WWE RAW March 8 Live Expierence

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we've got to have good you've got your on what that just coming out chamber
it does not live by experience dots on them watching dropped six
I think it's important for watching
I just don't like impact but
I used to do stuff but seconds checking now
asked if I can
you know all because watching
I'm not saying for months of do it because I'm not going to review of talk show all right
I got and the the upper hand it the next couple
but sound bite it ron like states now I got their test of time but believe it's back home
the forest service does broadcast she did
well I mean
okay I think that's a proxy sought to see
it'd be great to meet you
police so
I think get out my see
but it's was a match up
oh yeah almost say it's immoral purposes that right hand
they cannot do it was the case
I was busy fighting the but see all right all
I that
all time
that that's what you meant that was
why did that exceed Bush's
I'm really sorry
option the on
so I disagree because superstars this Thursday is that should be six up all right
I think the one this here
I'm going to write his book
that because of the superstars over
a local fire the
I am suffering look through my mind that Barack that does not it wasn't very doing
I mean
I'm of course the guest host critics angeles
do you know who's got worse
the for show
between us and the
that's before he was not city gets a but
the shows are buying spree DC- that sound
he supplement that his book get it but a lot of experience truth to that
it was fun
I've acted times year
so it so much as he could
Clinton balcony
I was thinking all lasting impact kids think
it's not just saying that I think the biggest issue alive that for all right
you go to the prom support what they liked what I think year
that you can step down
on twenty one
you have to have security
that result that you got people
I mean after I get up at night the get right that
well doctor weir see at the needs that
fires about well
doctor leslie
to the states back down to tell time
but are two thousand eight was last
the winners youngster life
for decades now it's all
after that that
the not that sits back there to be
lou because I got lucky
interests that
you can't see
that's right
or that don't know I just he but the stitches and it wasn't that to thank you Brian
the stresses but not going to be
the economy
presumably jet all right
but that run the way
so that's what's to come up the sky with take cut off
he sure did
the that what
I'm not yet taken up on it's where his from for at
I don't think you guys
we appreciate it
he doesn't have to do a show on that
with so much
he told them
I do know that Al sabah right
the tolerate that
that was true
but she said Hsieh and his person
John situation
that doesn't take was with grace that you were let
as headquarters me
do you to teams
it is the captain says
this kind of action
that I think Barack has spoken happening get year the so
you've got problems
I could rock not be
but as the stump connect the dots think that that
I don't take it personally prickly market that
so I could be wrong about this but but
I'm going to ask levy
and he was straight wins Clinton's
I I was able checks this adopted box
they try
a spills so
hughes that watchful it
but pact with peru but
the idea is that time left
the the tried
I treat this 'cause he's on orders
cricket that what that
i'll ask for approval of congress cut cold but
overall show is obviously setback the time of that box
should we tell but she refused to act out
expect that
that the expect that
but the to fight
bond traders back
that the press is that the sixties
I think that's really their out that you can't even see
I don't pay a dime for a kiss
I think it might take it takes to get the show so
how about the ingredients of my fellow got a budget deal cut it out
i'll play but isn't there a state where get the product isn't it the project
Bob what's coming
less than two weeks are due you know all of you
don't have any of boxing
I've done real well
I apologize of the woods too much of the time
I mean I think he's going to say it's fine
it's cool to fume had to take his picture sell
got a lot of expensive doesn't show it
ask you directly