FT Island - 110628 - ENG - Part One

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Okay now on to the next hidden camera prank.
The prank reporters are NON STYLE and the target is Morisanchuu!
The target is Ooshima.
You've never really experienced it before right?
I really haven't.
So I'm seriously nervous right now. It's kind of like, how am I going to appear on film?
(unsure of this part)
Ooshima's girly side came out a lot.
We decided to deceive Ooshima and put her in a situation where there is really nothing she can do about it. I think it will be quite the eye-opener. (?)
So we will get to see Otome Ooshima? (Otome = Young Maiden)
The next target is the ugly female comedian pioneer Morisanchuu's Ooshima Miyuki!
When we asked Murakami --
She is completely crazy about Hallyu Dramas. Really to the point where it's hindering her work, she is overly crazy about it.
She sets a specific time to watch dramas. It's like she's living a drama centered life.
When we test to see just how crazy about Hallyu she is--
When did you watch the DVD?
Yesterday I think I watched it for about eight hours.
It looks like you have dark circles.
Take a look! They're pretty bad.
That's not good.
Aren't you lacking sleep?
I'm always lacking sleep!
(Something about how they are going to prank her in Korea as punishment for being crazy about Hallyu to the point of losing sleep and hindering her job)
(With the idea that she is going to Korea to remake a Korean movie)
When she receives these posters from the manager, Ooshima--
We're going to go to Korea to do some PR.
We're going to Korea!?
We're going to Korea!
Ehhhh?! Samgyupsal!
Without suspecting a thing, she becomes excited!
When we ask her who she wants her partner to be--
Lee Hongki.
No, wait a second! Isn't that asking for too much?
The face has to be nice or it's no good!
And so the person we got to work with us is --
Popular Korean band FT Island's main vocalist!
In the drama 'You're Beautiful' he had his big break as Jeremy. A true Hallyu star!
And so Ooshima arrives in Korea!
The next day
These four also came to Korean secretly without Ooshima knowing!
This is the first time we've gone abroad for a prank.
With these red jackets to Korea..
Apparently it's time for Ooshima to leave her hotel now, so shall we go take a look?
And so the four take off towards the hotel where Ooshima is staying.
The fake producer and script writer come to pick her up.
And from here on the prank starts!
-Those clothes.. - The old lady..
-making fun of her 'old lady' clothes-
First in order to get Ooshima excited we tell her false information.
Because of this there is a lot of popularity with people in their 20-30's.
Because of the drama "Busu no Hitomi ni Koishiteru" Ooshima is very popular in Korea with girls in their 20-30's.
Wow, I'm very thankful. - Thank you.
- Because of the charisma that ugly girls have the popularity has gone up. - Because the ugly girls have a type of charisma.
Next in order to make her believe she is a big star in Korea we stage a press interview.
At all of the questions the reporters are throwing out she shows a huge smile.
Now that she's in a good mood from the start treatment we head to a popular Korean spot to start filming.
-talking about how they are going to remake that running scene-
And so we will have Ooshima run!
The place where we will have Lee Hongki help us out with our prank is--
Anti Aging Life Centre - Chaum
So we have finally reached the climax.
And, at that moment!
Lee Hongki's entrance!
Finally the big Hallyu's star's first prank appearance!
The one wearing the dress is Ojii-san (old man).
So now you are leaving to go prank Ooshima, but lastly please tell the camera your enthusiasm.
I don't have any confidence but I will do my best to trick her.
Please do your best!