Ghost Sniffers: Episode 3: "Grandmother's House" DIRECTOR'S CUT

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(♫♫"Maximilian Theme"♫♫)
(gun cocks)
(laser charges)
(phone dials)
(FORGE and MAXO scream)
(gun shots)
MAXO: Run away!
MAXIMILIAN: Perez? I'm running late for the press junket. Stall for me.
MAXIMILIAN: I was attacked by detractors. My comparison of "Milk" and "Twilight" must have hit a nerve.
MAXIMILIAN: What can I say? Haters hate.
(♫♫"Casablanca Revisited"♫♫)
RECORDER GHOST: Every minute I stay in this room, I get... softer.
FORGE: Maybe... less carbs?
FORGE: The EMFs are messing with my flashlight.
GOGO: Where are you, Forge? My light is fine.
FORGE: I'm right here, Gogo.
GOGO: Oh. My light just quit.
(BOO signals Hello)
GOGO: Boo, you startled us!
(BOO signals Alarm)
(♫♫"Barbie Joe's Haunt"♫♫)
FORGE: I've been called in to investigate a haunting. A bad one. The family ran away.
FORGE: Remember when you couldn't climb the rope at school?
FORGE: Your mom said that everyone has different gifts.
FORGE: My gift?
FORGE: I can sniff out ghosts.
FORGE: And I can climb the rope.
FORGE: Usually, I bring an assistant with me.
FORGE: Like my animal-morphing genius brother Maxo.
MAXO: Budgie!!
FORGE: Or FBPI Secret Agent Geneva Skully.
FORGE: There are a few others.
FORGE: But sometimes, working alone is best.
(♫♫"Flight of the Bumblebees"♫♫)
FORGE: During my last case, I lost four friends.
FORGE: And I kind of snapped.
FORGE: Time alone seems to help.
FORGE: My ABCMNOuija Board spelled out phasma phasmatis.
FORGE: That's Latin for ghost. Maxo taught me Latin in my sleep.
(♫♫"Braham's Lullabye"♫♫)
MAXO: Meus frater est valde speciosus.
MAXO: My brother is very handsome.
FORGE: Question: What kind of ghost am I dealing with?
FORGE: Gamma Iota Joe?
FORGE: Maxo taught me Greek, too.
MAXO: Mου αδελφόσ είναι τετραπέρατοσ.
MAXO: My brother is very clever.
(FORGE sighs)
FORGE: Unfortunately, Gamma Iota Joe doesn't make one iota of sense.
FORGE: Sometimes, I have to take drastic measures to discover the truth.
FORGE: Shirley Temple. Shirley Temple. Shirley Temple.
(FORGE gasps)
FORGE: What the...?!
(tires squeal)
(♫♫"Travel Montage"♫♫)
FORGE: Oh, this is on!
(car crashes)
(♫♫"Tense and Sad Ken"♫♫)
FORGE: Don't jump!
FORGE: Why are you so miserable? You had three beautiful girls!
FORGE: Hi, Harvey?
(♫♫"Techno GI Joes"♫♫)
FORGE: Over here, boys!
(FORGE sighs)
(car honks)
FORGE: My job here is done.
GI HANDSOME: Faith Athena Forge?
FORGE: Oh, sorry! It comes right off.
FORGE: I know better.
FORGE: I was trying to be symbolic.
FORGE: You know, how our soldiers fight for all of us?
FORGE: Not just the white, straight, boring one percent.
FORGE: My grandma is an army of one.
(♫♫"God Bless America"♫♫)
GI Handsome: Ms. Forge, this is for you.
FORGE: I'll take the job.
(♫♫"The Army Goes Rolling Along"♫♫)
FORGE: You may be wondering why I took the job without even
FORGE: opening the totally awesome high security confidential envelope.
FORGE: My grandma, Lynn Athena Forge, is a Vietnam Veteran. She served for
FORGE: three years in the Army, then twenty two years in the Reserves.
FORGE: Grandma Forge is retired now, but you'd never know it.
FORGE: She runs the most efficient honeybee farm in North America.
FORGE: She's on the front lines, keeping our endangered bees safe by knitting them
FORGE: tiny flak jackets.
FORGE: My grandma is the original Forge badass.
FORGE: When my ghost sniffing bees gave the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty
FORGE: it changed me.
FORGE: It showed me that soldiers really do risk everything.
