Momentum - Lilou Part 2 - Breakdancing - Episode 20

Uploaded by redbull on 07.09.2012

He's one of the world's best, he represents France well.
He represents France, he represents Algeria, and most of all, he represents Lyon.
Two days before BC One 2005 I got injured during rehearsals at the hotel. I dislocated the knuckles of two fingers.
These two fingers here. I had to get an iron plate and a bandage. I couldn't lean on my hand, and the doctors told me that I should not participate.
I said, "Yes. I won't participate." As soon as I got back to the hotel, I told the organizers the opposite. I said "I'm fine. I can dance."
I didn't want to miss my chance. I wanted to break. I wanted to give everything out of pride, and I can be very proud.
I actually took it quite easy there. I told myself, "Ok. This is a big competition, but I don't want to put myself under any pressure."
Only later did I realize all the possibilities that opened up, and how my life had changed. And at that moment it became clear to me that I must win the contest. And that's what I did.
In the Arab world we call this Maktub fate. And on that day, I was certainly blessed with fate.
It's only you and your competitor on stage, so you need to build up a lot of charisma and mental power.
It's all about choreography from A-Z, but I always leave 30% of freestyle in my moves, depending on the music, my feeling on the stage, and on what the competitors are able to do.
We've grown up here. We know that life is not as easy for us as it is for others. It's true, that you need to be able to find your place. You can't be a victim.
You must be able to win respect. You can win respect without pushing too hard. You just need to simply be yourself. That's how it works best.
What I like about Lilou is his charisma. That's what filled the room the first time we met. Lilou isn't extraordinarily tall, but he's got that extra something.
I couldn't take my eyes off him. That's what I think is special about Lilou, and it's really important to me that I support him in everything he does.
I agree with him. We are heart and soul, and that is what makes him so special.
Niggaz and Billy Boy, these two young guys from the new generation of the Pockemon crew, will stand up for themselves and save their skin. Just because they are Billy Boy and Niggaz.
Yeah Billy Boy and myself with join the Pockemon crew and try to perform to the max.
I think there's more pressure in comparison to other judging panels because they don't see me rehearsing every day, but he does. It makes it more difficult to convince him to vote for me.
Tomorrow, I will be in the jury. Actually, there will be 3 of us. Myself, Vatan a German, and Cisco from the Netherlands. I will not favor anyone because too much affection…
or too close of a friendship usually makes the decisions biased. You know that the person up there is your friend so you tend to vote for them.
But I won't do that tomorrow, and it's a tough competition, so it's not easy to be sitting in this jury, especially if you're facing 16 fabulous dancers.
I am glad this event takes place here. A message to all breakers, this is the French qualifying! Go crazy! This is your challenge for the Title.
I hope it will be one of you… or myself. We will see. Everything is possible.
Because he's my friend, my brother, the guy I practice with everyday, a member of my crew, it breaks my heart that I may have to vote against him.
But if you were in the jury of such a big event like the Red Bull BC One Cypher, you have to be as professional as possible.
I respect his judgement and I agree with him for not voting for me because my transitions weren't really clean.
60% of the dance is psychological, the rest is tactics.
I believe he will get to that point in years to come. He's still got some time, and he's got talent.
Two losers, it was like a punch in the face right? Well we'll keep practicing.
I see people throwing up between battles. I do the same when I'm in a battle. I'm totally into it. I throw up even in training. When I have to practice…
for a big competition I'm like a boxer, I'm in fighting mode and I practice until I have to throw up, which means I reach my limits of what I'm able to do.
My biggest success up to now, was to make my parents proud. If you live in a working class neighborhood, and your parents are immigrants,
the only thing they want for their children is happiness. To be able to work, and not get in trouble with the police.
That's why my parents are proud of me, and proud of what I'm doing. At the moment, that's the biggest success for me.
My dream for the future is to live a relaxed life. Quiet. Comfortable. With my family and in good health. A very simple dream.
And for the breaking, I hope to make history. I want my name to continue to be mentioned when I stop dancing. The people will still be talking about me…
in 10-15 years, like they do in other sports. Muhammad Ali no longer competes in boxing, but his name is still in everyone's mind.
People will say, "Yes! Ok. Lilou did this. He did that." I really want to add my own flavor to the dance.