[Real 2PM] JYP Nation 뮤직비디오 촬영이야기1^^(2PM M/V behind the scenes)

Uploaded by 2pm on 20.12.2010

Here’s a cute baby
It’s love at first sight
Here’s a similar looking baby
Very look alike
I took it this morning out of boredom
We should take a popularity vote
I’ll have a battle with the baby
I can’t see Suzy
Suzy our manager sis
Hey sis, do you think he is cute?
Suzy, he’s cute? He’s cute?
1 vote
A popularity vote
he’s cute? He’s cute??
Mm... they look alike
Mm.. he is cuter without beard, right??
Anyway, I am a bit cuter
You know compared to the age. Incentives
He should be cute for his age
But this is compared to the age
Good decision
Cute for his age
Keep up the good work~
Most of all, I won 3:0 to the baby
Ah~ this baby darn
Suzy you mean it?
Your rival??
Yeah, my rival
A yellow hat
Oh, by the way real cute
This is the same look, Wooyoung?
I need to practice
Ah this is hard
Ah how did you do this
The baby’s got plumpy cheeks
Plumpy cheeks mean Jang Wooyoung
Anyhow I won 3:0 to the baby
Today’s score
Self camera~
Oh self camera
It’s English now
One two three
This place is the JYPNation MV location
Look you can see the presents
Lots of people
How nice atmosphere
This is the real Thai massage
Wow awesome
Wow awesome This is how to do it
To tell the truth, I hit the person before
Khun, get some money
You need money??:
It’s a present, you don’t want it?
No, I don’t. I am such a guy
You refuse it?
Chansung really hates me
He always does this whenever he sees me
Hitting the hair exactly
Yup yup
I got it
You attach it on your feet
You want me to do it??
This must be a foot??
Ooh, you sure make me frown
Make me frown
He doesn’t know me
Show me real you
Is it a dialect?
Try Hong Kong style
He’s actually from HK
Yubin used to be our goddess long time ago
Junho was a true god when he was bumming around taking a photo
It’s true
It’s when we were very young
You make me laugh
Don’t even bother showing him a reaction
I don’t really care but they’re just having fun
You are good at bouncing
Where you from?
How did you remember that?
We must do it
The song is real cool
Yeah? Yea real cool
Thanks. I will do my best.
Wooo, stop doing this Im Seulong!!