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hi I"m dan and I'm here with Amy and the Get movin kids
today we're going to be doing something we call circuit training to get out of that
chair and get movin but
before we start exercising let's start out with a warm-up you guys ready yeah
keep those legs moving we want to bring them up nice and high
remember to come down on the balls of your feet not on your heels
the next thing we are going to do with the warm-up our upper body we are going to start with given ourselves a big hug
everyone put your arms around
your going to work your arms around and pull them in give yourself a big hug
you guys feel that stretch
we are going to go back to marching them This time we are going to pump our arms like we are really going
there you go
we marching
there we go
alright we are going to keep moving
alright we are warming up
we're getting loose
alright we are going to stop the marching now
now we are going to really work on stretches
going to reach up at high has you can
higher higher both arms up reach on the tipping toes alright back down
alright we are going to do it again this time
go has high has you can we are going to lean back just a little bit
going to reach down and touch our toes
we're going to stop marching reach down and see if you can touch your toes
touch the ground
feel that stretch in the legs and when you go up
all right we're going to get started circuit today with jogging so first off
i want everybody to jog in place keep t those arms moving keep those legs moving
jog in place for thirty seconds
alright jogging with an important part of the circuit because it works your whole
get your heart rate moving
moving your arms a working throughout the upp erbody
moving the legs so you are working your lower body
alright keep movin
alright stop that next they were going to work into a sit up let get back
in our lines back here
right the first thing were going to do for a sit up is a crunch so i need
everybody to lay down on the ground
we'll start with the crunch so arms on your chest
and we're going to move up just so our shouldblades come off the ground
were going to try to do fifteen of things ok
cruches is something you can do at home if you don'thave anything to hold you
but if you have something at home
you can do a full sit up we are going to get into a full situp
half of you hold right at the ankles
alright a sit up is a little bit different you can pull youself up to the top
consider yourself all the way up to you today
hands on the shoulders five
eight looks great
were going to hop back up and were going to get back in our two lines
for your next jumping jacks everybody knows how to do a jumping jack at home
you start with the arms
up and your legs out your going to come in in out
going to do it for thirty seconds
alright there we go great
now moving through our circuit the next thing we are going to do is push ups
we are going to show two different kinds of push up the first kind is from our knees
and everybody get down on their knees
you going to put your arms foward and cross your ankles try to keep your back straight and your arms shoulder length apra down and up
everybody back up to your knees
give everyone one a little bit of a rest next is the full push up similar to the last one
were going to come up to our toes just like that
try to keep our backs straight bottoms are not up in the air
great job is everyone sweating or is it just me
alright everybody backed up
next thing we are going to do is a wall sit
if you are doing this at home you got to find part of the wall
where there is some space and we're going to wall check
you guys want to scoot off to the side
alright so basically
what you are giong to do iscome up to a wall
liek you are sitting but without a chair ok keep our legs parallel to the ground
backs up to the wall
try to hold that for fifteen seconds
we should be feeling a little bit here your legs after working there
we want you to try to keep our legs
upper part of our like parallel to the ground
all right
have the next group switch in
again we are going to do this fifteen-second okay
everybody down go
there you go we are goign to hold it
arms on your knees just like that or put your hands down your side
just like sitting at schools right going to get back in our line
next thing we are going to do
scissors right
line our back
facing this way
what we are going to do first is two kinds of these
take your hands and put them right on the bottom
put our legs straight up in the air
move our legs like scissors
out one way then the other way
there going to cris cross right dan
thanks amy
no problem dan
alright do this for about ten more seconds
keep your legs really straight
work all those muscles you have in those legs
ok put your legs down
now we are going to try another variation of the scissors which is very similar
we're going to be staying on our backs what we are going to try to do is put our feet out in front of us
pickem up about six inches off the ground
move them in and out like scissors we are going to move them out and in
if you're not able to do it for the whole time
once you have to rest pick it right back up and start again
everybody backed up on your feet
next thing we are going to do is called a side to side jump
so that's the way its going to work
we are going to pick our spots and jump from one side to the other sider
thirty-seconds ready
already so you are going to be jumping side to side
keep your arms up if you need to balance
strength building circuit
those are the muscles that go right here where you belly is
one of the ways you use them it's called the plane
we are going to try the plane get down on your knees first
alright get down on your knees
you've got a about
get down on your elbows and the plane your going to pick up your knees and pull up
so don't put your bottom up to high
or down too low
we are going to hold that for thirty seconds
ok everybody up
there you go everybody get up
all right we do the same thing for ten more seconds at that
everybody down on your knees
on your elbows
great everybody backed up
many important thing about circuit is that we keep moving going to get back up
in a position
next thing we are going to do is high knees
high knees is like jogging in place but you are going to bring up your knees has high has you can
let me show everybody you are going to come up high knees just like this you can pump your arms if you need too
ok lets see it for thirty seconds ok ready go
keeps those knees up
try to get them up has high has you can
remember you are going to try to come down on the ball of your foot not your heel
get those knees up
there you go
fifteen more seconds
keeps those knees moving
five more seconds
ok everybody back up in your lines over here
now the next one kind of fun
called the crab walk everybody know how to do the crab walk what we are going to do is get into the crab walk position
we will go forward five steps and then backward five steps
two three four five back up
three four five
front five steps
three four five
everybody know which way is left
