Boys Before Flowers aka Boys Before Flowers: Full Episode 2 (Official & HD with subtitles)

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"Let go!" "Be quiet!"
Be quiet!
"Let go of me!" "I said be quiet!"
Attacking in a group, huh?
Huh? Oh, this is, uhmmm...
You. Those pancakes, did you leave something out?
I did as you told me, but the pancake didn't rise.
Maybe, baking powder?
Yeah, that.
And, they sell it too right? Pancake mix?
Could you?
Why are you guys still here?
That's, Joon-pyo sunbae . . .
Why don't you guys leave now?
What are you doing? Aish.
You even have goose bumps.
Baking powder, huh? I'll have to try it again.
Sunbae . . ..
thank you, for helping me.
I wasn't helping you, this kind of stuff just annoys me.
What's that? Jihoo did?
Yeah, he had to appear at that moment.
Who told you guys to do that kind of stuff?
You said to give Geum Jandi a bitter taste.
I told you to scare her. Who told you to go that far?!
We're sorry. We were wrong.
You want me to make you guys stop coming to school, too?!
Get lost! I don't even want to see your faces.
I said get lost!
Jandi, are you really okay?
Nothing major really happened.
That's nothing?
That F4 or whatever, I was going to let them off easy because they're good-looking!
Those kinds of people tend to hang out with people just like them. So it's the four of them, huh?
Well, it's not really like that.
What do you mean that it's not like that?
One of them seems to be kind of different.
One of them? Who?
Wow! This commercial is really killer.
Sunbae, you seem to really like her.
Even so, you shouldn't put your hands on there. They'll turn black and dirty.
She's really pretty, isn't she?
This is called "the advent of a goddess"
This unni is not just pretty.
She is very smart, and
she donated all the money she earned from her modeling job
She passed the French Bar exam, too, a while ago.
Do you know all this stuff about her?
Of course. She is my idol.
People expect she will be the successor of her parents' law firm after graduation.
But I think a little differently.
I think she's going to do something better and greater.
Every vacation she goes to Africa, Afghanistan, recently she visited Tibet too.
This is just my imagination, but I'd like to see if she marries a royal family member or the President or something like that
Like a princess who devotes herself to world peace like Princess Diana or Audrey Hepburn. Sort of...
She is just a model.
So? The President of France divorced to marry a model.
Who knows? Someone who deserves to be a future French President or some prince of Europe might fall in love with and propose to her.
I think it is a quite practical scenario. Don't you think so?
Whenever I see you, you are very annoying and noisy.
Eh? I just . . .
What would you know?
Hey KangSan! Aren't you going to eat?
You were online all day long!
Is food or money coming out of it?
Electromagnetic waves are coming out.
San, be careful! You can cut our family line.
Money as well as food comes out! How could you have no idea about the king of Sarbeit!
Sar.. what?
Cyber Arbeit (Internet part time job).
The ones who move the world might be the rich.
The ones who entertain the world are Oh-Duk-Hoos(Otakus) like me.
Now he forgets even his own name after eating a bunch of electromagnetic waves.
Oh, gross.
Eh! What's this?
Oh, boy. I've never heard of a moth-eaten (jom) radish (moo).
Honey, it's not that. It means "a radish with little (jom) defects(hm)"
Hmjommoo means "Hm, if it is true, it is a little bit scary"
Nuna! this is a complete scoop!
It says at Nuna's school, someone got pregnant!
Look at this! 2nd year girl of Shin-Hwa high school, identified only as "K," is rumored to have a risqué private life.
She was spotted coming out from a lying-in hospital.
2nd year K, then that person could be the same age as you!
K? Could it be Kim? Or Kang, Kang!
There's Kwon too
Oh my, how could a 2nd year student get preg- Oh my goodness.
How could this sort of thing happen at ShinHwa?
What happened to daughters from good families!
Daughters from good families are more scary.
You have a message!
Breaking News on 2nd year K has been disclosed!!
What are you looking at? How great of a person could you be to cause so much trouble?
If you're so great I dare you to show yourself to me.
As a commoner..
(Dating 1 truck of guys)
(She's insane!)
(a piece of crap)
(JanDi, die!!)
(Who's the father?)
(Anti-abortion) (Ashamed...beggar...)
What happened? Why are you so quiet today?
2:50 PM
Wait a bit. She'll show up sooner or later.
What did you do this time?
Why? Want to find out so you can go save her again?
What are they talking about?
Just stop it. forget about it.
