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I’m Ludovika, I’m 18 years old and I come from Italy.
My name is Elena, I’m from Russia and now I’m in New York City studying English.
This college is in the Empire State Building, and it’s one of the most important buildings
in the entire United States. The view is the best one you can see everything, all of New
York, all of downtown, it’s amazing!
Hey welcome to Kaplan, welcome to the Empire State.
Here we have classrooms
The lessons are great because the atmosphere is very friendly. You learn a lot of things,
not only about the academic English but also about American culture.
We hire our teachers really carefully, we make sure they have a lot of experience and
that they’re well qualified and have a lot of personality as well.
The computer lab is here and over there we have student lounge, it’s really good. Here!
We can go there in the break and check your facebook.
I stay in the residence it’s very cool. I have a beautiful room with a good view,
it has a lot of facilities. This residence is so cool, you are in the middle of Manhattan
and you have everything very close.
Shopping is really good, it’s the thing I like about New York. My favourite shops
here are Macy’s the world’s largest store, I love it.
we have the 5th Ave not far from here, it’s full of shops. One of my favourite shops is
Abercrombie and Tiffany its very cool. You can do everything here, you have the Central
Park, you can go to Broadway. There is the saying: ‘In New York you can do everything’
In New York city they have a lot of museums. MOMA, Museum of Modern Art, is located very
close from here like 10minutes. We have a discount for students like $5 or $3 so its
good I like it.
Kaplan offers you a lot of extra activities and tonight we’ll go to the Yankees stadium.
New York Yankees vs Red Sox
‘Lets go Yankees’
There’s no better place than New York to experience America and American culture and
the American way of life, there’s no place more exciting, there’s no place more life
changing than New York City.
My life in New York I can describe it in one word as AWESOME, you know it’s really amazing.
A student gets a very fulfilling experience after studying here, they get to know people
from other countries and really develop strong lasting friendships that could last forever.
This is one of the greatest experiences of my life. I love New York!