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Still ahead, cooking with Cristina. The OWN Network's Cristina Ferrare joins us in our
Well, welcome to The 700 Club. We've got a tremendous program today. And Cristina Ferrare,
she used to be married to John Delorian and married to Tony Thomopoulos, one of the most
fabulous cooks you've ever seen in your life.
I've got to tell you, she was showing me a little bit this morning.
Woo, she is tremendous. She's a sweetheart and a gorgeous lady. Well, anyhow, for more
than a decade, an Islamic organization has been able to pass a resolution at the United
Nations. Guess what it was supposed to do? To prevent defamation against all religions.
But critics actually say, Pat, that it was only designed to protect Islam. Well, Dale
Hurd has this look at the resolution and why it's so important for all religious believers
around the world.
Human rights advocates long opposed the defamation resolution because it targeted speech, not
behavior, and because it protected the rights of a religion rather than individuals. A group
of Muslim nations called the Organization of the Islamic Conference sponsored the defamation
resolution. Critics say they designed it to protect Islam.
This effort has been led by the Pakistanis to give UN cover to their own draconian blasphemy
law and similar laws in other Islamic countries.
In Pakistan, a blasphemy law has been used to persecute Christians and other religious
Simple Christian activities like praying, worshipping, and sharing one's belief in Jesus
Christ with a neighbor can be interpreted as offensive and therefore restricted.
In recent months, Islamic hard-liners murdered two Pakistani officials for speaking out against
Pakistan's blasphemy law. Muslim leaders praised the killings, sparking an international outcry.
That pressure might have played a role in influencing Pakistani leaders to drop their
support for the defamation resolution.
In light of the recent assassinations of Governor Taseer Punjab and Shabaz Bhatti, the Christian
minister, few countries were really willing to join in this anti-defamation resolution.
Those murders really demonstrated the harsh and dark nature of the blasphemy laws and
those regimes that support them.
This year's resolution is based on terms advocated by Western religious rights groups. While
it emphasizes protecting individuals from discrimination or violence because of their
faith, religious rights watchers say it, too, could be used to stifle religious freedom.
They also warn the OIC will probably bring back the defamation resolution in the future.
Dale Hurd, CBN News.
Thanks, Dale. Jay Sekulow of the American Center for Law and Justice joins us now. Jay,
you fought against this defamation resolution for years. And tell us why it's so dangerous.
Well, it was awful, Pat. It was really an act that was designed only to protect Islam
and the propagation of Islam and was used or attempted to be used to not only silence
Christianity, but was used as an excuse, as the piece just indicated, to cause harm and
violence to Christians. Here is the irony of this. It's called the defamation of religion.
That's what the idea was. Well, nobody should want to defame religion. But that's not what
it meant. It meant that if you spoke out, if you said words that were against Islam,
and by the way, that could just be the proclamation of the Gospel and never mentioning Islam or
Muslim religious beliefs, you would violate this. But here's what the undercurrent, the
understory of what's happened here, Pat. There are a lot of reports that people are reading
about how this happened. But let me tell you how it happened. The American Center for Law
and Justice and the European Center for Law and Justice and other groups that were involved
as well, but we got involved heavily three years ago. And for the first time since this
started to be introduced in 1999, when we got involved three years ago, for the first
time there were more no's and abstentions than yes. And then the next year, it increased
even more. And then this last year before they decided to table it, the same thing.
And then they gave up. And they gave up because you had the violent situations, which was
the evidence of what we've been saying, and then you had a lot of hard work by our offices.
And, Pat, and you'll appreciate this as the founder of these organizations, we had our
offices in Pakistan, our offices in Strasburg working Geneva. We had our offices in New
York working the United Nations, Washington working the United States Congress. And the
end result is—and a lot of other groups were involved in this, too. I don't want to
take credit away from anybody else. It was a team effort. The end result is, the organization
of the Islamic Conference has suffered their largest defeat at the United Nations since
their inception. So this was a huge victory, but it's not over. I don't want anybody to
think that they're going to just stop and it's going to go away.
Jay, what is their game? Their game is to establish Islam as the preeminent religion
in the world and to stifle all others. Is that really what it is?
Pat, it's what you've been saying since you and I have been talking about this. This is
the domination of a view of Islam that is the dominant view. In other words, world dominion.
The jihad aspect of this is the takeover. It's the conquest. And I think if you look
at it, it's really the export. We have a booklet that we just did at the ACLJ that talks about
Sharia law and the implications under the US Constitution. And we just did a documentary
that went with it that deals with the whole aspect of this exporting, this Sharist agenda,
and the OIC was the cover for this. And they're the largest organization inside the United
Nations. So, Pat, it was to penalize every religion except Islam. That was the goal here.
We've got to stand against this. I don't think the average person even understands the creeping
aggrandizement of rights by these Islamic groups. They want to take over the world.
They call it creeping Sharia. I said, Pat, I don't think it's creeping Sharia any longer.
