MasterChef US Season 3 Episode 18

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(Male announcer) Masterchef, the search
for america's greatest home cook,
began months ago.
[Cheers and applause]
Last week, only five remained.
And it was a fight to finish to recreate
one of Graham's signature dishes.
The dream is nearly a reality.
(Announcer) But the reality for single mom monti
meant the end of her masterchef dream.
Monti, your time is done.
Because of the three of you,
I have discovered
my self-confidence again.
And there's no way I could ever thank you enough.
You're gorgeous. You're talented.
Follow that dream.
(Announcer) Tonight the home cooks come face to face
with three of the world's most renowned chefs.
Wow, wow.
My heart is beating out of my chest right now.
(Announcer) It's the ultimate battle
as the top four compete
for a spot in the semifinal.
(Josh) I feel like I'm about to pass out.
I mean, I never felt this way before
in my whole life.
(Joe) It was just, like, an incomplete dish.
Yeah, that's a big flaw there.
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I think being in top four means a lot to me
because I had a lot of issues
at the beginning in believing in myself,
but I think if I keep focus and stay positive,
I think I do have what it takes to win.
And then there's our plating stations
to the right.
(Frank) I'm honored to be here in the top four,
to even have this opportunity.
I'm here to stay. I'm gonna win this.
Great to see you.
Frank, Becky,
Christine, and Josh,
You'll face your toughest challenge yet.
And it's all taking place right here.
Your guests tonight
will be just six individuals.
Three of them are standing directly in front of you.
The other three
have logged many, many Miles and hours to get here.
They're actually touching down in Los Angeles
as we speak.
Our first vip judge
is chef guy savoy...
Who owns six restaurants around the world,
including his restaurant guy savoy in Paris.
His restaurant in Caesar's palace Las Vegas
has been recognized as one of the top restaurants
in the United States for the last five years running.
And he was my culinary mentor.
Guy savoy, this guy's legit.
I mean, he has restaurants all over the world.
He was even Gordon's mentor.
And it really means a lot to me because I feel
like Gordon's my mentor.
(Graham) Our next vip guest chef judge
is chef Daniel boulud,
owner of seven of the most acclaimed restaurants
in New York City.
He's an author of six best-selling cookbooks
and is basically the Sinatra of the kitchen
in New York City.
Chef Daniel boulud, wow.
You know, he's even scarier than Gordon.
(Joe) Chef alain ducasse's restaurants
in Paris, London, and Monaco
have each been awarded three michelin stars.
He is one of only two chefs
in the entire world
that has more stars than Gordon--
21 michelin stars.
Alain ducasse flew in from Paris
just to eat our food tonight.
I never in a million years
thought that I would be cooking
for French chefs.
Anyone in the world
would be honored
and terrified, myself included,
to cook for these three guest judges.
But, since you're the final four, we felt
you were ready for this challenge.
You'll be split into teams of two.
And each team will create
a stunning three-course dinner.
Christine, the cook with the best dish
in the previous elimination challenge,
comes with a big advantage.
You get to pick your teammate.
You three come stand over here.
These are yours.
Okay. Okay?
Christine. Yes.
If you lose this challenge,
you will have to cook against your teammate,
the person you pick, in a head-to-head pressure test.
Now's the time to pick
who that person will be on your team.
I want to go into this challenge
not with the attitude of possibly losing,
but just to win.
So my pick is...
Becky. Thank you, darling. Wow.
(Joe) The girls versus the boys.
(Josh) I don't want to be on the same team as Frank
because Frank could have saved me in the last push test,
but he obviously chose to save himself.
I just was pissed after that.
Are you ready? Yes.
Yes. Your time...
Starts now.
(Announcer) This challenge,
our four remaining cooks must conceptualize,
prepare, and serve
a three-course meal for their toughest critics yet.
I'm gonna grab some fruit, okay?
(Announcer) In just 90 minutes,
the teams will serve their appetizers.
30 minutes later, they must plate
their entrees.
What do you need? The lamb.
(Announcer) Followed by a final 30 minutes to serve
their delicious desserts.
It's all down to Christine, and she picked Becky.
Like, that's kind of the dream team, right?
Because Christine has the palate,
and Becky can plate with finesse,
so, if you put those two together,
maybe it's a winning formula.
Okay, so should we go, like, an Asian route maybe?
And I could do the broth. I like that.
No, I don't have 'em.
A really interesting dynamic as well.
Frank said he would save Josh,
then had a chance to save himself and did.
I think you can see some animosity creep in
because, if I was Josh right now,
I'd be pretty defensive. Yeah.
Against someone like Frank.
Deep down, that's the stuff that you don't forget.
Okay, here it is.
Josh, those carrots look like [Bleep]
Not being peeled, bro.
Say what? They look like [Bleep] in there.
They really do.
You can't really peel these, though.
Okay. All right. You can't.
Get the [Bleep] out of here.
All right, ladies.
Give me a little insight into the menu.