When did you become such a nosy person?
If you're not going to help me, don't butt into my business.
Doing this to a girl... it's not funny it's just childish.
Do you see her as a girl?
She's a fledgling acting like she's superior and going on a rampage.
Whoever it is fledgling or puppy, I will thorougly crush those who defy me. Don't you know the rules?
You erased it, did you? Too bad, though. What are you going to do about this?
(Breaking News! 2nd year K turned out to be Geum JanDi!)
Everyone! Isn't there a strange smell?
What in the world could smell this bad?
It smells like rags.
I think I'm going to suffocate to death!
Hey Sunny, give me some perfume.
How can we study in a classroom with this stench?
I can't stand this. I can't stand this anymore!
Can't stand this? What are you going to do then?
She appears, with a touch of the devil in her.
Woah! -Didn't I tell you? She was going to come sooner or later.
You're a bit late in saying you're sorry.
You've tried the last bit of my patience!!
That's my warning to you. Okay?
Hey, laundry girl, is this the kind of apology all commoners give?
In the world of the wealthy, does the victim apologize to the wrong doer?
What? WHAT?
You, what are you doing?
Didn't I tell you? You've tried the last bit of my patience. I told you, you jerk I TOLD YOU!
Did you see me? Did you ever see me sleeping with a guy, or even holding hands with one? DID YOU SEE ME?
I haven't even had my first kiss yet, and you're going to spread what kind of rumors about me?!
If you keep going on like this, you're dead meat next time!
She is really something!
She dominated the great Goo JoonPyo with a preemptive strike.
Going to school and having something interesting to see. It's been a long time.
But, doesn't the tiny tot look like someone?
You're right. That's what I thought, too. Hmm, who could it be?
JoonHee Noona!
What? Don't try to be funny.
No, no. She really acts like her.
That plain tacky girl? How is she like my Sister at all?
You would know better.
Shut up!
Why were you all giddy with yourself earlier?
Did you hit your head somewhere?
You guys still haven't noticed?
I think that chick has completely fallen head over heels for me.
JoonPyo, is there any possible way to explain what you're saying?
Aren't you guys supposed to be pros at getting girls?
They say a girl's "No" is really a "Yes".
She says she hates me, but in reality, she has fallen in love with me.
Think about it. For fear of being discovered by the one she loves she came in person making a fuss about first kisses and other nonsense.
That's logic?
A woman that hasn't even kissed yet...
That means she's waiting to have her first kiss with me.
Bravo!! You really are something Goo JoonPyo.
Even as my friend, You really are something this time.
Well of course.
I thought it was weird that Goo JoonPyo's charisma didn't work on someone.
Idiot chicken!
She thought I would be deceived if she talked to me in an angry tone.
A girl being too frank makes a man feel burdened, doesn't it?
Do you have to go to school this way, Geum JanDi?
My bad temper always gets me in trouble.
Why did you provoke him?
Are you Miss Geum JanDi?
Yes, but . . . .
Will you come with us for a bit?
What? Where? I'm just a bit busy right now.
We have received orders to bring you.
From who?
You'll find out if you come with us.
I, I have to go to my part-time job, so I'm a bit busy. Sorry.
Ahh! Misters, why are you following me?
She's not there either?
No, sir.
Well let's go look for her again. You guys over there, we'll go over here.
Yes, sir.
Come with us.
Woahh! Mister let me down!
Let go of me!
What is your problem?!
Let's leave.
Mmmm, what a smell. Smells like some nice flowers.
Warm, soft . . . my body . . . my body . . . .
Someone's touching it?!
We don't need suction, do we?
No need. Since it's not fat but muscles, it won't be effective.
Is the laser set?
Take off the wax before doing it.
I think they are surprised because this is the first time
Young Master has ever brought a woman home.
Uhmm, can I ask you a question?
Yes, you may.
We are in Korea, right?
Yes, that's right.
Am I at the Blue House or the something like it?
I have one more question.
Yes, you may go ahead and ask.
I am not a miss, I am JanDi, Geum JanDi.
Yes, Miss Geum JanDi.
Right now, why am I here?
I also do not know the reason, Miss.
Where are we going right now?
We are almost there now.
Someone is waiting for you.
Waiting? Who?
(JiHoo sunbae?)
You?! Why in the world are you here?!
What's so wrong with me being in my house?
my house?
You mean this mansion is your house?
That's right.
What are you planning to do?
I already did everything.
Look at yourself.
Aren't you surprised?
