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The patient is trying to live.
That is why doctor
strives to help the patient.
In the end, if his efforts weren’t enough,
then he must believe death was inevitable.
However, from time to time,
people give in to their pain
and let despair take its place.
I've been waiting.
Thanks to you,
I am finally able to be saved.
I am only...
here to help you
a little.
And your fee is...
Don't worry.
Your family wired the amount yesterday.
Do you like Beethoven?
Is it all right?
You are going to fall asleep
listening to music,
just like always.
It'll only be a bit deeper sleep.
That's it.
Oh, Doctor Black Jack.
Was this man one of your patients?
Doctor Kiriko!
What are you doing here?
Well... We are both professionals who operate under cover of night.
Let's spare each other questions.
Oh, right. Your patient...
He just passed away from natural causes.
What the... We promised to perform surgery next week.
I'm sorry.
Doctor Black Jack.
My dad was tired.
He said he had lived long enough.
Anorexia, The Two Dark Doctors
There you are!
Michelle, ten minutes remaining.
Let's head back to the set
while the director's in a good mood.
As expected... You don't seem
to be feeling well, Miss Michelle.
I'm a reporter from Evening Celebrity.
You know where it is, right?
Stop chasing around! It's enough!
Isn't something wrong with her?
I told you she has no health problem!
Are you sure? I heard she like
fell down during the shooting.
This role is too much for her.
Maybe that has caused her problem.
I'm sorry to keep you waiting.
You are the most white and pure bride in the world.
Michelle, you can do it, right?
Yes, Director, I'll do it!
Besides... People are wondering.
Why would a top director like Alex
choose a porn actress for the leading role in his film?
She's a good actress.
People just weren't able to recognize that.
Money? Sex? Which one is it?
You bastard!
Scene 85!
It's the last one!
Let's get with it!
Ready... Action!
Michelle! Stop the shooting!
To hospital!
I'm sorry, Director... I'm sorry.
There are visible signs of stress and malnutrion.
She needs to get some rest.
All right. Then we'll have a break for a week.
Is that all right?
If you recover, we'll shoot the last scene.
Michelle, take care.
Thank you, Director.
It'll be a good film.
I'm expecting you to be in my next work too.
Excuse us, then, Director.
All right.
You are pushing yourself too much.
You should be careful, even if it were for your role.
You need to eat something.
It's hard for you even to stand, right?
Good morning, Michelle!
Here's your breakfast full of nutrition!
A special meal from the Cartier restaurant!
Cheer up! I want to see your smiling face!
Michelle, wake up!
Patrick is here!
I will call you for sure.
Dear Patrick, please don't try to find me.
Sir, there is a phone call for you.
Just how long of a vacation are you taking?!
Have you completely forgotten
that I'm here waiting for you to come back?
You are not there alone, right?
You are with someone, right?
Put her on!
I'll have a talk with her myself!
I'll have a talk with her myself!
Hurry! Put her on!
I bet she's with a thick makeup!
I'm currently not in.
Please call back again.
No! Don't hang up on me!
What's wrong? Is something urgent?
I'm not sure it's urgent, but...
You've got a call that seems like it's quite urgent.
Village Caoru
Yes, it's a mountain village in France.
They’re offering two hundred thousand dollars.
It's not that much.
After finishing my work in Switzerland,
I had been spending my vacation in Arles
when I got a new assignment.
My vacation always gets interrupted like this.
I would have to go under the sea where it is impossible to reach me by phone.
I'm Almand Rochasse.
It's like a dream
that you've actually come here, Dr. Black Jack.
I'm only a doctor in this country village,
but as a doctor,
I am well acquainted with your renowned work.
Please get us some wine.
This way.
I heard that it's undefinable anorexia?
Yeah... Please have a look at her yourself.
The poor girl hasn't been able to
eat anything--not even liquid diet,
but water for eight days.
She is a beautiful girl,
but now she's...
She's my niece.
She came to me for help,
hoping I could make her better,
but I couldn't do anything.
I usually take care of cows and horses here.
So she told me.
Since she has two hundred thousand dollars,
she would like for me to call
Dr. Black Jack, the best doctor in the world.
