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Hi. I'm Alfie Cunningham and this is my wee mate Willie Campbell.
Both apprentices at the yard.
Harland & Wolff shipyard that is, the biggest...
- And best. - ..shipyard in the world.
I'm serving my time as an apprentice carpenter.
Alfie... Alfie just loves himself.
Well, I wouldn't say I have the girls falling over me but it comes close.
Do you want my picture for your newspaper?
- Wouldn't he bore you to death? - Willie's a devout Christian.
The Lord's word is the salvation of all men
and it's about time the likes of you, Alfie Cunningham, apprentice fitter,
who spends more time gambling and carousing, took heed!
Last month, when we were finishing up the Titanic,
- Mr Andrews... - Chief designer.
..walks into the four main trades workshops and says to the foremen...
"Who's your best apprentice joiner?"
"Who's your best apprentice fitter?"
Four of us apprentices plus four senior tradesmen were picked.
They said we were going to be part of the Harland & Wolff Guarantee Group.
We were going to sail on the maiden voyage of the Titanic to New York.
- Cue the girls. - It's an honour.
My destiny awaits.
- This ship... - The ladies like a big ship.
...is going to be guaranteed a safe arrival by the likes of me. Us.
Of course it's us. We know it inside out.
Listen, write this.
I installed every engine... and boiler on that ship.
With help.
And I built the Café Parisien.
With a bit of help.
But I did the finest walnut wood along the wall on the starboard side.
All perfectly cut and fitted with my own hands.
Well, Willie boy, in a clatter of days we will be in New York City.
I can't wait to get my hands on a couple of American girls.
I'm going to climb to the very top of the Statue of Liberty
and just look over the whole of New York.
America, here we come!
This is mad. We're really doing it. We're sailing on the Titanic.
All the way to New York City.
And a pay rise when we get back.
The Belfast men who built the Titanic are on their way up.
Put that in your newspaper.