FORGE: Grandma Forge taught me a long time ago about ethics, responsibility and duty.
FORGE: I want to make her proud.
FORGE: And do right by my bees.
FORGE: In nine years, I was going to enlist.
FORGE: When I told my mom, it was exactly like those commercials.
FORGE: Where the teenager says he wants to enlist, and his mom says she's worried, but she understands.
FORGE: Except, my mom said she's worried and she'll ducktape me to a chair until I'm thirty.
FORGE: When mom was a kid, she missed Grandma Forge a lot.
FORGE: I'm taking this case.
FORGE: And I'm giving them a thirty five percent military discount.
(♫♫"Gogo's Theme"♫♫)
FORGE: I know the perfect assistant.
FORGE: I need an assistant with military precision and gadgets galore
FORGE: if I'm going to make it through the amazing tunnels at Fort Worden.
GOGO: Gogo Gidgit. Age 19. Height: 65 inches. Weight: 175 pounds. Strength: 6 Dexterity: 5. Endurance: 7.
GOGO: Intelligence: 9. Charisma: 9. Faith: 6.
GOGO: Skills. Master Mechanic. Junior Certified Electrician. 4.5 GPA in AP Engineering, Military History, Robotics, and Steam Dynamics.
GOGO: Quirks. Steampunk aficionado. Talks to toasters. Believes in Cylons.
GOGO: Weaknesses: Not available during ComicCon, SteamCon, Rusty Con, WorldCon, or GrrlCon.
FORGE: Time to activate a steampunk agent.
(elaborate cark honk)
FORGE: Thanks, Mom!
FORGE: Gogo's friend, Debbie, owns the most popular roller rink in Western Washington.
FORGE: But, like Maxo, Gogo is afraid of crowds.
FORGE: So, Debbie has special hours when only Gogo is allowed in the rink.
FORGE: Debbie gave me a key so I could visit Gogo.
GOGO: Best. Quarter. Ever.
FORGE: Wanna work for the Army?
GOGO: Who's army?
FORGE: Our Army!
GOGO: Forge!
VIDEO GAME: Game over.
GOGO: Seriously?
FORGE: Fort Worden is way more than haunted.
GOGO: Everyone knows Fort Worden is haunted.
FORGE: It was on a ghost show?
GOGO: It was a juvenile treatment center in the 60's.
GOGO: Teenagers are seriously paranormal.
FORGE: You think we'll be able to find it among all the ghosts?
GOGO: Not sure. The entire estate is more than 400 acres, built before 1902.
FORGE: The letter says to report to the old supply depot for further details.
GOGO: The fort is an amazing feat of engineering. Hundreds of meters of subterranean tunnels.
GOGO: Cloistered rooms. Iron doors.
GOGO: Rusty ladders, murky stairwells, light slanting through ominous grates!
FORGE: I love ominous grates!
GOGO: We're gonna need maps.
FORGE: There's a library down the block.
GOGO: No need. I have access to 45 tetrabytes of military reports, schematics, and communiques.
FORGE: Memorized?!
GOGO: Boo-orized!
(dramatic music as BOO rises)
GOGO: Meet Boo, my bio-organic orb.
GOGO: Boo is a digital camera, audio recorder, emf detector, pet, rescue beacon,
GOGO: brown and white laser printer, global HD satellite radio receiver and massive USB flash drive all in one.
FORGE: Hey, Boo.
(BOO signals Hello)
FORGE: I can sniff ghosts.
(♫♫"VW Travel"♫♫)
FORGE: I met Gogo at a conference about autism. She lives on her own, but isn't quite as
FORGE: high functioning as Maxo. He can morph into animals.
FORGE: Gogo has always been crazy good with machines. She speaks their language.
FORGE: 01000111011100100111001001101100 01110011001000000111001001101111
FORGE: 011000110110101100101110
MAXO: 01101101011110010010000001100010
MAXO: 01110010011011110111010001101000
MAXO: 01100101011100100010000001110010
MAXO: 0110111011000110110101101110011
MAXO: My brother rocks.
FORGE: No more tuba!
(printer sounds)
FORGE: It's a two hour drive to Fort Worden, so Boo is printing out all the maps on the way.
FORGE: When we get there, we'll be briefed by the Major who sent the letter.
FORGE: Mixed in with a hundred years of ghosts
FORGE: we'll need all the help we can get
FORGE: to find a single werewolf.
GOGO: Apparently, the last two miles are on foot.