I think it's on a gallop. And we've got to be careful. When you've got courts in the
United States, and we've seen a couple, that have actually said, "Well, I know this woman
has charged her former husband with sexual abuse, but he's arguing under Sharia it was
justified, and I'm going to abide by Sharia law." That was overturned, by the way, by
the New Jersey Court of Appeals, but that's what a district court judge said. And then
in Florida just three weeks ago, you had a judge say, "Well, I'm going to apply Sharia
law to this dispute." Now, why in the United States of America or in the state of Florida
would you not apply Florida corporate law to a matter like this? Why would you be applying
Sharia law? Can you imagine if we said, "Okay, we're not going to apply the laws of the Commonwealth
of Virginia to this. We're going to just look at the Bible, and that's how we're going to
do it in court." Every group on the other side would be going ballistic, the ACLU and
others. But no. It's Sharia law. It's Islamic law. They get a pass. But I'll tell you what,
the American people have woken up to this. They are awake. We had 400,000 people come
to us, Pat, to sign a petition that went to the UN. That's kind of just the ground troops
of support. And then the legal arguments were clear. You can't say that sharing the Gospel
is a violation of international law. And, look, I think most of the European countries
agree with us, and you certainly see now how the European countries are reacting.
Well, Jay, my friend, thanks for your fight. We love you and we appreciate what you're
doing. Jay Sekulow, the American Center for Law and Justice, ladies and gentlemen, fighting
for your freedom and liberty. Thanks, Jay. Well, Lee Webb has the rest of our top stories
from the CBN Newsroom. Lee, what do you have?
Pat, President Obama is laying out his plan for cutting the huge deficits. He says he
wants to reduce domestic spending and Medicare and Medicaid, as well as defense. The president
also wants to raise taxes on upper income households. House Speaker John Boehner, though,
calls any tax increase, quote, "a non starter." The president's speech comes a day after the
government announced the latest spending figures and a 188 billion dollar deficit in March.
For the first half of this fiscal year, the deficit is nearly 830 billion dollars compared
to 717 billion a year ago. The deficit for the entire year is expected to be a record
1.65 trillion dollars. Yes, Pat, we're talking about real money.
Well, I just don't understand. Obama comes out with a budget that was just a joke. It
was just an absolute joke. It had just tiny, tiny, little cuts. And actually he had an
increase of spending. And so it's said that when the final budget deal was reached on
these few matters that when they cut back from his budget it was close to 78 billion
dollars. But he wanted to spend more money instead of less. It is crazy. The government
is out of control. So you say, "Well, Mr. President, why didn't you bring your budget
out sooner? What were you waiting for?" Well, they don't have their act together. That's
what the answer is. Well, something is interesting happening. Our good friend Sam Brownback left
the Senate, ran for governor of Kansas and won. Now he's governor of Kansas. And what's
he doing, Lee?
Well, he has signed two new laws, Pat, in the state of Kansas to protect the unborn
in that state. One of the laws bans abortions after 22 weeks of pregnancy. And that's based
on evidence that unborn children can feel pain by that point. The other prevents doctors
from performing abortions on minors without written consent from parents. Brownback calls
them important steps toward creating a culture of life in Kansas, but Planned Parenthood
in that state opposes the new laws.
A United Nations report says the Palestinians are ready for their own state. A UN report
says the Palestinians have made significant advances in areas like education, health,
and infrastructure, but it says it will be difficult for them to make progress toward
a state because of Israeli occupation in the area. But Palestinian leaders plan to ask
the UN General Assembly in September for statehood recognition on all the territory Israel occupied
in 1967, including Gaza. The assembly is expected to approve that measure, and we will have
an in depth look at the issue on Friday's 700 Club.
Bolivia is asking the United Nations to give "Mother Earth" the same rights as humans.
Bolivian officials believe that humans have dominated and exploited the earth. The proposed
treaty would give the earth the right to life, pure water, and clean air. And it could restrict
businesses like mining. The document is heavily influenced by Bolivia's spiritual worldview
in which an earth deity called "Pachamama" is at the center of life. The document also
calls on the UN to establish a so-called ministry of "Mother Earth." Pat, I wish I could inform
you that I was making that story up.
I really think that if this was April 1st, you'd figure that was what that was all about.
I was thinking the same thing. Pachamama.
Of all names.
Oh, brother. Well, of course, that's Evo Morales down there who is the dictator of Bolivia.
But so far we've had religious freedom in Bolivia, so I'm not going to hit them too
hard, but I just think this would pretty much shut down mining, shut down most industries,
shut down air travel, you name it. And we'd be living in the jungles with bows and arrows
and tomahawks. And that's where that would go if we want to bless Papamama—Pachamama.
All right.
Something like that. All right. Well, check this out. This is a story that's heartbreaking.
A congregation is leaving its church. And check this out, the bank is ready to move
They want the property. They want us out. And there is no more negotiation with the
bank. They want us out now.
See how this church and others are actually fighting foreclosures. That's up next. Well,
later we're going to Bring It On with questions from our live chat room.
You see them? Will you guys wave for us one more time? Thank you. All right. Don't go
away. I love it when they do that.
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on The 700 Club.
Well, one way to avoid foreclosure is to pay your mortgage, but a lot of people can't do
that. And the mortgage crisis is far from over. And homeowners are not the only ones
that are in the red. As Efrem Graham shows, churches are also losing their properties
at an alarming rate.
Higher Ground Empowerment Center is a small church in the heart of Atlanta's Vine City,
the neighborhood Martin Luther King, Jr. once called home. Dexter Johnson grew up in the
historic church and became pastor in 1994.
God has blessed me with a wonderful group of people that love God, love ministry; and
they love their pastor.
Higher Ground actually began back in 1903. It's name then was Mount Gilead Baptist Church.
But in 2009, God moved a pastor and the congregation to change the name to Higher Ground. The new
name marked the church's rise from the ruins after a tornado knocked down its steeple,
ripped off its roof, and left the congregation without a sanctuary for more than a year.
