OMG! USSR Gets Sputnik To The Moon! YouTube Space Lab With Liam & Michael

Uploaded by spacelab on 06.10.2011

Michael: Now, even as the United States
prepared to send a man to the moon,
the U.S.S.R. achieved another first.
They sent a thing to the moon.
Liam: No way.
Michael: Yeah, they did it first.
They sent a rocket with no people on it to the moon,
and it was called "Sputnik," and it landed there.
Liam: That thing looks like something
from an old Bond movie.
Michael: Yeah, but it got there.
Liam: That is so cool!
But who actually won the space race
to put a man on the moon?
Michael: Okay, well, we're gonna get to that later.
But first, it's time
for our "Sci-fi to Reality Movie Countdown"
with Captain Bobby.
Liam: I love Captain Bobby!
Michael: Oh, yeah? Why don't you marry him?
Ha ha ha ha ha ha!
Get it?
"I love Captain Bobby."
Hoo hoo hoo.