Dr. Black Jack is here, Michelle.
Don't turn on the light for now.
Before you turn on the light,
I have a favor to ask Dr. Black Jack.
In fact... All I have now is...
only 120,000 dollars.
I'll be receiving 80,000 dollars from the film I'm currently shooting.
If I don't complete shooting this film, I won't be able to receive that amount.
If I don't get better,
I won't be able to shoot the last scene.
If I don't have the possibility,
is 120,000 dollars okay for you?
I'm going to receive 200,000 dollars.
You will recover completely and pay the rest.
All right?
You only have to think about recovering.
Please lie down.
I'm gonig to start my examination.
I want to be in this film! I want to!
Actress... I want to be a real actress...
Her name is Michelle Rochasse,
32 years old.
It seems like she's working as an actress under the name of Michelle Putti,
but I haven't heard of that name.
I can't forget
about you...
All right, stop there.
I want the teleshot taken with Camera B
after the zoom-in scene of her.
Yes, sir.
Michelle looks real good in that scene.
I will tell you honestly.
She told me to wait for ten days,
but there still is no call from her.
There's only one scene left.
I don't know what she's thinking.
Today, I had a deal with the company
and got a permission to prolong
the shooting for another month.
Please find her within that period.
How come you are so generous with Michelle?
This is also part of a director's job.
When I was seventeen I travelled to Paris
to become an actress.
I attended performing arts school and studied hard
while doing part-time jobs,
and graduated with a lot of effort.
However, the very first work was a nude photoshoot.
I took the work because I needed money,
but maybe that was the beginning of my problem...
The next work was a porn work...
And then the next work as well...
And the next work and the work after that too...
When did you start losing
your appetite?
After getting selected for this film,
I decided to lose 3kg of my weight.
Since the role I took was of a younger age than me,
I needed to lose 3kg to make such image.
It was a light one, skipping only lunch.
However, by the time I was almost done with such plan,
I started to lose my desire to eat breakfast.
Then dinner...
Then finally, except for liquids,
I was unable to hold down any food.
I’m giving the patient hormones and nutrients by intravenous injection,
in an effort
to counteract her current malnutrition.
this will only cover about
forty percent of her basic metabolism.
With such condition, she will die of starvation.
Is she asleep?
Yes, thanks to you,
she must be feeling more comfortable.
Anorexia is
often diagnosed as
a mental illness,
but occasionally it can be brought on by a tumor in the digestive tract,
or a hormonal imbalance that’s brought on
by a lesion in the body’s endocrine system.
Ah, I see.
In the case of a lesion to the endocrine system,
appetite and nutritional intake
are strongly affected.
I see.
I’d like to perform a thorough examination at a facility
that has more modern equipment.
Could you arrange that for me?
I'm sorry, but in this place...
No, you are right.
All right. Please leave it to me.
Katina, where are you?
I hate Katina!
I'm sorry, Michelle.
Time for another funeral!
You be the relative,
and I’ll be the reverend.
Oh, Lord let us realize
that we, too, will pass away some day,
that we, too, will pass away some day,
and let our brothers and sisters
reunite in the heaven.

Hey Michelle,
who do you think I'm going to be like when I grow up?
I don't know.
How come? You should know.
Writer! A very famous writer!
You have also seen my talent!
You have also seen my talent!
Yes. Right, because you know everything.
And what about you, Michelle? What are you going to be?
Tell me.
An actress.
An actress!
An actress whom every man
falls in love with at first sight!
But that's only a mere hope of mine.
You will be beautiful, Michelle.
You will be even more beautiful when you grow up.
Move it more slowly...
From esophagus to cardia...
All right.
In a public hospital where
Alman is serving as a senior assistant,
I performed a thorough examination.
Fortunately, the examination room with the latest equipment
was empty for ten hours.
We have to collect as much data as possible
within that time frame, considering all possibilities.
Checking her health and weight,
we continued exhausting examinations.
we continued exhausting examinations.
The patient was very tolerant,
and she completed every examination we undertook.
This is
always positive evidence
that the patient’s desire to live is strong.
You should keep that window closed.
It's all right. It feels good.
Uncle, I’d like to go visit Katina’s grave.