The Ugly Duckling can transform into an egret by spending a little money.
Wasn't it a swan?
That doesn't matter.
What in the world are you doing? I didn't ask for anything like this.
Hey commoner, just say the truth, and tell me that you like me.
Oh, you're the style that says the opposite, right?
Goo Joon Pyo, there's a limit to your playing.
This is illegal kidnapping and confinement. It's a serious crime, don't you know that?
Since there's is no one here, you can just tell me that you like me.
From now on, if outside of school, I'll allow you to say hello to me.
What? Are you suprised by such an incredible offer?
Do you want me to say it again?
From now on, you can talk to Goo JoonPyo when nobody is there.
You've gone crazy, right?
You did go crazy, huh?
You, because you ate so much greasy food, is your brain not working?
Who's surprised by what?
Forget about it. I want to go.
Isn't it you whose brain isn't working?
You'd better move.
Do you know how much was done to you from your head to your toes?
What? $100,000?!
That's right.
But that, it's nothing.
If you were with me, you could enjoy much more than that every day.
Do you mean to tell me you don't want that? Maybe you're the one who's crazy.
I'm only here because I was dragged here by a psycho,
what state of mind did you think I'd be in?
Everytime I see you it feels like there are worms crawling all over my body.
Bring my school uniform right NOW!
What is this?! Aishhhh!
Go throw it away!
What are you doing?! Did you not hear me tell you to throw it away?!
Yes, young master.
And fire them all.
Fire everyone who served the girl.
What was with the hair? And the clothes?
Was that tacky style the best they could do?
Find other ones. Go and bring the best ones.
Those who worked today were the best staff.
Then you can just find more expensive ones.
Yes, of course.
Oh my gosh! What is that?!
Bee! Steward! Hurry up and catch it!
Ahhh! It's coming towards me! Hurry up and get rid of it!
Hurry hurry!
Is it gone ?
Yes we got rid of it.
The tea, did you make it?
I'm so sorry young master.
Give her the sack.
This bathroom, It's bigger than my house.
By the way, Geum Jan Di, did the cat get your tongue at that moment?
And also,
it seems like you don't know,
You don't make friends with money; you use your heart.
There's nothing money can't buy.
Speak. Tell me if there's something it can't buy.
Can there truly be something money can't buy?
If you have the courage, why don't you tell me, commoner.
Ughh. How embarrassing!
Ugh! I'm crazy!
It's you again.
What should I say?

Are you going somewhere?
I'm going home too.
Going like that?
Some kind of problem came up.
Whenever I see you, you look so dramatic.
That's right, huh?
Can I ask you something?
Is there something money can't buy?
Something you can't buy no matter how much you're willing to spend.
There couldn't be something like that, is there?
There couldn't be something like that, right!
Oh, air.
You're right. Why didn't I think of that?
You're a funny one aren't you.
Wear those home.
If you walk around like that in this neighborhood, you're going to be rounded up by the police.
Who's this?
Aren't you Miss Wonder Woman who's the natural enemy of Goo Joon Pyo?
What brings you here? Joon Pyo's not here right now, though.
Who said I wanted to see that bastard!
Aren't those... Ji Hoo's shoes?
Please give this to him for me.
Wait a minute.
Why don't you drink some tea before you go?
Is that really what you told Joon Pyo?
Woah, you're really something.
No one has pissed him off like that before.
Oh, it's Seo Hyun.
Shouldn't she be coming back soon?
Ji Hoo must be happy.
Have you guys known each other for a while?
Yeah, since kindergarten.
I see.
You... seem to be curious about something.
Just ask. As long as we know the answer, we'll tell you in return.
In return?
We've been pretty entertained these days thanks to you.
Uhmm, do Ji Hoo Sunbae (senior) and the model Min Seo Hyun know each other?
Know each other?
He was in a traffic accident when he was 5 years old.
His parents died at the scene and only he survived.
After that, he started to display symptoms of autism and he didn't get along with anyone.
The person that helped him out of his shell was Min Seo Hyun..
For us, she's like a big sister and good friend,
but for Ji Hoo, she's like his first love, his lover, like a mother.
How beautiful! How can she look like that?
It must be so nice to give birth to a daughter like her.
Even from a woman's perspective, she is so pretty and cool.
Min Seo Hyun. Mom, that woman's Min Seo Hyun, right?
Eh, God is so unfair...
To give someone a face, a brain and even a family...
All to someone else.
What do you mean? He gave us such wide square shoulders!
