[ENG] 120804 EXO-K Asian Lover Special Interview (True Music Channel Thailand) [ROUGH SUBS]

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SH: The name of EXO means a exoplanet from outside of the Solar System, so we
show a new style.
CY: The team active in Korea is EXO-K, and the team active in China is called
EXO-M. K is an abbreviation for Korea, and M is an abbreviation for Mandarin.
DO: Our first mini album 'MAMA' has six songs, and out of those songs 'Mama' is
our title song. With a magnificent orchestra, we wanted to show an intense
performance. We ask that you show it a lot of love. And, Kai-ssi
KAI: Yes?
DO: Out of our title song's choreography, there is a highlight choreography that you
said you wish to show us?
KAI: Ah, yes, I will show you the highlight of the choreography.
DO: I will sing.
[sings MAMA]
KAI: In our title song Mama's music video, each of our supernatural powers, as well
as our intense performance, can be seen through our birth.
While recording for our music video I was wearing face paint, which took four hours.
It was really difficult but in the end came out very cool.
CY: In our title song MAMA's music video, I was a god who came out of fire. In truth,
when I spread my arms fire cannot really come out, but in that time I really felt like
a god with all-powerful strength, a real life god. It felt really fun!
BH: I had a strong image in the teasers. In the beginning I didn't do so well, but later
I did better and followed directions better. That's why, after I was finished, I really
looked forward to it. Even now I want to see it.
SH: If you watch the music video, I control water. I kept missing and this kept going
on, and the water kept hitting the staff members. I would say "I'm really sorry!"
And that's what I really remember about this recording.
DO: My image during the teasers was a god who flew a kite. The thing I remember
was that it was really autumn, without a gust of wind. So I was sweating a lot but it
was still lot of fun.
SH: It must have been hard.
DO: Yes.
SH: To me, "Into Your World (ANGEL)" is the song I like the most. The sweet
melody reminds me of good times which is why I said it like it.
BH: As for me, our title song MAMA is the song that I like the most. The reason is
that it's really different like from a different time so it really seems nice.
CY: I really like the song "Two Moons." It has the hip-hop feel that I like to see so I
like it the most.
KAI: I like the song "History" the most. Before we started practicing for MAMA we
did History. The memories of all of us practicing History together is why I like
this song the most.
SH: I like the song called "Machine" the most. The unique melody comes one after
the other so I like it the most.
SH: In my spare time, I like to play games with the hyungs. Such as jangi, omo, and
yotnol... (T/N not sure what these games are) games that you have to use your
head. Whoever loses has to suffer a punishment.
KAI: To relieve stress I like to listen to songs to calm down my heart and make
myself more comfortable.
CY: During break time I enjoy listening to music and playing instruments. When I
play instruments my stress goes away and I enjoy myself. That's why I will
always play instruments.
BH: During my break time I watch movies. Action movies help to relieve my stress.
SH: At my break time I like to read books. I have many books, and as I read them my
heart truly feels better.
DO: During break time... we love and laugh together (?) to help relieve stress.
CY: So during our break time we enjoy listening to music or playing games. While we
were playing yutnol (?) Kai-ssi is usually the loser but one time in five minutes he was
able to score six points out of six so we were really impressed.
BH: I'll now sing a line from What is Love, a song not included in our album.
SH: All though up to now there hasn't been a very difficult moment for us,
before we go up on stage the members shout a cheer (?) to relieve tension. I
think this gives us the best feeling.