(BOO signals Sad)
GOGO: This reminds me of your epic travel montage in Episode 2.
FORGE: We need music.
(♫♫"Travel Montage Ep 2"♫♫)
FORGE: The same travel music? Is the economy that bad?
FORGE: Creepy.
GOGO: Foreboding.
GOGO: I brought you concentrated glucose tabs if you get low.
FORGE: Yummy.
GOGO: They're grape flavored.
FORGE: I have pot roast in my bag.
GOGO: Forge! Pot roast is a free food!
FORGE: I also brought catfish po'boys on crusty bread and cupcakes.
GOGO: I covet your bag of holding.
(BOO signals Hungry)
FORGE: Being able to sniff out ghosts and other paranormal creatures is kind of like a sixth sense.
FORGE: I suppose it's kind of like a seventh sense, because my mom says the sixth sense is faith.
FORGE: Faith as in believing what you can't see or touch. That's where I got my name.
FORGE: I would never slay a vampire.
(♫♫"Cupcake Break"♫♫)
FORGE: You have to have a lot of faith in my house.
FORGE: It's just my mom and me and the twins.
FORGE: My business is stressful and my Diabetes can be tricky.
FORGE: Then, there's Maxo. Like Gogo, Maxo has Asperger's.
(♫♫"Eight Bit Gamer"♫♫)
FORGE: Maxo is super lucky, 'cause he's major smart, never lies, and is so nice
FORGE: birds and small animals talk to him.
FORGE: But Maxo is also anxious a lot and scared of crowds and allergic to fifty thousand things.
FORGE: Then there's Maximilian.
FORGE: Maximilian is a famous lifestyle blogger He doesn't have any specific health condition...
FORGE: Unless being self-involved is an autoimmune.
FORGE: However, he's definitely the cause of my mom's high blood pressure.
FORGE: And the bane of my existence.
(phone rings)
FORGE: Hey, Maxo.
FORGE: Maxo's about to text you.
(GOGO laughs)
FORGE: The princess is in another castle?
FORGE: When Mom went to the three day Occupy Burger King slash I Kissed a Girl flash mob
FORGE: Gogo babysat us.
FORGE: She distracted Maximilian with a new podcasting tie...
FORGE: she and Maxo could reenact the original Tron.
FORGE: Gogo and Maxo both speak fluent geek.
GOGO: Powerup.
MAXO: Checkpoint!
GOGO: Button mash!
MAXO: Tanaku!
GOGO and MAXO: Tanaku!
FORGE: They're only seven years apart so I hope they'll get married some day.
FORGE: No offense, Boo, but I think we're lost.
(BOO signals Sad)
GOGO: We're on track, Forge. Boo's maps are very detailed
GOGO: and my spatial relations and sense of direction are excellent.
FORGE: I have a super human ability to know when I don't know where I am.
(BOO signals Impressed)
GOGO: GPS Guru, where are we?
GPS GURU: You are there.
(♫♫"Smoggy Theme"♫♫)
(BOO signals Hello)
SMOGGY: Took you long enough. What'd you do? Stop for a cupcake break?
(BOO signals Sad)
SMOGGY: We can speak freely here.
SMOGGY: Had a Wiccan priestess bless the place with Junior Mints and tabby cats just yesterday!
SMOGGY: I've never seen cats eat so much chocolate.
FORGE: Major, thank you for hiring me.
SMOGGY: Normally, I don't work with civilians.
SMOGGY: Let alone tiny little children I could wear as a hat.
SMOGGY: But this is an episode beyond precarious. We're sinking neck deep in perilous!
GOGO: Perilous. Involving great risk or peril. Dangerous, hazardous, unsafe, deadly.
GOGO: Treacherous, and probably nasty.
SMOGGY: Who's the wiki?
FORGE: This is my assistant, Gogo Gidgit.
GOGO: It's nice to meet you, Major... Bear.
SMOGGY: You might be surprised to know, I'm not really a bear.
FORGE: I find that shocking, sir.
GOGO: Uh, I d-
(BOO signals Be Quiet)
GOGO: Boo!
SMOGGY: My identity must remain brilliantly disguised because I'm not really here.
GOGO: You're a ghost?!
SMOGGY: The Parks Department has managed Fort Worden since 1971, and they've done a fine job.
SMOGGY: But due to the current situation...
SMOGGY:'s beyond them.
