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bjbj Claiming Housing & Council Tax Benefit - Transcript 00:01 [Officer in Reception]
Hi, Grant Langford here, the Manager of the Housing and Council Tax Benefit Department
at Elmbridge Borough Council. 00:05 Are you finding it difficult affording to pay your
rent or council tax? 00:09 If so then you may be entitled to housing and / or council
tax benefit 00:15 It is not only people who are unemployed, pensioners and the disabled
who can get housing benefit. Other people can include: 00:24 People in work on low wages
Self employed people on low earnings Tenants of private landlords with higher rents 00:33
So how do you go about claiming? 00:37 You will need to complete one of these claim forms.
00:41 [Claimant filling in form] We know it s a long form, which asks many questions.
ll also need to see supporting evidence of all of the information you provide about your
income and savings, like pay slips and bank statements. 01:02 [Officer in Reception] t
be put off by this because we re here to help you. 01:06 [Computer Over the Shoulder] If
you re comfortable using a computer, you can use our e_Claim facility here on our web site.
This will allow you to compile your claim in stages and send it to us when it is most
convenient to you. 01:30 [Customer Services section] If you like to find out more about
whether you should claim you can send us an email. However, we know that many people would
prefer to pick up the phone and call us when they re ready to do so. 01:36 [Keypad Close
Up] So phone us on 01372 474060 and select option 5 on our new telephone system. 01:40
[Customer Services section] You will then be put through to one of our advisers who
will talk you through your details and identify if you could be entitled and should make a
claim. 01:49 [Officer and Claimant in appointment] If it looks like you should qualify for benefit
we ll book you an appointment to come down to our offices in the Civic Centre, which
is located in Esher. This way we can help you with your claim, confidentially and sensitively
in the comfort of one of our private appointment rooms. 02:05 [Officer in Reception] We know
that claiming benefits can be difficult, but that shouldn t stop you. Remember, we are
here to help. 02:14 [End Of Video] Produced by: Housing Date 19th October 2011 Page PAGE
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