So we're basically doing an Asian-themed menu,
starting with the thai broth
that we're gonna pour into a dish.
We're actually gonna serve it table-side,
and it's gonna cook the Halibut and the prawn,
a little bit of mussel and clam.
It's gonna be a showstopper, we're hoping.
Entree? We're doing duck.
Where it's going to be pan-fried so we get a nice, crispy skin.
So very Asian-dominated, I mean--
very Asian-dominated.
We want that theme to cull through in the whole menu.
And that's going through dessert as well?
We're doing kind of like a coconut
with other tropical fruits
with a coconut chocolate mousse on top, and then serve it
with, like, a tuile with, like, coconut.
Do not let me down.
Work together.
Josh, Frank, how you doing?
Doing great, chef.
Josh, give me insight into the appetizer.
We're going to do a spring vegetable terrine.
A spring vegetable terrine.
How do you set that in just under an hour?
We're gonna use a gelatin base to set it,
and then we're gonna set it in the freezer.
That cannot taste of gelatin. You know that?
You're setting that now?
Yup. Entree. Talk to me, Josh.
We're gonna do a lamb saddle.
We're gonna wrap that in prosciutto.
We're gonna season it.
Where are you on the menu, Josh?
I'm in the dessert.
I'm gonna make a white chocolate mousse.
Christine, how you feeling, babe?
Good. You? All right, cool.
I love what the red team are doing with their Halibut.
They're slicing it so thin, that when they pour
that fragrant stock on there, it's gonna cook it beautifully.
So the fish are going in raw. Smart.
Very smart. That terrine on the blue team,
it looks insipid. I'm nervous.
I am so worried about that appetizer.
It's just gonna taste of gelatin.
He's got no other flavors there.
It's just a seasoned water with the powdered gelatin.
Not a smart move.
20 minutes to go
before those doors open
to three legends.
What do you guys got going on here?
Prosciutto-wrapped lamb saddle.
Prosciutto-wrapped lamb saddle?
You guys might be stepping out of your comfort zone here.
Might as well do that than try to be safe here
and make you guys, you know, spaghetti and meatballs.
Asian, huh? Yeah, we're going Asian,
and we're doing, like, a Peking duck
where it's going to be pan-fried,
so we get a nice, crispy skin.
And I'm also making a hoisin sauce,
which is gonna be very strong.
A roasted daikon puree, which I thought would be
a little different.
Chinese broccoli, some mushrooms,
and the rice cakes.
Speed up, guys.
Just over five minutes from now,
the vip guests will be arriving.
Entrees. So red team are cooking the duck.
Sounds like-- almost like crispy hoisin duck.
Versus the gross saddle of lamb.
Right, yeah, if the blue team can pull that off,
I think that that's-- that's gonna be
the shining dish of the whole day.
The dessert.
Blue team doing a white chocolate mousse
with a poached rhubarb.
I mean, it's very, very fussy.
The thing about the red team
is they've kind of gone through this Asian journey.
Exotic fruits and guava and things like that
on dessert, so it's a very cohesive menu.
Knowing who our judges are,
the sensibility of the blue team menu
definitely gives them an advantage.
Doing some very sophisticated--
(Gordon) Providing they pull it off.
Providing. They're taking bigger risks.
Come on, finishing touches.
Start thinking how you're gonna present that
Okay, Becky, Christine, Josh, and Frank...
Your special v-vip guest judges have arrived.
Wow, wow.
Oh, my God.
Your special v-vip guest judges
have arrived.
Oh, my God.
Gentlemen, it's our honor
and our pleasure to have three
of the top chefs in the world
here tonight in the masterchef kitchen.
I mean, there's cooks out there that would cut their leg off
to cook for one of these guys,
and I'm cooking for all three.
Man, it's amazing.
Good to see you. Gordon.
Bonsoir. Bonsoir, chef.
All right, guys, back to work.
Let's go. Unbelievable.
Gentlemen, please. [Speaks French]
Please take your seats.
And the appetizers will be served shortly.
Thank you.
They have to make their best dinner ever.
They have to mass-produce and put up six plates,
like in a restaurant. Six apps, six entrees,
six desserts. Yup.
Got everything? All the mussels, all the clams?
You salted all of 'em?
(Gordon) Ten seconds to appetizers.
Ten, nine, eight,
seven, six, five,
four, three,
two, one.
Ready to serve?
Please pick up the appetizers
for the red team and the blue team, please.
The tea kettle on the right, okay,
'cause they're pouring from the right.
Let's go, guys.
Right. From the red team,
we've got a Asian-inspired broth with seafood.
And the broth is made out of lemongrass,
ginger, and basil,
and the heads of the prawns.
I prefer more seasoning. Mm-hmm.
Is not concentrated flavors.
To just have the hot bouillon
to barely cook the shellfish, that was beautiful.
I like a delicate dish like that.