There was a storm that came through Atlanta in March of 2008. And it shook the foundation
of our church.
Now the church could lose its renovated building in a legal storm.
Due to fewer members, less giving, and a decline in property value, the church can't pay its
million dollar mortgage.
They want their property. They want us out. And there is no more negotiation with the
bank. They want us out now.
Higher Ground's case is still playing out in court. But it only takes a short drive.
The bank padlocked their building on last Thursday.
To find churches with foreclosure notices and locked doors.
I need to cry.
Pastor Darryl Winston found his church's belongings dumped in the parking lot last July.
It's just for us a major learning curve, and we've spent our energy and time partnering
and working with other churches to make sure no church has to go through what we've gone
More than 100 churches are up for sale in metro Atlanta. About a third are foreclosed
No lender wants to be known as the folks who kicked the church out. And I don't blame them.
Rick Arzet is known for his ability to close church deals in the area. But even bargains
like this are hard to move in this market. The bank is asking for about half what the
church building is worth.
I would say last year was the worst year. It was a complete struggle to get anything
one result: this veteran realtor has turned into a bit of a finance teacher for preachers.
The Lord is in charge and the Lord is going to take over. But the Lord said, "Go get a
goal. Go write it down and make a plan on how you can make it happen and run it like
a business." It says that in the Bible. It may not say it that way, but that is what
it says.
Business sense led a church in suburban Atlanta to put its building on the market a year ago,
even without the threat of foreclosure.
We could afford to pay those bills, and that was all we could do. So this set us free.
The Rolling Hills Baptist Church mortgage was nearly paid off when Pastor Frank Mercer
asked his congregation to sell its church home and use the proceeds to fund more missions
work at home and abroad. (Interviewing): Did your congregation think you were crazy?
Yes. But we have a pretty crazy congregation.
The church is on the road during the week with more than 55 missions projects completed
this year. Members meet at this movie theater for Sunday service.
It is a concept Mercer thinks may grow as the number of church foreclosures climbs in
Georgia, California, Michigan, Florida, Texas, and other states.
Well, I don't necessarily mean that every church should sell their property. But I will
say that for us, it would have been a sin not to.
Back in Vine City, Pastor Johnson prays for a brighter future for the 108-year-old church.
We've been standing on God's Word. We're not going anywhere. We are planted on higher ground.
But it will take a 600,000 dollar miracle to keep the building open. Efrem Graham, CBN
News, Atlanta, Georgia.
That doesn't make any sense to me, that banks would be foreclosing on churches. It doesn't
help their reputation, but I guess those banks are pretty rapacious. But they're not going
to get anything. So what's the deal? They push a church into bankruptcy so they don't
collect anything. So they've got an empty building. And the empty building begins to
run down. It makes no sense at all. Far better to lower the mortgage than have the church
paying along on something, if the bank has got any sense. A lot of them don't, and some
of these bankers—it may be that the federal government or the controller of the currency
is putting the squeeze on them, the FDIC and others, and forcing them to do this. But this
is insanity, pure and simple insanity, to be closing down churches, because the churches
could pay if they would just work with them. But they're not doing it. So anyhow, tough
luck. But it's a shame.
It is a shame, and I feel bad for the people in the congregation and for the pastors who
put their heart, soul, time, energy.
I hate to say, a million dollar mortgage isn't all that much. And you stretch it out over
20 or 30 years, how much is it. It's a few thousand dollars a month. They must have enough
people—maybe they've stopped giving, or maybe the people have moved. I don't know.
It's a shame.
It is a shame. It's a shame. Well, anyway, up next, Cristina Ferrare, she dishes out
a serving from her big bowl of love. Love that title. So stay tuned.
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Well, Oprah Winfrey says with the exception of her own mother and Maya Angelou that Cristina
Ferrare is literally the best cook she knows. Now, that's a compliment. So it's no surprise
that Oprah picked her to host her own cooking show on her own network. Check this out.
Cristina Ferrare started her career as a super model. Her face graced the cover of major
magazines. She has hosted TV shows, written books, and even started a home décor company.
But Cristina's passion has always been in the kitchen. Today, she's the host of Cristina
Ferrare's Big Bowl of Love on the OWN Network. In her cookbook of the same name, she shows
us how to make the most of our leftovers for fast, easy and delicious meals.
So please welcome back to The 700 Club the TV host and author of her new book, Big Bowl
of Love, Cristina Ferrare. Good to see you.
How are you? So nice to you. I'm so happy to be back here again.
Absolutely. Well, it's so fun to do these segments, because as I'm sitting here, I'm
smelling the food.
Yes, doesn't that smell good? All the herbs and spices, as you can smell.
Okay, sister, that is a compliment. Oprah Winfrey says next to Maya Angelou and her
own mama . . . .
Yes, just to be named in the same sentence as Maya Angelou and her mother. Can you imagine?
I couldn't believe it when I saw that.
Exactly. Well, let's talk about your cooking style. What makes your cooking style really
kind of stand above the rest?
Well, I try to keep things very, very simple and I love the idea of stretching your food.
I'm going to show everybody here today how we can take one chicken and make three different
meals from it.
Okay, that sounds phenomenal. Now, side note, are you Italian?
Ferrare. Yes. It's Italian.
Oh, I just wanted to make sure.
