Ray (2/12) Movie CLIP - I Might Be Blind, But I Ain't Stupid (2004) HD

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##[trumpet playing]
(Ray) Come on, Q. lt's not that complicated.
Now let's just play it again.
That's a B flat, C 7, scale it up,
and triple it off the back end.
Yeah, nigger! Yeah, that's it.
Ray, what did l tell you about cookin' in the dark?
Are you tryin' to burn the house down?
Think about it, Marlene. Uh--uh, What do l need the light for?
Well, you don't need to be cookin' anyway.
We brought you takeout from Oscar's.
Well, get your money back.
l got fried chicken right here.
Come on, Seven-oh, try this.
(Quincy) Yeah! About time.
Hey, that's home-cooked, right there.
Mmm, no, thank you.
This chicken is the mostest, huh.
Just needs a little hot sauce and it'll be perfect.
Yeah. So, what did Jack Lauderdale have to say?
Oh, l clocked him comin' out the gate.
He's a two-bit hustler.
Oh, l see.
Yeah, turns out the only hit that Swing Time ever had
was Open the Door, Richard, which was a joke record.
Uh--uh--uh, what about him recordin' me?
Oh, he'll record you, if we pay the freight.
Scratch a liar, find a thief.
What's that supposed to mean?
(Ray) You see l saw Jack Lauderdale tonight,
and he gave me a $500 advance on my record.
He also said he'll put me on the road with Lowell Fulson
and pay me three times what you pay.
Now, that's a lie!
Hey, no way he's not gonna put some blind man on the road. Think about it.
l mean, you--you need watchin' out for.
And he ain't got the time to look after you the way l do.
ls that what you've been doing, Gossie? Watchin' out for me?
ls that why you get paid double what l do?
Who told you that?
lt's true, ain't it?
You two have been gaming me since l got here.
Ray, baby, listen-- l ain't listening to you!
Ray, l've--l've been meaning to talk to you about that.
Then why aren't you talkin'?
Um, look, Ray, Ray, let's not do nothin' stupid.
l might be blind, but l ain't stupid!
Q., get my bag from upstairs.
What? Get it!
Wha-- right now? Now.
Ray, man, we done been through a whole lot.
(Marlene) Ray, now wait a minute. l can explain everything.
(Gossie) Think about what you're doing.
Ray, Ray, now you're makin' a big mistake.
That clown is spoutin' promises that he can't keep.
You'd be a fool to follow him.
Ray, Ray, we'll make a new deal!
Whatever makes you happy!
The deal is you can lay the pipe now.
You'll break your neck going down these stairs by yourself. Hang on.
Oh, man.
Ray, l ain't never seen you do nothing like that, man. Never.
That ain't nothing, Seven-oh.