10 Facts about Sleep in 30 Seconds

Uploaded by 10Facts30Seconds on 23.01.2011

There are four stages of sleep. Non-REM one, two, and
three and REM sleep, where you have Rapid Eye Movements
and dream the most. If you know you're dreaming, you're
lucid dreaming and while some people think that dreams
might be how we organize information and cope with life,
we really don't know. Twenty-four hours without sleep
is like being legally drunk while extended sleep
deprivation weakens your immune system.
Some sleep disorders include Narcolepsy, where people
abruptly fall asleep, Somnambulism, or sleepwalking,
which occurs during deep sleep, and obstructive sleep
apnea, where your breathing gets interrupted.
A disorder common among children is noctural enuresis,
or bedwetting, which is nearly 3x more prevalent in
children with ADHD. Even their bladders are hyperactive.
I can access your mind through your dreams.