This road isn't connected to that place,
unless you take a long way around.
Let's visit her next time, Michelle.
Katina is
Michelle's friend from her childhood.
Michelle was born and raised in a town called Angie.
Her parents got divorced when she was twelve.
After many things,
I got to take care of her.
Katina was two years older than Michelle.
It seems like she often
hung out with Michelle.
I, an actress,
and Katina should have been a writer...
After a year I took Michelle in,
Katina got a disease.
I heard it was pneumonia.
From that night, I started analyzing the examination results.
The decrease in her health due to malnutrition
was causing many complications
and putting her in danger.
Bacteria was growing strong in her body,
and the increased infection rate could cause abnormalities
in her cardiopulmonary system, and possibly septic fever.
I had no time to waste in attempting to
isolate the cause of her illness.
I found no sign of a tumor in her digestive tract,
nor did I find anything wrong with her endocrine system.
Activity in her pituitary gland and her adrenal cortex
has been slightly decreased,
but I can’t imagine how this could
translate into loss of weight.
Lack of appetite can also be caused by
drugs or medication,
but there was no trace of either
in the test results.
Blood test results were all negative as well.
Could it be related to
the limbic system?
No. The CT scan and electroencephalogram
of her brain showed no unusual readings.
A piece of freshly baked bread
and some marmalade...
and some scrambled egg...
I'll try.
I can't stay like this, causing problems to
you and Doctor Black Jack.
Looks delicious.
Good evening, sir.
It's an honor for me
to be able to meet the manager of the leading actress
and the director.
This information of yours had better be right.
If you don't want to
ruin your film,
you better listen to my story.
You found her?
For real?
It happened a week ago,
It seems like she took a series of tests
at Toire Public Hospital.
Not under the name of Michelle Putti,
but under her real name, Michelle Rochasse.
Now I'd have to get something for further info.
Don't be like that. It costs me money
to obtain such information.
All right.
It's strange.
my favorite rings...
They used to look beautiful
on my fingers, fitting perfectly...
Like this...
If I do this...
Michelle, what's wrong?
I want to meet...
I want to see Katina...!
I want to see her!
Michelle, what's this?
Open the door, Michelle!
Open it!
Go back to your bed! Don't be a fool!
Leave me alone!
Are you all right?
Lupus erythematosus.
The growth on her forehead, it looked familiar.
She's probably in Angie village,
the place where she grew up.
I'll come back after borrowing a car.
Eat this.
With some glucose I had,
I've fed you intravenously,
but you should eat something.
Are you a doctor?
I might have been one
a long time ago.
But now I just wander around.
I only work by special request from time to time.
Beethoven, I wonder...
I wrote it.
You must be a musician...
Musician... That sounds fine.
That car is all ruined now.
You wouldn't be able to fix it.
What a nice song...
I will take you back.
You are quite an important patient.
I would much rather die right now.
Hey, you there!
I think I’ve seen that
lupus erythematos before.
You should leave. You’re only going to interfere with my work.
You’re leaving?
Yes, excuse me.
Well, at least stay for dinner.
May I please know your name, at least?
Why don’t we leave it at that?
Seven new lupus erythematosus.
And her health condition is getting worse.
Where have I seen this before?
Dang it!
Doctor, the meal's ready.
Thank you.
I want to take shower.
Katina, I can't take it anymore...
Ah, here it is!
Doctor Almand Rochasse,
internal medicine and pediatrics.
I don’t think you understand, friend.
We drove a long way from Paris.
Anyhow, please let us see her.
Whatever hope she has left for a career
as an actress is at stake, here.
My niece's life
is at stake!
I'll ask you one question.
We are leaving, Director!
Can you tell me if there are any kind of strange
red markings appearing anywhere on Michelle’s body?
I see. That's the case.
Why would you know
something like that?
Go on back to the hotel without me.
Katina, my sister,
also had these marks on her body
before she passed away.
I'm working as a director
under the name of Alex David,
but my real name is Nicholas Aleko.
I'm Katina Aleko's older brother.
Michelle probably doesn't know I'm Katina's brother.
I had been attending a boarding school
in Paris when I was a child.
But I have been well-acquainted with Michelle's name.
