ACN Training Events - Experience the Excitement (Updated!)

Uploaded by acnofficial on 06.08.2010

[sound] This could be the weekend of dramatic change for you. This is your chance to change
your life. These events will be your greatest tools in allowing people to see the big picture
of ACN [sound] so many great things are
going to happen. [sound] Are you guys excited? [sound] There's no better time to be in ACN
than right now. [sound] Right now is the time to make a difference. [sound]
You have all of the basics to be an unbelievable company well into the future. [sound]
Your life can go from tragic to magic in a short period of time. [sound]
You're a champion. [sound] This is a blessed company. [sound] We're blessed people. You
deserve to win in ACN.[sound] We're looking for people that want to change
their lives. Who's going to be committed and who's going to step up and say this is mine
and I'm going to take it? [sound]
We're in this game to win, that's all there is to it. And we're going to win, and you
have to have that same attitude. [sound]
Today we're over a half a billion dollars of annul revenue, growing to a billion and
two, and three, and four, and five. [sound]
Are we afraid of competition? We have no competition. There is no other company like ACN. [sound]
You know what, this is a business that crosses culture, race, religion. We have an opportunity
to bring the world together and more people should learn from us. [sound]
[sound] You know things are happening. You know this company is growing and going. We
are now the largest direct selling telecommunications company in the world.
[sound] Go live your dreams. That's why we created
ACN. I recommend ACN very highly.
This is a great time to be in an organization like this.
We came here to change our lives change our future change our world.
Nobody has the right to define you but you. Think about that thing that used to be a should
and now is a must. When you get to the end of your life you're
going to be able to say I made a difference and that's what it's all about.
I will see you and yes I do mean you not just at the top, I'm going to see you over the
[sound]You got it. It's here. It's waiting at your front door.Quit praying. It's here.
The opportunity is here. [sound]
Are you ready to make a difference? [sound] Are you ready to make some huge income? [sound]
You need to start living the life that you deserve right.
[sound] This is it.