Audacity Tutorial Saving an MP3

Uploaded by buckydurddle on 09.05.2007

now in this video we're going to learn how to
save an mp3
using audacity
now audacity doesn't allow you to export or save files as MP3 just
says that as it is when you download there are some legal issues around that
were audacity did the creators of audacity don't own the mp3 rights
so you have to actually do a little bit of changes to audacity in order to make
it work we're going to go through those changes today
if you notice here i get the internet startup
and the reason i've got that does because we need to download a new files to go along
with audacity and that file is called the lame ecoder
lame encoder
now here's reality 'cause they're going to find them
we're going to go into google we're going to a search for audacity
and just says when you download that's in the first time you notice that it says
audacity free audio editor recorder that's the place you want to go
click on that one
and it takes us to
the audacity website
so what will do is will will go ahead will click on
download audacity one point two point six
and that'll take us to the download page now
here's what we need to find the lame encoder and look at this
lame mp3 encoder allows audacity to export mp3 files
that's when you click on so click on that one
and said the next thing we want to go to you can read all this if you like
you need to go to the lame download page
that link
sorry for some many clicks in this tutorial
but it's uh... it was well worth it
now we're at a place where we couldn't find many different places to download
the lame encoder the second one from the top and you can pick
which are more like depending on where you live
now we're given we're doing to save the filing yes on the save the file to the
disk so i'll click save in ok and its downloaded
so now the next thing we need to do is to open that file
now before we open the file
i'm going to get you to huh open another folder first
and the folder is the place we need to place all of our new files
came out first thing to do
is open my computer
as i've opening now yours may look a little different of course but
you want to you want to then file find the the c drive
case double click on the c drive and as you can see I have d and a f

but you want to open the c double-click and c
and the next thing you want to file it find a folder called program files
program files
and it might be quite a few file folders here but you need to go down to find
program files and double click on that one
the last folder we need is audacity
you can see here mine is near the top
it's in alphabeticall order so it's turning near the top
but double click on the audacity folder
now let's leave that folder open
now the next thing is you downloaded of file
the lame
and some numbers dot zip
so i i'm not sure where you pick you've downloaded you may have downloaded on
the desktop you may download a specific folder
but i downloaded right here so growing in but i want you to do now is double
click on that lame file dot zip file
and now we're given a number of files
i want to do is to move those files over into the
audacity folder that you can see on my left
so you can move them over one of the time if you like
or you want to you can hold your mouse button down and slide your mouse and
slide over all of the files until they all turned blue
now say that i say how i do that again
white and move them to the bottom right and i held my mouse button-down and
with my mouse held
until i got although
and now they're all selected i can grab one of them
and they will all move at the same time normal together
and i slide over into that audacity folder and i'd drop it
as you can see now there are copying over
now though this may take a second or 2
now once the copied over we can close these folders we don't need these open
anymore so you can close both these
so now we're going to try to export an mp3 file
and i'll go to file export
ano it'll ask you to name the file so you can call if you like
and click save
it is going to ask us
to locate the lame file and we need okay
so we're going to click yes here
you only have to do this once
so you know just a through this with patients and we have to do this one time
now we're going to go to my computer
case double click on my computer
next double-click on on this c drive again local disk c
it's the c drive okay make sure its marked c
double click on that one
next double-click on program files
okay that's program file so find that folder in the list
and double click on that one
and then the last we're going to need is audacity
so double click on the audacity file folder
here's a fire we need the lame file and you can click on that one
that lane underscore enc.dll and then click ok
now that it
now we can exporting mp3's as often as you like
now what you see here in front of you is for putting in tags on your mp3s
you know you give it a tangle
and you can say the art you know whoever was that played as the music and the
album that it's on or whatever
you and that shows up on mp3 players when when the playing that music
but you don't have to do that if you want to
now we've got the lame encoder

set up in audacity we never had to do that again
so you don't have to memorize we just did ur really completely understand we
just did
just go through the steps that we that i outlined and and you'll never have to
do it again so that it is a one time deal

there was also worth mentioning is well the tempe three files are very very
and i said in an another veto another dip into trail that you could also
export as believe
now we have files are very very large
you may have a wave file that said maybe three minutes long before you makes
which is very large files
where is the same file is ninety three might only be too