SMOGGY: There's no shame in that, as long as they handle things quietly.
FORGE: You're an agent of the FBPI?!
SMOGGY: I only answer to the President, quarter pint.
SMOGGY: But it was an agent of the Federal Bureau of Paranormal Investigation that highly recommended you.
SMOGGY: I thought you'd be bigger.
FORGE: I'm drinking milk. And right now, considering steroids.
SMOGGY: Well, I recommend, Gummy the Bear vitamins!
FORGE: Thank you, Major...?
SMOGGY: Call me...
SMOGGY: ...Smoggy the Bear. That's Major Smoggy the Bear!
FORGE: Smog isn't really pretty!
SMOGGY: Neither is a grown man dressed as a bear!
SMOGGY: Somewhere out there, is a question I need you to answer.
SMOGGY: Unexplained noises.
SMOGGY: Sightings after hours.
SMOGGY: Even a few teens attacked.
SMOGGY: I need you to confirm or deny the rumors, kiddo.
SMOGGY: The park rangers, the local police, even a select squad of my own men
SMOGGY: couldn't track this thing down.
SMOGGY: I need you to find me a monster, Forge.
(♫♫"Lightly Spooky"♫♫)
FORGE: If there is a werewolf at Fort Worden, I'll be able to sniff him out.
FORGE: Major Smoggy told us, whatever's causing the trouble has put three teenagers in the hospital.
FORGE: I don't want any creature hunted, shot, or tear gased. Except... maybe Maximilian.
FORGE: I don't hate paranormal creatures.
FORGE: They're usually just like dogs or cats.
FORGE: Except with extra eyes, more legs, bigger teeth, and see-through bodies.
FORGE: But I can't let a dangerous monster run loose, anymore than I'd let a rabid dog into the bathroom
FORGE: when Maximilian is taking a shower.
FORGE: Gogo and I have to find what's lurking and report back to the bear. It's our duty.
GOGO: Fort Worden was named after the Civil War Rear Admiral, John L. Worden.
GOGO: We're on Artillery Hill on Quimper Peninsula, overlooking the Straight of Juan de Fuca and Admiralty Inlet.
FORGE: We are?
GOGO: We'll get there. The fort is spread over 400 acres, remember?
GOGO: It took two hundred men, four years to build the first six gun batteries.
FORGE: Guns take batteries?
GOGO: A battery is a massive mounted gun.
GOGO: These two circles are where artillery guns were mounted. The pits are filled for safety.
GOGO: Gun batteries on coastal forts like Fort Worden could sink enemy ships from miles inland.
FORGE: I totally want a gun battery.
GOGO: Fort Worden had twelve!
(BOO signals Sad)
GOGO: They hauled all the guns away.
FORGE: Yet the ghosts remain.
GOGO: It's really dark.
FORGE: I can see in the dark.
GOGO: Can the audience?
FORGE: Did you bring night vision goggles?
GOGO: Two point lighting.
FORGE: That's one more point than we usually have!
GOGO: What was that?
FORGE: The wind?
(a theremin plays)
FORGE: Wait! What was that?
GOGO: A theremin!
FORGE: Wait!
GOGO: What was that?
FORGE: The power of suggestion.
FORGE: It's like night in there!
GOGO: Probably the darkness.
FORGE: You think?
(BOO signals Amusement)
GOGO: Deja vu.
FORGE: Gesundheit.
GOGO: This reminds me of the Aztec ball courts.
GOGO: Their athletes would throw small rubber balls through the hoop. The priest would eat the heart of the victor.
FORGE: Gogo, this is the Army, not the Aztecs!
FORGE: Boo would make a pretty good ball, though.
(BOO signals Irritation)
FORGE: Did you see that?
GOGO: What?
FORGE: A figure standing twenty feet away.
FORGE: You're supposed to say, yeah, I saw that too.
FORGE: And then add some details.
GOGO: Can we try again?
(BOO signals Alarm)
FORGE: What was that?
GOGO: You go first.
FORGE: No, I'm not playing this time!
GOGO: I'll go check it out.
FORGE: Gogo!
FORGE: Dang it.
GOGO: Forge, where'd you go? I think the camera is malfunctioning.
FORGE: No, the EMFs are messing with my flashlight.
GOGO: Where are you, Forge? My light is fine.
FORGE: I'm right here, Gogo!
GOGO: Oh. My light just quit.
