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It's absurd...
Are you sure...?
It does seem a little over the top
I don't believe it
...but it's true, he changes one shelf in the store and they shoot him
They shot him...?
Of course...the store was a historical monument
You wanna know what I think?
No...did he kill him?
No, he didn't. He's gonna only lose his left leg. He had always gone to that specific store
because it was straight out of the 70's. When they put up a non-70's vintage
shelf, that guy shot him. >>Fuck
People are sick
It ruined his sense of style, he only went there for esthetic reasons.
He wore a green Loden coat and he said that the store matched it...
...he shot him
He shot him...?
Yeah the guy got shot, we got it...and he probably had his reasons
What the fuck are you saying?
I'm saying that you gotta understand other people...even the customer once
and a while...he went there for only for that, right? He wore a Loden...and
they should have kept that in mind... all I'm saying
But they were selling detergent
Sometimes people just don't have respect...that's what I'm saying...for
example, look at us. We don't have a name yet and that's absurd. All gangs
have a name. First the name, and then the gang- not the opposite... I proposed that
we make one up, but no...instead...
I said I would think about it.
Get ready.
John Lennon
Jim Morrison
Michael Jackson
I prefer Jacko >>OK Jacko.
Freddie Mercury
Who the fuck are you?
Who the fuck is that?
You really don't recognize me? >>No
Shit, I can't believe it's come to this...
It looks like my grandfather
Considering that this idea of mask is so banal
You said: faces of famous dead people, right?
My grandpa's dead too
Famous, Recognizable, Singers
This one's famous. They called him the Genius.
My grandpa was a genius too, in his own way. He could say everything
backwards...he even taught me how...
Fuck off
Ffo kcuf
Fuck yourself
Flesruoy kcuf
Smile pretty, Senator, don't be shy.
You enjoy using taxpayers' money to pay for pretty girls, don't you?
Jacko, be ready to capture the girl as soon as she comes out of the bathroom.
Hey, shoot this...
You're a real pig, I'm sure your wife and constituents will love seeing this sexy
little scenario.
Are you ready Jim? you're gonna be all over the net Senator...
Come on out sweetheart, we want to make you famous too.
...what..the fuck...there's blood
Fuck it's full of blood
Fuck... You piece of shit...I'm gonna kill you
Switch off that fucking camera
I don't know how it happened
Listen you guys, let's get out of here and call the police
No I beg you, please help me I don't know what to do...I can pay you...
Shut the fuck up asshole
It's going to be full of our fingerprints...
Don't leave me here, I beg you guys... help me, I'll do anything you want...
You better shut up...
Listen asshole, we'll give you a hand getting rid of the body, but first,
you have to leave us a statement confessing to all the money you've ripped off.
Are you insane... you wanna be an accomplice
In the end, she's a prostitute nobody's going to go looking for her...
Are you with me?
My name is Cosimo Marrotta, President of TLA Ltd., the company that won the tender
for the construction of Santa Caterina multipurpose center for children,
a work started and never finished. Works have never come to an end because
I embezzled half of the funds, diverting 600.000 euros in my bank account
at the Arner bank in Lugano.
I apologize to my family and I am ashamed.
OK, it's up, he's online now.
OK let's get our stuff, and get out of here.
Uh...the girl...what about the girl... you promised.
OK, a deal's a deal
Do you guys deal with the whore?
OK. Joey?
That floor was freezing, the next time hurry it up.
...we're becoming famous and we don't have a name
"Emuli Rock stars, all famous faces except one"
"Emuli gang strikes again"
"Who is Mr. X? All famous faces except one"
They're beginning to call us the Emuli, what kind of a name is that...?
I'm starting to think about a logo.
Who the fuck are you this time?
The target is already at the residence. Let's start immediately.
Why didn't you tell me before? I'd have warned some of the girls.
There is no need. We're gonna catch him with the money in the room.
The residence is the same one where we stuck Marrotta.
See how he sleeps!
Oh shit!
Guys, he’s dead.
Out out
Thank you, bye! >>Bye
9 am: Walter Trani found dead
Murder Stab wound of the abdomen
Did you touch the body? >>No.
Are you sure? >>Of course I am.
Then? Did you notice anything in particular at the scene of the crime?
Something that seemed out of place?
No, I don't think so.
You don’t think so…
Excuse me... I forgot to turn it off.
Do you have anything else to tell me?
No that's all.
That’s all.
We'll just have to get you to sign the deposition, and then you can go home.
It being a homicide, I have to ask you to remain available, in case we need you again.
Right. Goodbye.
Chiara Basi?
I'm Rizzo.
Cracco... May we come in?
It's about the Trani case- the body you found this morning.
What time was it when you found the body? >>Around nine.
Is this tea?
Do you want a cup? >>I don’t want to bother you. May I?
Yes... Would you like one too?
No thanks.
Sakura? >>Yes
Please >>Thank you
Had you ever seen Mr Trani, before today?
No...I don't think I've ever seen him before.
Would you mind emptying your purse?
He asked you to empty the contents of your purse.
What's this?
I don't know.
Don’t you know? Isn't this your purse?
And you don't know what's in it?
That’s just a flyer they gave me this morning.
I never pay any attention to them, I just take them all and throw them in my purse.
You take them take them all but I only see this one.
What's so wrong with that?
What's wrong, is that there's a symbol on this flyer.
Yes...but I don't follow you.
It's the same symbol that was found on a threatening note we discovered in the
pocket of the deceased.
I don't know...
I've got the impression that you haven't told us everything...even if you have
excellent taste in tea.
Listen, I've already been at the police station all day today...
Are you sure you've never seen Trani before?
I only called because I found the body... I thought it was the least I could do...
Sure. We're just leaving. Thanks for the hospitality…
What is it?
What is it?
What is what?
What is it?...
Have you ever seen people staring blankly at an object...
Or at the empty space of an apartment...
Their first thought is how to fill it up...
They could get lost...don't you think?
We spend a lot of our time trying to fill up the void...
What is it that makes us do that...
Is there some danger in emptiness?
Are you an artist?
No, absolutely not
I thought -
I'm studying economics, can't get much farther than that...
I am practical. I only wanted to be alone for a while.
Today's my birthday and I wanted just a few minutes to myself...strange.
You are an artist.
I take pictures.
An artist
No, I just take pictures.
My father was the real artist.
He said he was practical...just like you.
He was full of energy, but strict. My sister and I were terrified of him.
He was never very affectionate with us.
Then he got sick, and that strong man- little by little, became invisible...
We weren't allowed to see him anymore... He didn't want us to see him sick.
The door to his room was always closed.
Ehi, go away, your father needs his rest.
The day of my sister's third birthday, he called us into his studio...
It was usually forbidden for us children to go in there...
Then came the cake.
My sister blew out the candles and the room got dark.
When the lights went back on, my father was dead.
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