iPhone 3G/3GS Front Panel Replacement

Uploaded by iFixitYourself on 08.12.2010

There are lots of ways you can break your iPhone screen, and you can save time and money
by repairing it yourself and only replacing the part that's broken.
This phone has a busted front panel, so I'm going show you what you can do about it and
how to determine which part you'll need to repair your iPhone. Now this video is just
an overview, so you will want to follow our repair guide on our site.
If your phone is like mine, just the front panel is busted, but everything else is fine,
so I'm going to use the front panel kit; it comes with the front panel and all the tools
you'll need swap it out. If your home button or your speaker are damaged, you'd want the
front panel assembly, which comes with those portions pre-attached. If you're phone is
totaled, and the LCD is broken too, you'll want the whole display assembly, which is
basically the entire top part of the phone.
Before I get started, It's important that you know which kind of iPhone you've got,
so take a second to check out the model number on the back. Plug that number into our website
to see whether it's a 3G or 3GS. I've got a 3GS.
For this phone, I'm just replacing the front panel. So i have the front panel kit. Which
includes a metal and plastic Spudger, a front panel, replacement adhesive, a double zero
phillips screwdriver, and a suction cup.
So lets get started. The first step is to remove the two screws from the dock connector.
Now I'm going to use this suction cup to lift the glass off the phone.
Once you have the phone open, don't yank it too hard because there are still some cables
left under here we need to disconnect.
All of these cables can easily be disconnected with a spudger. Now that i have the display
assembly off, we need to separate the LCD from the front panel which is held in place
by these screws.
Insert a metal spudger in-between the rails, and gently rotate to remove the LCD from the
front panel. If we were replacing the entire from panel assembly we could stop here, But
since I'm using the front panel kit I'm going to go further and remove the home button and
the ear piece. Use a heat gun to soften the adhesive holding the home button and earpiece
in place
Once the adhesive is soft use your metal spudger to separate the front panel from the home
button and earpiece.
As your separating this some glass might fall out so be careful.
So now that we have that totally removed, lets put the new adhesive on the front panel.
Now we just need to put the two pieces back together.
So thats it! This is our new front panel. To reassembly your phone follow the instructions
on the repair guide in reverse. Don't forget you can find all the parts and tools for this
and many other repairs at iFixit.com, and if you run into any problems during your repairs
there are lots of solutions in the answer section of our site.