Cute purple flower nail art tutorial with one stroke technique

Uploaded by cutenails on 25.09.2012

Hi all! Today I’m gonna show you how to make this nail art.
It’s a one stroke with purple shades.
I hope that you’ll like this tutorial! Let’s have a look!
First, I apply a dark purple base from Color Club
And a coat of Gosh - Rainbow
Which has some kind of colorful glitter flakes.
So to start off I mix white and purple acrylic paint
To obtain a light purple color.
And with a one stroke beveled brush
I dip one side of the brush in purple paint and the other side in white paint.
Note that I dip the longest side of the brush in white paint.
Then I make the gradient on my palette. It is very important.
And then I make the one stroke circles
To do so
I press hard on my brush.
Then I move upward
And I twist my brush to make an arc
Finally I move downwards with the white side of the brush to make the gradient effect.
And when the paint is dry, I apply another coat
For it to look opaque and lovely.
Later I take some purple paint
To fill the big holes.
I let it dry and I make another level, same as the first one.
And to make the petals, I move upward
And I go down using the longest side of the brush
In other words, the white side of the brush
And once it is dry, I add small dots with dark purple paint with a doting tool.
Then with a detail brush, I draw small leaves
With white acrylic paint.
To make very thin lines, you need to dilute your paint a lot.
And at last, I apply the final top coat to protect my nail art.
That’s it! I hope you enjoy this tutorial.
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