Finished eating?
The pressure of "The Daughter Of Mom's Friend" is enough to spoil her appetite.
That's right, you have eyes, why would you want to go on a diet?
But is that woman going to be a lawyer or a model?
Of course she should be a lawyer!
She passed that hard exam.
I like her as a model better though.
That's why men are simple.
When she's young, she's a model. but when she's older, she'll be a lawyer.
That's my mother! (KangSan is implying that she's smart.)
Jan Di, you're not eating any mandarins, right?
Hey! She's going to take some for lunch.
Dad, what's this?
What is this?
No! It's not-
What is this? 5,000 won ($5) on thunder bird (racehorse)
Typhoon, 20,000 won ($20). Jil Chu, 30,000 won ($30). Why you-
I am actually going to win this time.
Get out! Just take this and live together with them!
I won't trust a word you say again or, my name is thunder bird! Get out!
Mom, Thunderbird came in last, last. Pick something else.
She's his first love, his lover, and also like a mother at the same time.
Hey! Geum Jan Di!
what a state.
Looks good. Good job.
It's a double nosebleed!
It's a double nosebleed!
Good job!
Hold still.
How badly were you spacing out that you were stupid enough to have a ball hit your face?
Stop it.
Stop crying.
It doesn't suit you.
Mind your own business. Now I have to get your permission to cry?
And aren't you the happiest person whenever I'm crying or sad?
Is that the way you talk to someone who ran over here to help you?
Who asked you to? I said WHO ASKED YOU TO?
Even if you were the last person on earth, I wouldn't ask you for help!
I'd rather die of a nosebleed than ask for your help!
What do you dislike so much about me? huh?
I'm good looking, tall, smart, rich. What is there- What is there not to like about Goo Joon Pyo? Are you a real idiot?
You must not realize it, but your entire personality is unattractive!
That greasy mouth, your arrogant walk, and your curly hair... It's all very annoying
Are you on drugs?
I'm not done yet.
It annoys me that you guys are the only ones that don't wear a school uniform,
There's the Red Card deal, where you bully the weak people and just giggle about it like it's nothing. That's the worst!
Ha! You...
Want me to repeat myself one more time?
I said, I hate everything about Goo Joon Pyo. I HATE IT ALL!!!
(Shin-Hwa high school - school trip notice)
(Visiting 5 Northern European Countries, including Scandinavia)
So... a school trip...
What? 20,000,000 won (about $20,000)!
That's unbelievable. A school trip is 20,000,000 won?
You mean the entire school goes?
No, not me.
You two are trying to go somewhere with out me, huh?
Go? Where would we go?
So, what are you going to do?
I don't know. I'll have to slack off at school for a month and find a part-time job.
Ugh! My dad, MY DAD! He screwed up again!
My home is like a black hole.
South, you guys are going down south!
Stop talking about the south! Hurry up and go make the porridge!
We're also begging our school to send us on a trip rather than going to the English Village.
Isn't there some place we can go to play and work at the same time?
Aish! The south side beach should be right!
Yeah mom. Really?
Yeah I can go, but can Jan Di come too?
Really? You're going to tell Auntie, right?
But you have to guarantee us at least 70,000 won($70) per person.
Awww...see? I was right you guys are going somewhere.
South? right? You guys are going south?
Will you quit that? It's stressing me out.
Doesn't Joon Pyo Sunbae looks hot?
He looks even hotter today!
Goo Joon Pyo! Are you waiting for someone too?
Waiting? No way. The trip is going to be long so I'm pacing before we board the plane.
Hey, why did you say you were coming with us this time?
Didn't you say last time that it was too bothersome so you wouldn't go unless it was on one of your private planes?
It's high school. This kind of hardship is going to be part of our high school memory too.
Isn't that right, JiHoo?
Yo yo yo! Let's go.
Ugh! Why isn't she here yet?
Woah, isn't that Min SeoHyun?
Wow, she's so fine! This is killer!
Take a photo!
Her face is so pretty.
Her skin too.
Ohhh! It's Min SeoHyun! You're so pretty!
Can we get an autograph?
Thank you very much!
Have you been well?
Let's go.
I don't like those photos.
Sir, I'm sorry, but cellphones are not permitted when about to take off.
W-what? W-where did she go?
(singing) Should we go to the ocean to catch fish?
shall we go to the mountain to catch some fish?
Fill up our bucket . . .
Isn't it, "put it in"?
isn't it "fill it up"?