Yes. You can't get any more Italian. I'm Italian. My husband is Greek.
Okay. So you all have some good meals at home.
That's all we do is eat. We eat all the time. We eat. We have family. We're family and eating.
That's all we are.
Well, whenever you want to call me, Cristina, you can call me and I'll come eat with you.
Any time. That's what I love. I love having people over, family and friends. That's what
it's all about.
I love it. Well, one of the things that you said was that you teach us not only how to
cook wonderfully, but really how to stretch a meal more than just for a day or two. So
let's start with this. What do we have?
This is a marinade. And actually I call this the marinade that got me my own television
show on the OWN Network, because Oprah has eaten this turkey that I make every year.
And we've spent many Christmases together. And one day she called me. This is Dijon mustard,
by the way.
One day she called me and asked me to come to her office. This is lemon. And said she
wanted me—olive oil.
Olive oil.
This is a good story, so I have to hurry up and do this.
I know. While you throw it in, how about this?
Soy sauce. Balsamic vinegar
You do that and I'll stir it.
And some garlic.
A little bit of garlic.
And she said, "I'm starting my own network next year, and I'd like for you to come on
and create and have your own show on the network." Because she loves this marinade so much on
her turkey. And you can use this on shrimp and on lamb as well. But today we're going
to be doing this with chicken. Now, you just take a six pound chicken. I have a plastic
bag here. Here's the marinade. I whisked it all together to emulsify everything. You just
close it up, put it in the refrigerator overnight. Now, if you don't want to marinate it overnight,
you can still use this marinade to roast your chicken in. Let's say you don't have the time.
It's perfectly all right. But it really gives it a lovely flavor.
Do you shake it up or what do you do?
Yes, I'm going to move it around and around a little bit, and then in the refrigerator.
And then I would check it after a little while and then just turn it over and then let it
sleep for the night.
Cristina, I want to go over this real quick. So you have Dijon mustard, balsamic . . . .
This is olive oil. We have lemon, olive oil, garlic, soy sauce, and Dijon mustard.
That was it. Soy sauce.
Yes. Soy sauce.
I couldn't get that other ingredient.
The reason why I use soy sauce is because when you baste it, I like to baste it—it
gives it a beautiful golden brown color. That's where you get it from. Now, you put this in
the oven, and then after about 90 minutes, you take the aluminum foil off, and you'll
notice that it may be dry on the bottom, so I highly suggest, and please do this, use
some chicken stock and just pour it on the bottom. And then baste your chicken every
15 minutes until you have a beautiful golden chicken like this one.
Oh, my Lord.
Doesn't that look good?
Hold on, I've got to hip shut this thing, right?
Just use your foot. You just kick it. Kick it.
Look at this, girl.
I'm going to move this out of the way so you can put this down.
Oh, my goodness. Yes, I was going to put it over there, but I'm like . . . .
Beautiful. Now you see all the wonderful pan juices on the bottom. Look how beautiful.
Look at that. What's prettier? Let's see. Is it prettier that way?
There you go. Now, what I like to use are fresh herbs, because this is what really infuses
the chicken with a lot of flavor. I put the herbs inside and on top of the chicken, and
the lemon juice that we use for the marinade, I keep it because I stuff it inside the bird.
I'm distracted.
I know. And your mouth is watering. I can tell.
It is. It smells—okay, I've got to describe this. It smells so divine. And to have like
the fresh herbs and the rosemary and the basil. And what else did you have?
We have rosemary, thyme, oregano. You could use some fresh parsley if you like. There
you go. All right.
Oh, my Lord.
I'm going to have you taste that. Look at how nice and juicy.
It looks divine. I know Pat is over there salivating. And, Pat, if you're nice to me,
I may bring you a bite, possibly.
Look, and it pulls right off the bone. Look at this.
Come on. Really.
Have you ever heard this phrase, "Good enough to slap your mama."
I'd never hit my mama.
I know, but sometimes . . . .
My mother smacked me sometimes when I deserved it.
But there is a phrase that says this stuff is good enough to slap your mama. Now, I know
you can't slap your mama, but I'm saying it's good, girl.
Thank you. You know what's good—now, we have this beautiful chicken here. You can
serve it as it, but it will make several more . . . .
That was good.
Two more meals. You take the bones. Don't throw them away. Use them for soup. You have
chicken salad and a tostada, a chicken tostada.
Ooh, that looks delicious. Is that guacamole, too?
This will feed a family of four each time. So you can make three meals out of one chicken.
That is a good chicken.
It is good, isn't it?
Yes. Do you think we have to finish this show, or can I just eat?
I'm going to eat.
Well, girl, you eat. All right. Well, as you eat, I'm going to hold up your book. Now,
I understand, A Big Bowl of Love. I need to practice cooking so I can get my own show
on OWN, cooking.
We're on Saturdays, I believe. And the name of the show is A Big Bowl of Love, just like
I would love it. I would love it. Of course, I can never leave Pat.
I don't blame you. I just had the honor of going over there and saying hello to him.
Do you Tweet, Pat? Are you a Tweeter?
No, I don't Tweet. But I'm sure I do like to eat.
Oh, good. Well, I'm a Tweeter. You can Tweet me at Cristina Cooks. I wish you Tweeted.
It's so much fun.
All right. We'll Tweet, Cristina. You're a doll.
Okay. Well, listen, for more great recipes, check out Cristina's book . . . .
Mm. That's good.
I know, we're over here eating.
