The Survivor: Rebirth - Introduction

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bjbj"9"9 Out of the ashes of the United States, a new nation arose. This nation would come
to be known as Blackhawkia. Centralized in the Midwest, Blackhawkia was governed by three
rulers. For many years, these rulers stayed in power only through the mysterious organization
known as Non Plus Ultra. Headed by a man named Jason Keating, Non Plus Ultra sought to make
creations the likes of which no man had seen before. Finally, the day dawned where the
rebuilt United States began to liberate the land from Blackhawkia. The rulers, fearing
defeat, felt the time was ready for Jason Keating to initiate the final project of Non
Plus Ultra Project Survivor. In this project, three supernatural masks were created the
masks of Death, Sorrow, and the most powerful of all, Destruction. Each mask had its own
power: Death, to permanently resurrect. Sorrow, to decrease the morale of the enemy and to
warp time and space. Destruction, to temporarily resurrect and create fiery explosions. The
masks drew their powers from alternate dimensions, and also from the negative traits of their
wearers. Although Jason was a loyal Blackhawkian, he eventually came to realize what horrors
he had created. As an intelligent man, he was naturally uncertain of the rulers true
motives. The thought of a psychopathic tyrant who wore such a terrible item was not pleasant
to Jason, especially since he would be responsible for such a disaster. Certain of the inevitable
mistreatment of his masks, Jason fled Blackhawkia towards the headquarters of the small resistance
force known as The Republic. Pursued by the Blackhawkians and surrounded by a war, Jason
Keating dropped the mask of destruction. Although the mask of death and the mask of sorrow were
safe, the most monstrous of the three masks was left unguarded. Jason, so close to freedom,
was captured by the last remnants of the Blackhawkians on his way into the United States. Beaten
and flogged, Jason was brought before the only remaining ruler, John Practumous. As
a punishment for his betrayal, Jason was sentenced to live the rest of eternity as one of his
own creations a watch, which could send anyone through time and space. Abandoned and alone,
Jason spent the next few years listening closely to the fabric of time and what he saw would
not be pleasant. Our story began with Lyle, a boy in constant torture by his bully named
Aero. Seeking but a moment s departure from the source of his agony, Lyle ventured into
the deep territories of the woods and found the mask of destruction. Unaware of its power,
Lyle put on the mask. But Lyle was caught unaware as the mask took his very being and
shaped it into the monster that called itself the Jester Freak. This Jester Freak took his
victims and transformed them into soulless monsters who only served to do his bidding.
Unchallenged, the Jester Freak created a reign of terror within the forests that he haunted.
Those who went into the forests of his domain never came out. Although the mask became satisfied
with the bloodshed, Lyle s anger was not. For Aero, the one who had ruined his life
was still alive. But not for long. One day, the Jester Freak discovered the location of
Aero and his friends. Suddenly pursued by the Jester Freak, Aero and his acquaintances
were lured into a trap and killed one by one. At last, Lyle s vengeance was complete, and
the mask s appetite for destruction was once more satisfied. But after a long winter s
chill, the effects of the Jester Freak s control on his minions began to waver. When we left
Aero last, the bonds keeping him and his friends as minions had disappeared. Escaping the Jester
Freak, a boy stumbled on Aero and his friends. Awoken, Aero realized the danger was imminent.
Group SMS-122, a special police operations detachment led by Captain James Devin, was
sent in to investigate the strange occurrences in the forest. Looking through old documents
in the abandoned Republic headquarters, Devin discovered that the birthplace of the Jester
Freak was at the local park and that was where he hoped to find out more. Fleeing the Jester
Freak, Aero and the others were met by Devin and his team, who saved them all at the last
moment. Through his conversation with Aero, Devin found out that the nature of the disappearances
were linked to the terrifying monster that the kids had been escaping. Without police
backup, Devin realized the only safe place was at the Republic headquarters. Preparing
for the Jester Freak s arrival, Devin allowed the kids access to weapons in order to protect
themselves. But they were no match for the Jester Freak and eventually, the defenses
of the house faltered, and in the confusion, all but Devin and Aero were killed and turned
into minions. And so the survivors, out of time and options, fled to the park where it
all began to make their final stand. When Aero removed the mask of destruction from
Lyle s face, his body disappeared. It was finally over at a cost. All of Aero s friends
and Devin s fellow officers lay dead. But only now did Aero truly realize that he was
responsible for the creation of the Jester Freak, and the death of all of his friends.
In his arrogance, he allowed Lyle s hate against him to be amplified through the mask of destruction.
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