(BOO signals Hello)
GOGO: Oh! Boo, you startled us.
(BOO signals Alarm)
GOGO: Boo, what is it?
(BOO signals Extreme Alarm)
(WEREWOLF growls)
(BOO signals Hurt)
GOGO: Boo!
FORGE: The flashlights are working!
GOGO: Steady, Boo!
FORGE: The wolf!
(BOO signals Hello)
FORGE: Where'd the wolf go?
GOGO: Come on, Boo!
(WEREWOLF growls)
GOGO: Forge, the pit!
FORGE: The pits are filled. Whoa!
GOGO: They are filled...
GOGO: ...except for the one emptied by a team of boy scouts.
(BOO signals Oops)
FORGE: Gogo Gidgit, get me out of here!
GOGO: It took 15 years for Fort Worden to be complete. Twelve batteries equipped with fourty-one
GOGO: artillery pieces.
GOGO: Between Worden, Fort Flagler, and Fort Casey, the Triangle of Fire was impenetrable.
GOGO: No enemy ships could pass.
FORGE: But they never fired a shot.
GOGO: That's correct. Fort Worden was never tested.
FORGE: They were always ready, but always peaceful.
FORGE: We need to go down. Back into the darkness.
GOGO: Forge, he might attack us.
FORGE: Gogo, we were chasing him.
(BOO signals Scared)
FORGE: Gogo?
GOGO: Forge?
FORGE: I've made a decision.
FORGE: If we find the werewolf, I'm not turning him in to Major Smoggy.
GOGO: I've always been Team Jacob.
(BOO signals Hello)
WEREWOLF: My name is Sergeant Peter Adalwulf. I was born in 1882. And I cannot die.
GOGO: There can be only one!
FORGE: You're the werewolf.
ADALWULF: Sometimes.
FORGE: Sergeant Adalwulf, my name is Faith Forge.
FORGE: I've been sent to find you. To have you removed from Fort Worden
ADALWULF: It was May 3rd, 1904. I was twenty. We arrived when the sky was still pale and low.
ADALWULF: It was raining. The rain was cold and tasted like the sea.
ADALWULF: Fort Worden had never been garrisoned. We were the first. The 126th Coastal Artillery Company.
ADALWULF: Eighty-seven men under Captain McClosky.
ADALWULF: There was this feeling. It was a living silence, waiting for us, in all the new, empty spaces we would fill.
ADALWULF: Those first six batteries with their guns like sentinels, powerful, permanent guardians
ADALWULF: that would send our enemies to the deep.
ADALWULF: We were army men trained to sink ships. A lot of us hated the sea.
ADALWULF: But when I stood on the Ash emplacement, I felt complete for the very first time.
ADALWULF: Those waters became my lover. I would let no other man sail her.
GOGO: Battery Powell, Brannan, Quarles, Randol, Vicars and Ash.
ADALWULF: The first six batteries. We were still sleeping in tents waiting for our barracks to be built.
ADALWULF: It took them ten years to build the other six. I would have been thirty. A career soldier.
ADALWULF: I should have been. I didn't know I'd be 22 forever.
FORGE: As a werewolf, you don't age.
ADALWULF: I heal so fast. It works at a molecular level. All those cells that should be dying, just keep repairing.
GOGO: You're a hundred thirty years old. You look great.
FORGE: Sergeant? How did it happen?
ADALWULF: In 1904, the Triangle of Fire headquarters was transferred from Fort Flagler here to Fort Worden.
ADALWULF: Three more coast artillery companies joined us. There was... an adjustment period.
ADALWULF: There's unspoken hierarchy among soldiers that has nothing to do with rank.
ADALWULF: I tried not to get involved. Tried to let it roll off me like the frequent rain.
ADALWULF: But sometimes... Sometimes trouble comes looking for you.
(shouts and chaos)
GOGO: You were attacked.
FORGE: You were attacked by another soldier.
ADALWULF: I could have told the Captain. But there were power struggles at every level. Some were just...
ADALWULF: ...more brutal than others. I hid the wounds. Treated them myself. But they healed too fast.
FORGE: Your attacker was a werewolf.
ADALWULF: It was a blessing at first. I healed easily. I was stronger, faster. It was two, maybe three years before I started to change.
ADALWULF: Full moon nights, just like people say. I couldn't stop it.
ADALWULF: I hid it all that time, too. It was hard but I pulled it off. I wanted to serve.
GOGO: If anyone had discovered you...