Sorry to talk with my mouth full.
No, girl, you do what you have to do. Her book is called Big Bowl of Love. And you can
actually pick up a copy in stores nationwide. Also, just check out your local listing for
Oprah Winfrey's network to see when Cristina's cooking show airs. And I tell you what, we're
all going to be excited about it, because can I just say this last thing? It's hard
to make chicken original and to do a different flavor for chicken. And you did it. That's
Thank you. I'm glad you like it.
I love it.
You have your mama. It's a great Mother's Day gift for your mama.
Oh, a great mama's day gift. Okay, Pat, I'm going to throw it to you and I'll bring you
over some chicken.
All right, bring me some chicken. It looks wonderful. Cristina is married to a dear friend,
Tony Thomopoulos, who headed up Amblin Entertainment. They have produced a very popular TV show
about medical things. And he worked as head of the Family Channel for a while, and a dear,
dear friend, and a wonderful man. And Cristina is probably one of the greatest hostesses
in America and an unbelievable cook, and a former gorgeous model and all the rest of
it. She's done it all. But this cooking is something else. So anyhow, we're glad she's
here with us. Well, I've got a horror story. To go from the beautiful chicken to this thing.
Can you imagine parents that were so evil, so absolutely evil that they locked a nine-year-old
child in his room for 30 days?
It got to the point where my days and nights were mixing together. I reached what I think
was a delusional state.
Well, watch what happens when he emerges from solitary, after this.
Got a question for Pat? Send us yours now on We'll Bring It Online with your
questions from our live chat room, later on today's 700 Club.
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And welcome back to The 700 Club. A huge gathering of Christians in Vietnam's largest city could
signal an improvement in relations between the government there and churches. Evangelist
Luis Palau spoke to thousands in Ho Chi Minh City last weekend, but not everything went
smoothly for Palau and his son, Andrew.
The tensions went on quite a bit because at the last minute, they had a change of venue,
like about a 45-minute drive away from the one area they were hoping to have it to the
area where we had it. An average of probably 16,000 each night, and the first night, about
2,000 made a commitment. They said that the second night, there was more like 3,000 to
3,500, so the percentage of people who came to the Lord was great.
That's encouraging. Next weekend, the Palau team will be in Hanoi for similar rallies.
Online gambling is coming to the nation's Capitol. The District of Columbia is the first
U.S. jurisdiction to allow Internet gambling. Congress was given a 30-day period to object
to the proposal, but that expired last week. Officials say that online gambling could bring
in millions of dollars and help offset budge cuts there.
You can always get the latest from CBN News by going to our website at Pat
and Kristi will be back with more of The 700 Club after this.
I was in a lot of pain. I remember feeling, "I don't want to have cancer. Why is this
I went to pray with my 10-year-old. He said that he wished he had two hearts, because
one of them was breaking.
I had to reassure her a lot that I'm going to be okay. Things are going to be all right.
God is on our side.
This is one thing Cancer Treatment Centers does for people. They give them the courage
and the strength to battle cancer.
When you first walk in that building, you almost feel like there is the presence of
the Holy Spirit.
It is about the patient. It is only about the patient and what is it that they need
and what do they want.
Call now, and we'll send you this free DVD that shows you how our very special team of
experts and caregivers put you at the center of everything we do. Hope is alive at Cancer
Treatment Centers of America.
I don't really see how anyone can get through a life-threatening disease without the Lord
in their life. He gives us the strength that we need to carry on.
You know, ever since the Rogers got that Sunsetter Awning, they've been unbearable.
Why? Just cause they're always outside having fun on their patio even on the hottest days?
Now you can make the smart move too, by finding out all about Sunsetter retractable awnings.
A Sunsetter will turn you patio or deck into a an outdoor oasis.
You mean you and I could be sitting outside instead of stuck in here with the air-conditioning
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Just call for a free information kit and you'll also receive a $200 savings certificate.
Well, look at them. They're having such a great time.
A Sunsetter awning adds value to your house and lets you have so much fun outside. Call
now to get your $200 savings certificate.
Did you call?
I called.
Call this number now to receive your free information kit, DVD, and $200 savings certificate.
1-800-668-6694. 1-800-668-6694.
Discipline of children is not an easy thing. You want to set down rules. So, what would
you do if you caught your kid stealing a piece of candy that you told him not to eat? Derek
Steel's parents grounded him for a month. They wouldn't let him leave the house. As
a matter of fact, they wouldn't let him leave his own room. They wanted to quote, "teach
him a lesson he'd never forget." That lesson worked, but not the way they planned.
I screamed, and yelled, and banged, and cried until that didn't get me anything.
Derek remembers it like it was yesterday. His mother's live-in boyfriend had locked
him in his bedroom for 30 days as a punishment for stealing a single piece of candy.
And I was beyond angry. I just wanted to smash everything and everybody around me.
Derek was given food, but had no books, toys or TV during his 30 days of solitary confinement.
And it got to the point where my days and nights were mixing together. I mean, I reached
what I think was a delusional state, not being able to sleep at night, sleeping during the
Remarkably, his mother did nothing to rescue him.
The hardest part of it all was that feeling of, "I must be absolutely worthless."
That sense of worthlessness and self-loathing would stick with Derek long after his punishment
was over. In fact, even from an early age, he learned how to medicate his emotional pain
by using illegal drugs and alcohol.
At eight, my first drink was with my parents at a Mexican food restaurant. My first drugs
came when I was 10 through my sister and her friends.
