Jean-Michel Jarre interview about Egypt - Music365

Uploaded by TotofZetof on 02.10.2010

Which concert that you've done
are you the most proud of, and why?
I think that the concert I've done on the pyramids
is certainly the one I enjoyed the most.
In the sense that I've been proud of,
but not only for personal reasons.
This country suffered so much in the past years.
This country has been banned, entirely.
When I went in Egypt, there years ago,
I was just on my own in front of the pyramids.
No more tourists, nobody was there.
Just because of one terrorist act.
When you think that you had less terrorist acts in Egypt,
in the past 10 years, than in London or Paris.
I thought it was really unfair.
It was also a good opportunity.
It's not a naive thing, we should say those things.
Celebrating the millenium in our rather cynical point of view
doesn't mean anything.
Except the fact we are all hoping, as individuals, for a better world,
better understanding, better tolerance and all that.
If there was one place to celebrate those ideas,
it's certainly the Middle East these days, in Egypt.
And certainly to have 120.000 Egyptians enjoying themselves,
in the desert for an entire night, in a kind of Woodstock...
...Egyptian Woodstock way.
It's something great, I am really proud
to have been able to contribute to this.
And certainly having all cameras, all media, being focused
to Egyptians. Not only to what I've done,
but to what we've done together.
And that is, for me, an achievement.
Is there any place do you think that you could follow that with?
The Moon! With him...
Now, we have to find the way of staying there.
Maybe you're making a joke,
but that's a perfect example of how you think ahead.
And that's a long way ahead...
Exactly. That's right.