writer Maria Valtorta
Comments on the conversion of Mary Magdalene (234. 1-8 - Vol.IV-passim):
Note: Jesus in this passage, whether a standard to those who should know
as lean upon sinners;
as in this case, about Mary Magdalene,
and how to give a word to communicate peace to this unhappy
attempting to leave his sin.
She writes, on August 13, 1944:
Jesus says: (to Maria Valtorta):
God is good. He is good with everyone.
He does not measure with human measures.
It makes no difference between sin and mortal sin.
The sad sin, whatever it is.
Repentance makes him happy and ready to forgive.
The resistance to grace makes inexorably severe
because Justice can not forgive the unrepentant, who dies thus
even with all the aid it received to convert.
Be really good. Form up a single block, with the eternal goodness in the center.
I did not say a word to Mary Magdalene ...
He did not say a word that had not particularly targeted at the poor soul that I wanted to redeem.
And the last word: "I do not insult. Do not insult. Pray for sinners. " ....
See how the Lord uses of measures in his will.
It does not require conversion primers.
Do not want to have a heart the absolute. Wait. And you know satisfied.
There's always someone for whom the apostle he labors in vain.
But those losses should not do to lose momentum.
The apostle does not want to get everything.
Against him for opposing forces, which have many names,
and that, like octopus tentacles, grab the prey again, he had caught them
The labors of the apostle remains the same. Woe to the apostle who says:
"I know there will not be able to convert, and therefore, I will not.
This is an apostle of very little value.
You have to go, even if only one among a thousand to save.
The apostolic journey will be fruitful with the man, like a thousand.
Because he has done everything he could, and God gives him the prize for this
You also need to think where the apostle can not get conversions,
because they need the conversion are too safe in the clutches of demon
and, when the forces are lower than the apostle to the effort that is required of them,
God can intervene in this case. And then? Who is better than God?
Another thing that should absolutely play the apostle is love.
Love manifest. Not only does the secret love that exists in the hearts of the brothers,
That is enough for good brothers. But labor is the apostle of God,
and should not limit themselves to pray, to act. Act with love. With great love.
The accuracy paralyze the work of the apostle and the movement of souls to the Light.
Not strictly, but love ... To win one soul, one must know love it.
To win one soul, one must take it to love.
Love the good, rejecting their own poor loves sin.
I wanted the soul of Mary Magdalene, ...
I came down to see her in the ways of sin.
I followed her and chase with my love. Sweet release!
I entered, I-Purity-impurity where she was.
I was not afraid of scandal, not to me or to others.
Scandal in me could not get in because I was Mercy.
And this cry, yes, about the guilt, but is not shocked by them.
Woe to the shepherd who is offended, and behind that windshield,
trenches are to abandon a soul !....
I was not afraid of the scandal of others.
The sight of God, what I did was justified.
Before the eyes of the good was understood.
The evil eye, which ferments malice, evaporating within a corrupt, worthless.
He finds fault even in God. Do not you see nobody's perfect, except himself.
So I do not cured.
Do you love the sinners, ye souls of the doctors.
Do you feel the heavenly taste of Charity and surrender to it,
filled with the desire not to ever seek other food.
Do you feel in your sweetness such a relief that look for all your wounds.
We need your love away from them banish all fear,
because, as the letter says ...:
"The fear involves punishment, and who fears is not perfected in charity."
But there is also the one who is fear.
Do not say: "What have I done?"
Do not say: "Go away."
Do not say: "You can not enjoy the good love."
But, say so, say it in my name, "Love, and I forgive you."
Say, "Come to Jesus' arms are open."
Say, "Try this Bread and this angelic Word
and forget you tar the mockery of hell and Satan.
"Do you like beasts of burden to bear the infirmities of others.
The Apostle's and their support of others.
And as a way for me, bringing the wounded sheep on his shoulders,
Reassure them, and tell them: "All is forgotten, as of this moment."
Say: "Do not be afraid of the Savior.
He came from heaven for you, just for you.
I'm no more than a bridge to lead you to Him, that you're waiting,
across the river from the penitential absolution,
to lead thee to his holy pastures, whose principles are here on earth,
but still later, with a timeless beauty that nourishes and makes you happy in heaven ...
Go in peace, Mary Magdalene. The Lord is with thee. "
In the end, Jesus says to Maria Valtorta:
"Say this to yourself, my little" voice ", it says to souls.
Go, tell you to souls who dare not come to me because they feel guilty.
Much, much, much is forgiven much loves whom, who really loves me.
You do not know, the poor souls, as the Savior loves you!
Do not be afraid Come with Me Confidence, courage.
I will open my heart and arms.!
Remember him always:
"I do not make difference between one who loves me with a full purity
and he who loves me in a sincere contrition of heart reborn by grace. "
I am the Savior. Remember it forever. "
The blessing of God Almighty and Merciful Father, Son and Holy Spirit
descend upon you and your family and stay forever. - Amen.