Derek's drug of choice at age 10 was marijuana.
I remember the feeling of, I mean, I started laughing and was laughing uncontrollably.
For the next decade, he medicated his emotional pain with alcohol and drugs.
Ecstasy was my favorite. I mean, it made me feel 10-feet tall and bulletproof, and the
smartest guy in the room. It was a way to suppress all of the feelings, the fear, and
the anxiety, and the loneliness, and the self-loathing.
By the time he turned 20, Derek had burned out physically and emotionally, and he was
facing prison. He'd violated a probation on an earlier charge. That's when it hit him.
When the truth set in, I saw what I was. I was a liar, a cheat, a thief, a dropout, a
drug addict; and I knew I was going to jail.
With his worldly possessions in a plastic bag, Derek checked into a Christian rehab
center. It was there through the counsel of a staff member that he had his first real
encounter with God.
He said, "The only way that you're going to be able to win this battle is with God's help,"
and I told him I didn't believe in God. I had never gone to church. It just wasn't a
part of my life.
Back at his bunk, Derek got on his knees and prayed the first payer that he had ever prayed.
And I said, "God, I feel like a fool being here on my knees and I don't even know that
You exist, but I need help."
That was Derek's turning point. The next day, he returned to the staff member's office and
for the first time, on his knees, prayed to receive Jesus as Savior. Over the next year,
Derek wrestled with his addictions, in group meetings and living with other recovering
alcoholics, but he never took another drink. When he left rehab, Derek married and began
to work in sales and marketing. Within five years, he and his wife started a high-end
landscaping design company which quickly became the largest and most respected in Houston.
When he sold that company five years after he started it, he became an instant millionaire.
But, Derek's reaction to success was surprising.
You know, there was a very small amount of bliss. There was maybe an afternoon of bliss
after we had sold the company and saw the money and the wire transfer, and then the
next day, it was, "Is this it?"
Over the years that Derek had been running the business, he had drifted from God. He
says that caused a growing void inside.
There was a God-sized hole that I was trying to put everything other than God into. Shopping,
and traveling, and everything else, and all of those things stopped working. And so, the
last resort for me was to either kill myself or to drink again.
That's when Derek sensed a quiet voice inside telling him to call his sponsor. His sponsor
urged him to pray.
When I prayed, and I hit my knees in my closet. I invited God in to have all of me, and it
was like immediately all of those thoughts of drinking and going back to that, and hating
who I was at that point, were removed.
Over the past few years, Derek has been serving other recovering alcoholics at the Christian
rehab center where he found hope. And, he published his first book, called Addict at
Ten, his life story. But, ask him what is most important to him now, and he'll tell
you it's spending time with the two children he and his wife have been able to adopt.
That time's the best time, when we read books. I don't know it's praying with him at night
and just, he just doesn't have to go through what I had to go through. The cycle is broken.
The cycle is broken. The cycle is broken. What Christ has done for me is available to
anyone. Christ is the solution. Christ is the answer.
The cycle is broken. Let me ask you, what have you been through? I doubt very seriously
if any of you have ever had somebody so fiendish that they'd lock you in a room alone for 30
days. That was a horrible thing to do to a child. But, something has happened to you.
Many times your mother takes on a boyfriend, and he abuses you. Many times, young people
are molested by their uncles, sometimes by their fathers, sometimes by their father's
friends. You never know what happens. Sometimes mothers say terribly cruel things to little
boys, "I hate you. I'm sorry I ever bore you," and all this kind of stuff. Many children
feel abandoned. They don't know what life is all about; and instead of having loving
and nurturing, they're brought up in a cold environment. What happened to you? What happened
to you? The cycle can be broken and the only One to do it is Jesus. He can fill you with
love. Instead of hatred, He can give you love. He can give you acceptance. He can pull you
to Himself, and the warm glow of His presence can fill you, and from that moment on, the
cycle will be broken. Don't dwell on the past, but dwell on the future of what God has for
you. He has a bright, wonderful future ahead for you. A bright, wonderful future, and He
will erase the scars of the past if you'll just turn it over to Him. He is God and He
loves you. Now, you say, "What do I do?" Well, I want you to ask Him and if you will pray
with me, I'll lead you in a prayer that will get you free from whatever bondage you're
in. Whatever it was that took place in your early life. Pray with me right now. Don't
be afraid. Pray these words, "Jesus." That's right, pray with me. "Jesus, Lord, I know
You are God and I know that You came to earth and that You died on the cross for my sins,
and I know You paid the price for everything that has happened to me or everything I have
done. Now, Lord, Jesus, I believe that You are alive, that you rose from the dead, and
I call upon You now and I say, ‘Lord, come into my heart. Break the bondage of what has
happened in my past, and let me live from this moment on in Your presence. I surrender
to you, Lord. I give you my heart and my life. In Jesus' name, come now, I pray, into my
life and from this moment on, I am Yours. Thank You, Jesus, that you've heard my prayer
and thank You that You've come into my heart.'" Praise God. The bondage has been broken and
you're free.
What I want you to do though, is to start out. This is step one. There are more steps
because you want to grow in the knowledge of the Lord. He is now with you. His Spirit
is within you. You're accepted in the family of God. But what do you do next? Well, first
of all, you need to understand what's just happened. And then, what does the Bible say
about if you fall, if you sin? What do you do next? And then, what about the baptism
of the Holy Spirit and how much more blessing He has for you? What about His second coming?