Letters from Katina were filled
with nothing but stories about Michelle.
I selected an actress for this film
through an auditioning process,
but I was surprised
to find out that Michelle Putti is Michelle Rochasse.
I was told your sister
died of pneumonia.
We told people that it was pneumonia,
because it was such a sudden
and strange death.
Not able to eat anything,
she became wasted away like a dead tree.
In the end, the strange red markings appeared on her body,
and then she died.
When I heard Michelle was suffering from a mysterious form of malnutrition,
I suspected something
and I began to worry.
Eighteen years ago as well,
the red markings,
this lupus erythematosus existed.
There is one connection between Michelle and Katina:
the village of Angie.
I noticed that her blood pressure has increased slightly.
Give her an aminophylline I.V.,
and if it falls below sixty,
please increase the amount.
All right.
Doctor Black Jack.
I'll be back by dawn.
I found this.
It’s about chemical and biological weapons
which were banned after World War I.
Year 1921.
Published by World Pathology Association.
Despite being an expert on toxins,
it took me a while to remember it.
Page 238.
The bacteria
matures into a disease-carrying tapeworm,
biologically engineered to
act as an incredibly toxic weapon.
There is no worm like this
in her body!
Let me show you
one more interesting thing.
Near the village of Angie,
there are the ruins of a military explosives warehouse.
But the truth is the warehouse was
actually built as a permanent
storage site for bacterial weapons.
Are you up to a game of chess?
Wine, then?
I'm planning to have a long journey...
I want to go far away as well...
I heard something strange.
I’ve heard there’s a physician
who administers euthanasia.
I've heard it from someone.
I’ve heard that for the proper fee
this physician will perform anytime, anywhere, and that
he always leaves behind him a quiet and peaceful death.
Your name is Doctor... Doctor...
If you know about him,
please let me know.
It will cost money.
I see. I have nothing now.
Then it won't work.
It was obvious that this was
the village children’s secret playground.
The countless corpses
of small animals
indicated that the bacteria which was meant to be
permanently buried over ten meters underground
had survived and risen to the surface.
Surely it was here that Katina
and Michelle were infected.
Doctor, why don’t you get some rest for a while?
-Sorry. May I have some coffee? -Yes, right away.
Could you answer some questions for me, Michelle?
You know of the old explosives warehouse near Angie?
Of course.
Have you been there recently?
Yes, when I got the lead role in this movie,
I took a trip to Katina’s grave to tell her about it
and stopped by that place on the way back.
I had been missing it...
Did something extraordinary happen?
Nothing. Ah, I got bitten by a mouse,
but it was only a little more
more than a scratch.
By a mouse?
-Yes. -You are sure?
Then we need to get you on the operating table immediately.
Let's do this.
Hurry and check out from the hotel!
Michelle's surgery is going to begin!
-We are beginning. -Proceed.
The answer is obvious.
An echinococcosis parasite has infested the appetite
central nervous system in her limbic system.
There are rarely reports of parasites entering the brain,
but this one was
probably developed as a biological weapon and engineered to pass easily
through the blood-brain barrier.
If I could find the parasite and remove it,
everything would be over.
Of course, there was a problem.
The tomogram of the the brain which we took using
the most modern equipment of that public hospital
didn't even show a shadow
of that parasite.
Why wasn't is able to capture it?
I wondered for a while,
but the thing that helped me answer that question was
the corpse of the dead rat.
When I opened up that rat's brain,
everything was clear.
I’m going to make an incision in the sylvius arachnoid.
Yes, Doctor!
Excellent. We’ve reached the chiasma opticum.
It's here. It's definitely here.
It's this one!
No, Doctor, don’t!
That’s a nerve tissue! Not a parasite!
It’s a mimic gene.
It assumes the genetic structure
of its host’s body.
That’s why the tomogram
was unable to detect it.
I found the same thing inside the rat’s brain.
What the...
There exists such thing in this world?
It’s slow but holding steady.
Then let’s proceed with suturing.
Good, good.
Michelle Putti is good!
You always right bad articles about her though!
A deal is a deal...
Don't look at her!
Ah, the two of them are finally getting married!
He's always like this...