FORGE: They would see you as a monster.
ADALWULF: They'd wonder if I'd eat them next. I just wanted to be a soldier.
ADALWULF: It was all I ever wanted to be.
ADALWULF: In 1918, when they disbanded most of the troops, I escaped into the woods. I had no where else to go.
FORGE: What about your family?
ADALWULF: The fort was my family. Battery Ash was my home.
ADALWULF: Once, home on leave, I told my father. He called me a liar and a coward. Tried to beat the
ADALWULF: werewolf out of me, I guess. I never went back.
ADALWULF: Then everything changed.
ADALWULF: January 3rd, 1943. It was cold. There was frost.
ADALWULF: I watched them pull apart Battery Ash bolt by bolt. I watched them decomission her and haul
ADALWULF: away her carriages. Repurpose her. She was sold for parts. Her bones salvaged.
ADALWULF: That's when I finally left.
ADALWULF: I knew the rest of the fort would fall to the machine. Only the bare concrete would remain.
ADALWULF: The sentinels were from a dead age and they'd expired even when I could not.
FORGE: Sergeant, I understand why you attacked those teens.
FORGE: Maybe they were disrespecting the fort.
FORGE: Graffiti or something.
FORGE: Or maybe you were really hungry, and they were wearing leather.
FORGE: When I see teenagers, I often resist the urge to slap them.
FORGE: But why did you return to Fort Worden now?
ADALWULF: To warn you.
(♫♫"Sweet Resolution"♫♫)
FORGE: I did report back to Major Smoggy. I told him everything. Well, almost everything.
FORGE: I told him that Fort Worden is totally awesome, absolutely haunted by troubled teens,
FORGE: and home to a 22 year old in love with military history.
FORGE: Instead of chasing off the disenfranchised drifter, I suggested giving Peter a job.
FORGE: Major Smoggy likes second chances and hard work.
FORGE: Peter will start giving tours Monday morning.
FORGE: The park will be closed every full moon.
FORGE: Peter is willing to give the human world another try.
FORGE: But that's not why I feel unsettled.
FORGE: It's what he told me. The whole reason he pretended to haunt Fort Worden. So I would be called in to investigate.
FORGE: His warning.
(♫♫"The Warning"♫♫)
FORGE: I convinced Peter to take me to Battery Ash.
ADALWULF: For almost seventy years, I've lived as a monster among other monsters. Creatures I'd only read about.
ADALWULF: Some of them started out human. Some didn't. But they exist in a world that runs parallel to ours...
ADALWULF: yours. Mostly those two world don't touch.
ADALWULF: But sometimes, they wash over one another.
ADALWULF: Sometimes, there's a bridge.
ADALWULF: Forge, you are that bridge.
ADALWULF: And something, someone terrible is coming to tear you down.
FORGE: How do you know?
ADALWULF: Monsters talk.
FORGE: You want me to hide.
ADALWULF: Yes. And I will help you.
FORGE: Peter? I don't hide well.
FORGE: Agent Skully says, as paranormal investigators, we're always prepared.
FORGE: But how can I be prepared for something unknown?
FORGE: Something I can't research and pick an assistant for.
FORGE: Do I just have to wait?
FORGE: Wondering?
FORGE: Worrying?
FORGE: Alone?
(♫♫"Bill Bailey"♫♫)
(♫♫"Casablanca Revisited"♫♫)
ADALWULF: Ultimately, a shot was never fired from Fort Worden.
ADALWULF: To dedicate yourself to a post never attacked but always at risk is part of a soldier's duty.
GRUMPY TOURIST: Does it always rain here?
ADALWULF: Uh, yeah, pretty much. But look, that's why it's so green.
CURIOUS TOURIST: Is it true that this was a center for troubled teens in the '60s?
ADALWULF: Yes, yes indeed. You've done your research.
ADALWULF: After the fort was dismantled.
ADALWULF: "An Officer and a Gentleman" was shot here in 1981.
ADALWULF: Both the treatment center and the movie set were rumored to be haunted.
SKEPTIC TOURIST: I don't believe in ghosts.
ADALWULF: Ah, well, the unseen world can be surprising.
ADALWULF: I'm just kidding. Come on. Let's go. Come on in.
ADALWULF: Just a hundred years ago, a lot of science was seen as magic.
(spooky ghost noise rises)
(♫♫"Casablanca Revisited"♫♫) �