Киборги из Северной Кореи -.о [Cyborgs from North Korea]

Uploaded by ThisIsHorosho on 05.07.2012

Sup, I'm .... well, you know.
Thank you world for having idiots!
Thank you progress for making idiots able to take vids.
Thank you Internet for having vids taken by idiots.
And thank you Dima(78) for sending us this vid about idiots.
What could possible go wrong?
No doubt this pr0 will surely hit a bottle with a kick [100% success]
You're prolly thinking "noone got hurt this vid sux" my little violence lover.
Wait a bit, these guys have a surpriiise ^___^ in store for you.
Everything according to feng shui [balance recovered]
Guy doesn't simply got hit in the head, but with a rebound.
This is something for the sophisticated viewers.
Viewers who had enough of bread and circuses and are demanding french toast and asian pr0n.
[sound from a bottle or the head?]
This guys is dangerous, like, son of Chuck Norris and Robin Hood [target on the head + Roundhouse kick]
That's why I'm against gay marriage.
Plus this vid breaks the 3rd commandement of YouTube.
Thou shalt not take a video vertically.
That's why the bottle redounded of the side of the screen.
[nice to have friends around!]
And this is Horosho!
This vid is about 5 months old and it has about 2 mill views.
But it got viral in the RuNet recently coz it mentions Ruslan Usa... [wha kind of pokemon is this?]
And it's about what'll happen if you throw some shit into a volcano.
Freeze! Volcanic police! [Ultrasubtle humor]
Dear, i took out the trash.
Let's move to another city.
Like now.
Let you mom watch the apartment [nice guy ^^]
That's how a couple of guys from Iceland decided to thow a rock into a volcano and suspended all the flighs in Europe [Eyjafjallajökull]
Duuuude, you broke a volcano [duude, we're f*cked ;> ]
So kids, don't litter on the streets. Street can be a volcano.
Altho in that case your feet would be on fire by that time. Meh, details-details.
I don't even know... why do you need to throw trash into a volcano.
One can think of something more interesting.
Like a ring.
hasta la vista
Or as a last resort you can throw a little girl in there [magma will turn pink ^^]
And this is Horosho!
Speaking of little girls.
Talanted little north korean girls, like you ordered. And one little north korean boy on the house.
When I started watching this i thought "OMG the horror"
But then I saw the face of this little girl and thought
OMG the horror!
Yeah, they're playing kickass for little kids.
But daaamn, why the hell do they look like bloody cyborgs?
Really, those moves, those faces.
Maybe there really is no sex in North Korea.
Coz the kids are manufactured at the factory [together with nuclear weapons]
Those faces... It's like the leader is in the crowd and they try to say
"everything's good? everything's good? i won't get shot? i love to eat dogs, i'm a good child"
I don't even know what's more horrible - sandals with socks or those kids.
Remember those faces. They'll be the ones playing the march when korean forces will enter your city.
[hailing the leader and the regime in every beat!]
South Korea has Galaxy SIII. North Korea has those kids.
I don't even know which Korea has more advanced technology.
And this is Horosho.
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Stas Davidov!!!
Stas Davidov...:D
stas davidov
what cops?
Freeze! Volcanic police!
One can thow girls in differently colored one-pieces into a volcano
-Green colored will produce a green flash -Green lava, yeah-yeah
Pink one - pink lava
And this is Horosho! �