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The Love Story of Andrew & Judy
This was me, Andrew Liu, when I first entered high school
Other than trying to get into a good college, I didn't really expect too much from high school.
It was not until I met her, Judy Tsai, that high school turned out to be the place I found my eternal love.
She was the TA for my English class so English class was always my favorite classÉ.
Cause I can look at her pretty face without being noticed :p
Having been rejected by girls all the time, I had never thought she would date me.
But in an ordinary Saturday afternoon, she added me as a friend on ICQ (online chat).
We began to chat online almost every night since that. Sometimes we'd also walk home together.
We began to fall in love with each otherÉ.
On June 14th, 2004, we decided to start officially dating.
I tagged after almost everyday at school. :p
Holding hands and walking home together was the best part of my day.
and I also like the time when we rushed to cram school together. ( We were both good runners
Having her, my high school life was full of joy everyday.
such as wearing her hair clip to make her laugh.
or showing our classmate that we can't carry out tuneÉlol
In He-Ping High School, we wrote the opening chapter of our love story.
After graduating, we continued to create a lot of happy memories.
Went to Yi-Lan together
Went to Chiu-Fen together
Went to the Lavender Forest
Went to Taichung together
Went to Kaohsiung
Went to Kenting together.
Went to Penghu together
Went to the beach together
Enjoy the tasty food together
Bike together
Pick up strawberry together
Being hip-hop together
Being silly together
Picking up calla together
Celebrating New Year together
Taking ferris wheel together
Went to the States for summer school together
Graduating from College together
In Aug. 2009, Andrew went to Minnesota for graduate school.
Meanwhile, Judy started her first full-time job.
Starting their long-distance relationship.
Webcam became the most important way to maintain the relationship.
Unavoidably, we fought at times.
Sometimes, we'd rather avoid each otherÉ.
Maintaing a long distance relationship was never easy.
Even with all the challenges we were facing, nothing can ever defeat...
Judy, I love you so much.
Love your brightness and cuteness
Love you're always energetic.
Love when you acting funny
Love your low alcohol tolerance.
Love that you enjoy outdoor activities.
Love your sweet voice even though you can never carry your tune.
Love all the birthday celebrations you gave me
Love going to beach with you
Love that you climbed the highest mountain in Taiwan
Love your curiosity
Love all the yummy bread you baked.
Love that you're the best trip planner.
Love that you warm my heart during the cold winter
Love that you treat my family as your own family
Andrew, I also love you very very much.
Love your sunshine-like smile
Love when you exercise with me
Love you're always so energetic.
Love when you concentrating on reading.
Love that you're not afraid to be different.
Love your professional knowledge.
Love when you being affectionate.
Love when you take me for a ride.
Love that you always remind me to keep smiling.
Love that you treat my family as your own.
Love when you try to make me laugh.
Love that you love me tender
Love that you always do your best for me.
Love when you holding the umbrella for me during the raining days.
Since we have SO MUCH LOVE for each other,
During the 6th anniversary, Andrew drew a booklet of their love story for Judy.
In the last page, there was an envelope.
She opened the envelope gently and the card wrote.
Then, we flew to Duluth, MN to start our new life together.
On Dec. 8th, 2011, we had a simple wedding ceremony at our apartment at Duluth, MN.
Even though we didn't have any fancy decorations nor family with us,
yet we were both very excited.
Now, let's take a quick look of our wedding ceremony.
There are too many people we'd like to thank in these 8 years.
Without any of your support or encourage, we would not be able to make it till today.
Thank you all !!!
Special Thanks to our family !
To our parents, Thanks for raising us with so much love during the last 25 years.
Whatever challenges we face, you guys are always there for us.
and always being very supportive
Had it not been for your support to our relationship back in high school, we wouldn't have today's wedding ceremony.
Today, it's our turn to form our own family and we hope we'll do great just like you guys.
Marriage is a joining of two families. We are both very grateful to join each other's family.
Starting today, we become one big family !
We love you all forever !
Our Love story began in 2004
Became engaged in 2010
We have been together for 8 years
Thanks for all of your support and blessings.
In 2012, we will continue to write the next chapter of our love story.
Wish all the lovers in this world a happy ending !