Whats On My iPhone August 2012

Uploaded by libertyforgeeks on 08.08.2012

Hey guys whats up Dalvin here and in today's video I'll be showing your what's on my iPhone for the month
of august 2012.
As you can see I have an iPhone 3gs running iOS 5.1.1
I wont be going over what jailbreak tweaks and apps I use but you can check out the video
on screen for that.
First going over what I have on my phone and I have the switch easy capsule rebel m case
currently on. I did a review of the case before, click on the screen to check it out,
and has a really cool design overall a really good case.
Going over my home screen I'm using the default wallpaper you can find in the
Going over the apps on my first screen we have messages, calendar,
and I put all apps that come with the phone I don't use in a folder called not used.
Inside we have stocks, itunes,
game center,
youtube, videos, and contacts.
Also on my screen we have weather, notes, and reminders which i think it's pretty good
my opinion.
I also have some other apps in the utilities folder.
Finishing up the first page I have the app store, youtube home page, and the
On my dock I have phone, music,
which I use to replace safari, cydia which you get when you're jailbroken
and the regular mail app which is ok for what i need.
Taking a look at my second screen
you can see i organize all my apps in special folders in special categories.
I have social, jailbreak, simple games, cloud,
reading, music, entertainment, camera apps,
useful apps, and reference apps.
First taking a look at the social folder I have twitter,
facebook, and facebook messenger.
In the jailbreak folder I have bytafont for changing my iphone font,
ifile for browsing system files,
activator, springtomize,
winterboard and app analytics.
Taking a look at the simple games folder i have doodle jump and mega run which is a
free game on the appstore which you play a small red character
whose main goal is to collect coins and three gems in each level.
The game's style is a mix between mario with jumping on enemies and sonic with high
speed gameplay here and there which is why I overall enjoy the game with the
free price there is no reason not to try it out.
Also in the folder I have cut the rope, temple run, and another interesting game pictorial which
is sort of puzzle game.
The aim of the game to rearange a pattern of stars to a dotted image.
As you move the stars ib different angles to the right images the lines become visible.
this is pretty interesting to me and is also free.
Finishing up the folder I have fruit ninja, tiny wings and scrabble.
In the cloud folder I have google drive and dropbox.
In the reading folder I have ibooks and mobile rss which is a free app
that lets you access your google reader feed
in a plain easy to read ui
that has some swipe gestures
and you can also mark articles for reading later as well as sharing to different social
In the music folder I have tune in radio which is a free app that let's you listen to
different radio stations not only in your area but worldwide in different
You can also favorite stations and the songs they play.
Also in the music folder I have pandora,
vevo and soundcloud which in my opinion is better than shazam.
In the entertainment folder I have revision3 for keeping up with there
and time warner cable tv which is companies letting you watch live tv on your
companies when you watch live tv under device and control your dvr from your phone.
In the camera folder I have quickshot which saves all your
photos automatically to drop box camera awesome which is way better than
the regular camera app
with filters and more settings.
In my useful folder I have find my iphone
and free my apps which is a website that gives you credits or point
from sharing the page or downloading free apps and you can trade those credits
for things like gift cards.
Also in the folder we have onavo extend.
which saves data on your phone, app shopper, and performance test.
Last we have the reference folder with wikipanion a better wikipedia app
and the google search app for iOS.
So that's all I have to show you guys.
All the apps and case mentioned will be in the link below.
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these and I'll see you guys next time!