Sports Ability

Uploaded by ausport on 25.08.2010

Sports Ability is an exciting new program from the Australian Sports Commission that
aims to provide teachers, support staff and sports leaders with more ways of including
young people with disabilities in physical activity and sport.
Sports Ability comprises five inclusive activities, three of which are current Paralympic sports,
and is funded under the Australian Government’s Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games legacy program.
Sports Ability not only promotes inclusion of young people with and without disabilities,
but has a particular value for young people with higher support needs.
The Sports Ability program consists of three elements: train the trainer; equipment for
the five activities; and resource material, including this video in which you will be
introduced to Sports Ability’s five activities – Boccia, Goal Ball, Sitting Volleyball,
Polybat, and Table Cricket.
In all of the activities the TREE model is used as a basis for adapting the activity
to specific circumstances. TREE refers to teaching style, rules, equipment and environment.
Boccia, Goal Ball, Sitting Volleyball, Polybat, Table Cricket and all of their exciting variations
comprise the Sports Ability program. They can all be modified to suit different abilities,
settings and available equipment.
Sports Ability also provides the ideal medium for the inclusion of young people with and
without disabilities in physical activity.
Sports Ability – the inclusive games program for ALL young people.