There's a CD, 73 minutes, that tells you all of those things, and we'll give this to you
There's absolutely no financial obligation. There's a little booklet that goes along with
it, called "A New Day." It has Bible verses to back up what's on this CD. We'll give this
to you free. It's called "A New Day." Just call in and say, "Look, I prayed with Pat.
I prayed with that guy on TV. I have given my heart to the Lord." The angels are rejoicing
about what you've done. It's 1-800-759-0700. Pick up the phone and call in. We're here
for you! Jesus loves you, and we're delighted at what you've just done. So, operators are
on the phone. If they're busy for any reason, please call back. Don't just call once, but
the lines should be open and they're here for you: 1-800-759-0700. Kristi.
Thank you so much, Pat. Well, we have been compiling your questions all throughout the
entire show, and soon you're actually going to be getting your answer. So, stay tuned,
because it's time to Bring It Online! Up next.
Brenda, you gotta see the video I saw on The 700 Club. I pray God will do the same awesome
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Just like you did for Xang Xu. She and her three children lost everything in an earthquake.
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. . . . Oil prices are up and showing no signs of coming down. Could an alternative be right
under our feet?
That's a nice little chunk of change for doing nothing.
See why natural gas is being called, "The next gold."
For the first time, we have a real ability to take control of our energy future.
Plus . . . .
. . . . Rebecca Saint James on the day she's been waiting for her entire life. Tomorrow
on The 700 Club.
Well, these days, sadly enough, millions of Americans are out of work. A few years ago,
Mike Sheahan was one of them. But, then he went from the unemployment line to company
president in just a few months, and here's how he did it.
Mike and Cynthia Sheahan of Castle Rock, Colorado, have stuck together through some pretty hard
financial times, and through it all, they've been faithful tithers.
Even during rough times, in our hearts, we knew that was the right thing to do.
In 2003, Mike was laid off from his job in the stone and gravel production business.
It forced me for maybe my first time to turn everything over, not just the pieces that
I didn't think I could control, but everything, to what the Lord wanted to do.
A few months later, Mike was offered an opportunity to become president of a start-up company.
He accepted, and his business is prospering even in today's tough economy.
Even when things are as difficult as they are economically, the Lord continues to be
faithful to me and to my company to provide us what we need in these very, very challenging
economic times.
The Sheahans are members of CBN's Chairman's Circle and have been partnering with CBN for
nearly 20 years.
The integrity that we saw at CBN, and continue to see at CBN, makes us solid partners in
the Lord's work. We believe that CBN makes better use of God's money, our tithes, than
anywhere else that we could put our funds right now.
They're willing to step out for the people who cannot stand up for themselves, and I
love that.
Through it all, Mike and Cynthia have learned that trusting in God is the safest thing you
can do.
He's stepped out faithfully every time and blessed us with something greater than we
could ever have imagined. So, if God does ask you to step outside your comfort zone,
go, and you'll be amazed at what will happen on the other side.
You know, there are so many people who are hurt in the world. There are so many people
who don't know Jesus, and the opportunity is bigger and greater now than it has ever
been in history. The doors are wide open.
With the fall of Communism, it is like the whole world is open and people are just hungering
to know the Lord. What do you do? We're out there reaching them. Millions and millions
and millions, but it does take some money to do it. And so, people who join our 700
Club, join our Chairman's Circle—last night I did the Chairman's Circle call. We have
a special exclusive, just for the Chairman's Circle, and that is always a blessing to me,
and a few hundred tune in for that because it's exclusive. But we can tell you things
we didn't necessarily say on the air. But, there are people who pledge $10,000 a year,
and it's wonderful. So listen, we have something that everybody says is interesting, called
The Law of Expectation.
It's more than interesting. It's good.
Is it good?
No, it really is. It's really good. I've said this before and I'll say it again. It's one
of my favorite DVDs that both you and Gordon have put out. Absolutely.
Is it really?
Yeah. And I don't lie because I don't want to get struck down by lightning. So, yeah.
I don't think I've ever listened to it.
You've never listened to it? Well, you said it, so there's your saving grace. You actually
were the teacher.
I decided I didn't want to watch myself say it. Alright. Anyway, we'll give you that when
you join The 700 Club. Sixty-five cents a day, and it'll happen. And now, Mrs. Green
Jeans is going to tell us how to fix a garden. You know, I did something in the garden today.
Did you?
We had an onion.
Just one onion?
The onion was in our kitchen, and it started sprouting and so I figured, I've got to put
it in the ground. So, today I went out and scratched a little hole, put the thing down
there and pushed a little dirt around it, and I hope it'll grow.
Do you think it's gonna grow?
Probably not.
That reminds me. That's like when my son, he takes acorns and puts the acorns in the
ground, because he wants a tree.
Yeah, okay, well that's smart.
Okay, so here's a question for you, Pat. Have you ever heard of something called staycation?
Okay, staycation is like the latest trend. Because gas prices are crazy and because of
the economy, more people are choosing to stay at home rather than go out and about. So I
thought, wouldn't it be cool to do a segment on how to make your backyard kind of like
your own vacation oasis? So, I started with my backyard. So, check this out. For the past
two days, I have actually gotten one of the guys from HGTV. There he is, Justin Cave.
He's fantastic. And we, in two days, remodeled my entire backyard from beginning to end.
Those boots.