two three
five that's the right
take a break for a second
keep moving we are going to get back up
this time we're going to pretend like we are jumping rope
but we are going to do an invisable jump rope
move our arms like a jump rope and we are going to skip
just like a jump rope
five more seconds one
pack a gulf
right next thing we are going to do is move over here
giant steps are also called
i'll show first then we are going to go in groups of two
for a giant step
knees almost touching the floor but now quite there
go all the way acrose the room with hand on our hips
big giant step
great job everybody we are going to do the samething back
opposite order this time if you went last you go first
all right back over giant steps are you ready
alright everybody back out to your line
next thing we are going to do is really intense
we are going to do the football move if you ever seen it happen we are going to go down like this
you are going to
forward and back
that everybody can live
you just a moment
keep those feet moving
everybody grab a spot on the ground
next thing we are going to do is the superman
you are going to put your arms out just like superman is flying
when i say go we are going to keep our arms up and kick our lets up
you are going to hold it like to fly
one more time ok
ready up
last thing we are going to do is everybody back up
we are going to jump and see how high we can get
has soon has you come down we are going to jump again
alright fifteen more seconds
alright great job everybody
stick with our workout you will be healthier
now let's join stacy mitchell and her team in the kitchen for a healthy recipe that you
can make
welcome to the club room kitchen i'm stacy I"m joined by jack and catlyn
today we are going to make pepperoni calzones
before you start you will need
one month multi grain roll
pizza sauce
mozzarella cheese
ok so do you guys like pizza
this is kinda like a pizza but we are just going
flip it out are kinda like a sandwich
uh... reusing on multi grain role and if you want jack
start rolling your roll out
and this is a frozen dough so just
smash down on there
roll it out
eat yet keeps spreading it around here and got to use some muscle in there
i'll put some are flour there so it doesn't stick how about that
so what else do you guys like on your pizza
really good source of calcium
you want me to get it there
let me add some
line in there
you or you can start putting your sauce
your cheese and pepperoni and use turkey pepperoni on here
why are we going to use turkey pepperoni
turkey pepperoni has a little bit less fat
regular pepperoni is just fine and moderation too
if you want jack you can put some sauce right there
and use a muscle catelyn
if you can see we have have some little season in there and all kind of good stuff in there
couple spoon fulls will be fine
that looks good
spread it out here
would like some cheese on your pizzas
that i like sauage thats another good one
we get a good source of protein in there has well
but the protein you know that helps
all part of our bodies
muscles whatever
if hope
you guys like the pizza sauce too
he like it
do you guys like ketchup
uh... actually the Ketchup really good it didn't take kind in the condensed
of those great nutrients in there too
add some pepperoni and that and you can use you know you could use beef sauage like you were
uh... may mean some chicken in there
threw some veggie in there as well
in their you know for other times
we are using
a multi grain see these little seeds
and then
this is also also providing a lot of good nutrition in
here for us
and some healthy fat
yet just press it down there jack and if you just wanna
yet take a fork to sides
move it up here
make it look nice and pretty so it all stays in there when you bake it
you can do the same kind of press it around there
with the sauce we get little messina that's okay
thats what makes it kinda fun
do you guys like to help your parents in the kitchen
get all nice and messy yeah
okay put too much to do
ok if you want to use the fork catelyn we will get a fork right here
so this would be kinda of an easy meal to make
one other type of
what other sides do you like with your pizza
what else you like to go
like milk
either anything like that
you liek veggies on your pizza
for me i like a big glass a milk to wash it down
and the milk and the cheese
is really helpful in promoting them
strong bones
so if i push you over there you can stand up straight right
so now we will put this in the oven
and will bake it for a couple minutes
if you want you can wash up over there i guess we forgot to say 0:23:35.490,0:23:36.840 in the beginning
before we started of course we washed our hands
we will get clean up here and we will look at our pre made calzones
now we better go see if our calzones are ready
get it out of the oven here
ohh doesn't that look nice
Im getting excited now
try this out
kinda of your own mini meal together
in your own little pocket
can you smell the pepperoni
try a bit of it there
see what you think
go ahead jack and catelyn
this is very simple you know you could have this for supper or dinner
make it smalle for a quick snack
is this something that is pretty good
you got your whole grain in there
good sauce
protein can you tell its
turkey pepperoni
it taste like regular pepperoni
if you would like this recipe log on to
tell next time keep cookin and get movin
wow that pepperoni calazone sure looked good
it's time to put play into you day today we were working on circuit training if you don't already know circuit training is sit exercises with aerobic exercises
circuit training was develop in nineteen fifty three
university of leeds england it was made up in nine to twelve station
today you can change the number of station to go with the number of circuits
you can
do a circuit using exercise machines
with weight or bands or you can take
use in soccer you the circuits you need in soccer like running and kicking
the simplest on the circuit training is running around the gym and doing different exercises
like today you did running, jumping jack and scissors or m maybe
you can jump rope and then move on to sit up there aren't any rules so make up your own circuit training
circuit training is the best to create muscle
and cardiovascular fitness
in other words make your heart work the best it can
some of the benefit for circuit training are circuit training does not requie expensive equipment
circuit training is easy to adapt to any sport
you can start circuit training in basketball to get ready for
basketball season
circuit training can be adapted for any size workout are
it's the most scientifically proven excerise system.
get movin and start your own circuit training in your background or basement. then invite you friends over with you
well i gotta run
has you can see from today's show
you don't have to have a gym to work out you just have to get up out of your 0:26:59.190,0:26:59.840 chair
go for a run play some hoops in the driveway
put one some music and dance
the however you do it
just remember too
get movin