Hey, Laundry girl!
Ah ah! Do you hear, commoner!
What was that?
GaEul, am I dreaming right now?
I don't think so.
But I keep hearing that annoying guy's voice.
I heard the commoner went to the ocean...
but look at the state of that boat.
Hey! What the heck are you doing here!
Weren't you supposed to go to Scandavy or Scadvia whatever it is!
It's not like it's going to be our first time there, I'm sick of it, you know?
I told them to go find somewhere original, and they suggested this place.
Isn't this a coincidence! I really didn't know you were here.
Why not just go on your own path. I'd be thankful if you just ignored me.
Do you think you'll be alright on that boat or raft thing?
It IS a boat even if it's small! Just do whatever you're doing!
Is that so? Well, even if it is overturned, I'm sure you won't die or anything. You can swim, can't you?
Then, let's go!
You jerk!
Goo JoonPyo!
Lll-look! Isn't that Min SeoHyun?
W-w-w . . . .
Hey, laundry girl.
Honestly, you're actually glad to see me here, aren't you?
Say it, you were bored like hell in this stinky hole before I came, right?
Before I met you, I was very happy, okay?
Well, since you go to our school, you can come.
I don't know what you're talking about, but I have no intentions of going!
Ei Shoot!
There's going to be a welcoming party for her. It should be fun. You should come. You're coming, right?
Okay I'll go. I'll go for sure!
Wait! Hey, you!
I know what you girls are going to say. I don't want to go either, okay?
Come on! JiHoo Sunbae and JoonPyo Sunbae both invited you. You have to come.
Don't you?
Uh, yeah.
It's just that the guys forgot to tell you something.
Forgot to tell me something?
W-w-w-what are you doing!
Let's go.
Is this really okay?
It's going to be fine. Once you step in there, other people will probably be wearing stuff that's more outrageous.
This is nothing.
That's not it... its so embarassing.
What is? It's not easy to get the concept down so perfectly, like you.
Don't worry. Geum Jandi, fight!
I'm just going to leave.
Oh, no. A faint heart never wins fair lady.
Those three: "truth", "goodness" and "beauty" better not get caught (by me)!
Geum Jan Di, how could you trust them? Are you an idiot?
Geum Jan Di!
You're late. Because we didn't know you were here, we were looking for you forever!!!
Why wont you take off your coat?
Aren't you a bit hot?
I'm not hot!! Because of the ocean winds, I'm really cold.
Oh is that right? Isn't your dress a little to thin?
Lately, the new luxury items are pretty, but show a bit too much skin. Maybe yours is like that?
Hurry up and take it off!
Why won't we just take it off for her?
What is this? Isn't that Wonder Woman?
Can you not tell fantasy from reality? Just because there are some internet articles about wonder girl now she thinks she wonder woman or something?
If you didn't have a dress, you should've just said so.
I know you want to stick out, but this isn't the way to do it, you commoner.
So is this how commoners have fun these days?
Oh, my god, Wonder Woman?
I know why you kids are like this,
but, do you know what?
All you've proven is that you are the ones, not this girl, that are low class.
What are you doing Ji Hoo? Take her to my room.
Don't you think it's weird for Ji Hoo to be suddenly acting this way?
I don't know what's going to happen, but don't you think that it's getting interesting?
Thank you. You didn't have to do all this for me.
It's my pleasure. It's no inconvenience at all.
I shouldn't have even come here.
Ji Hoo invited you, right..?
If you're Ji Hoo's friend, you're an important friend to me,as well.
No.. he only invited me out of politeness.
No.. Ji Hoo is not that kind of child.
And I've never seen him treat anyone else like that.
JiHoo Sunbae is ordinarily caring.
Ji Hoo is caring..?
Don't you see? It's because Jan Di is a special girl
I've heard all the hardships you went through because of JoonPyo.
You said you certainly wouldn't lose, right?
That is...
It's because he's lonely.
He's hiding his loneliness through bullying others, that rascal...
Goo Joon Pyo is lonely? No way!!
He may only see his parents once every year.
From the moment he was born, he was never treated as a friend or a son. He was always surrounded by people that only saw him as the heir of a plutocrat company.
can you imagine living like that?
Don't lose, okay?
I like you, so I'll support you!!
Okay, we're done.
Stand up..
They're so pretty.
Shoes are the most important thing for a woman.
Why is that?
Good shoes will take you to good places.
Okay, it's all done!
Shall we go?
A gentleman should never leave a pretty lady by herself.