Alright, you ready? Here we go. Look, I was working like a dog, so no one can say that
I have not worked.
I can't believe it.
I know.
Look at those boots. Give me a close-up of those boots.
Here is a close up of these boots. I didn't know this was possible. I busted out a hole
in my boot.
Oh, you didn't!
Yeah. I busted them out, and four of us did. I didn't know you could bust through boots,
but that's hard working, brother. Have you ever worked so hard you busted out of your
No, but I've worked hard. I had a roto tiller. I did a garden and stuff. Well, that's going
to be April the 19th?
Yeah. Next Tuesday, we're going to have a live reveal. It's going to be exciting.
Oooh. Kristi in the garden. Okay! It's time for some questions.
It's time for some questions, so we're gonna jump right in. Remember, this is the fun part.
You've had the opportunity the whole show to e-mail Pat. Debra writes in and she says,
"My husband yells and swears at me in front our nine-year-old son. As my son gets older,
how can I make sure that he doesn't mimic my husband's actions?"
You can do it by leaving your husband. I mean, that's awful! He needs to have some anger
management. The idea that he would curse at his wife and yell at her. It doesn't matter
who it's in front of. That's outrageous behavior! We're supposed to live in harmony with one
another. He needs Jesus. He needs to get set free, and you need to say to him, "Listen,
I've had enough of this, and you're going to counseling or else." You need to find somebody
who is understanding and can deal with a man of that temperament. But, the Bible says,
"Have nothing to do with an angry man." I mean, you've got him; he's your husband. But
my goodness that's horrible! Insist. You say, "Look, I'm not going to stand for this. I'm
not going to have my child brought up in that environment, and you are going to go to an
anger management course or counselor, or else!" Okay, what's next?
That was good. Alright.
You liked that answer?
I did, except the first line, though, "Leave your husband," I thought . . .
I changed.
You changed. Thank you. I'm glad you found Jesus halfway through, because at the very
beginning, I was like, "Oh."
I said, "No I better hadn't tell them to do that."
There you go! I was scared.
But my instant reaction was . . .
You found your way, Pat.
Leave off the key, Lee. Get out the back, Jack. Okay, go ahead.
Alright, Elinor says, "A friend of mine was hypnotized to lose weight and it worked. Is
it wrong for a Christian to participate in hypnosis?"
Yes, it really is, because hypnosis is you're giving control of your subconscious mind to
somebody else, and you cannot understand what subconscious thoughts could be coming in.
You can hypnotize somebody. It isn't hard to do. I know how to hypnotize somebody, but
it's not something that should be done.
You know how to hypnotize people?
What do you do? Get a little watch and say, "You are sleepy, very sleepy."
Yes. Yeah, and get them conscious of, "You're getting sleepy." They accept that suggestion,
then you go to the next. We used to do this in prep school. It was kind of a big joke,
you know.
Yeah. I was about to say do you go to hypnotist school or something?
I want to know! I want to know!
We played as kids, like 16-year-old, 15-year-old, 14-year-old, in prep school. But anyhow, no,
don't get hypnotized. I don't agree with hypnosis, because you're giving the subconscious of
your mind over to somebody else. Alright, what's next?
That's good. I feel like getting a watch and saying, "Pat, you are getting sleepy." Anyway,
Mia says, "I'm 18 years old and haven't seen my father in years. How can I initiate a relationship
with him when my mom actually has no interest in helping me?"
Well, you could try writing a letter or you can try tracking him down. Where is he? And
talk to him. Chances are he might not want to see you, but you could give it a shot.
You know, you love him and you want to have some relationship, but how do you do it? Well,
pick up the phone. That's how you do it. Or, write a letter. Or, send e-mail. However you
communicate with people. Try it and see. You've got to locate him first.
You know, Pat, that's a great answer, because I've seen this throughout the years of different
family and friends that I've known where, let's say the couple breaks up or something
happens with the spouses and the kids always end up hurt. Well, you know, I think it's
wonderful for the kids to have that courage to say, "You know, that might have been mom
and dad's problem, but I'm not going to take what happened to them. I'm going to love my
mom and love my dad."
That's right. It's gotta be. It's gotta be.
Yeah. You've got to do that. Good advice. Alright, Tammy writes and says, "I love Jesus,
but I feel like I can never live up to His standards. How can I make sure that I'm good
enough for Him?" That's a great question.
Tammy, I've got news for you. No, you're not good enough for Him.
Okay, now. None of us are good enough for Him.
This man went to this counselor, and he says, "I've been told I have an inferiority complex."
And the counselor talked to him and he says, "I've got news for you. You are inferior."
I'm going to make sure I never call you for a pep talk, Pat.
But, in this case you're not good enough. None of us are good enough. In Christ we are
good enough. It's only through Him. So, it is surrendering ourselves to Him and saying,
"Lord, I take your sacrifice, your spirit, and I ask you to fill me with your Spirit."
"It is not by works of righteousness which we have done, but by His grace that saves
us," not by what we've done, so don't try to do it. It's impossible. You can't do it.
So, if you surrender to Him, He can do it, and then the blessing comes. It's by faith.
Good answer!
Okay! Well, that's all the time we have for today. If she agrees, it must be something.
It must be good if I agree.
Yeah. It must be good. Tomorrow, we have a live performance from Rebecca Saint James.
We leave you with these words from the Psalms . . . .
. . . . "He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds." See you tomorrow. Bye, bye.
Good job.
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