(Gordon) And the blue team,
you've got a spring vegetable mosaic
with a mousse of spot prawn
with a fresh, new season, pea puree.
For me, it's too small.
Too small. I think carrots and asparagus
is a little bit limited in flavor.
But overall I think the texture of the vegetable are good.
I think there is too much gelatin.
Yes. Vegetables are nice.
Too much sauce in the salad.
It feel heavy.
Hands down, it's the red team.
A little bit more finesse,
a little bit more understanding.
Weak broth, but there's way too much gelatin here.
Yeah. I'm gonna go get the entrees.
Better start plating.
I have 60 seconds to push
all of our entrees out,
so I'm slicing the duck.
[Imitates slicing sound] I'm like, "there's one."
[Imitates slicing sound] "There's one."
My heart is beating
out of my chest right now.
Where's the yogurt? Um, [Bleep].
So the last few moments I forget the yogurt sauce.
So I had to whip up some yogurt sauce really, really quick.
Christine, I'm gonna need you to bring that rice over
as soon as it's done, okay?
Rice is coming in, like, ten seconds.
Just get some herbs in there real quick.
Okay, 15 seconds left, guys.
Finish these plates properly.
Let's do it right. Come on.
Get a little spoon. Just do a little dollop
on the side.
So we're forgetting the orange oil?
I can only have the rice on the plate right now, okay?
That's what's going on. Uh-oh.
Ten, nine, eight... Sprinkling.
Seven, six, five,
four, three, two,
one, stop.
Time's called on the entrees,
and unfortunately I did not get the rice cakes
on all of the plates, and that could definitely
be, like, the nail on our coffin.
All right, just move on. Let's just move on, okay?
All right, let's focus on dessert.
Just leave them there, yes.
Thank you.
(Joe) So from the red team we have duck
with crispy bamboo rice, Chinese broccoli,
and pickled daikon.
So the skin of the duck
is not enough crispy.
The rice is too sweet.
I'm noticing that Gordon and Graham have a rice cake.
I don't. You don't have a rice cake?
Maybe they run short,
or it fell on the floor.
The duck, the cook is nice,
but the rice cake was under seasoned for me.
I like the idea, though.
From the blue team
we have stuffed lamb saddle
with couscous and roasted baby vegetables.
That loin is perfect.
I prefer the lamb because it perfect seasoning.
It's a very interesting combination
of good look, good taste.
Amazing--even that little punch of yogurt
was superb.
Good seasoning.
The contrast with the dry fruit inside
is nice. I like that.
Very tasty. The cook is perfect.
Yeah, hands down, the blue team, definitely.
I'm gonna go check on desserts.
It can all come down to this.
(Frank) You gotta make them bigger than that.
You want to do one?
Yeah. All right.
So Frank starts taking over the plating
of the white chocolate mousse,
and there's no continuity on the desserts.
He's just dropping drops on the plate.
I'm thinking we're gonna be screwed.
One minute left.
Make sure that everything that's on that plate
is perfect.
Watch out.
It's extremely important
that every plate is the exact same
and has all of the components on it.
15 seconds to go.
Wait. What are you doing? I need those.
Sorry. Wait, wait, wait. Give me two seconds.
(Graham) Five, four, three,
two, one. Balsamic, balsamic.
(Graham) Time is up.
15 seconds to go.
What are you doing? I need those. Oh, sorry.
Watch out.
(Graham) Five, four, three,
two, one. Balsamic, balsamic.
(Graham) Time is up.
(Josh) When they call time on the desserts,
I know we screwed this one up.
It looked like six different people plated those plates.
On the red team, you have guava coulis
with coconut cake, the tropical fruits,
and then a coconut creme chantilly and the tuile.
I can see everything, the guava,
the passion fruit, the mango.
Eat everything together
actually works.
I quite like the sort of different textures
of the acidity with the dessert.
They worked hard at that.
The blue team, the rhubarb's been poached
with verjus, and then the strawberries
were roasted and pureed.
And then there's basil and aged balsamic.
But yours look better than mine.
Yeah, mine looks different.
(Graham) Agree.
And you have extra dots on yours, and I don't.
Actually, chef ducasse's over here does not have
balsamic or the basil component.
They forget. Again.
(Daniel) Yeah, that's a big flaw there.
I don't like the chocolate mousse.
The presentation of the chocolate mousse.
No, I don't like.
I found every bite to be pleasant.
While maybe it didn't look pretty,
it tasted good.
If you can manage to put it all together
on one bite on your palate,
it's kind of explosive.
I think that the strawberry powder
is brilliant.
I love it as a contrast.
It's kind of salty and tart.
And altogether, it really kind of pushes the limits.
(Announcer) Now that each team's three courses
have been tasted, the judges have the chance
to ask both teams some questions before deciding on the winners.
(Gordon) Gentlemen.
May I introduce you to Becky and Christine.
Ladies, well done. You can relax.
Thank you. They don't bite.
Alain, any questions?
Yes. For the ladies on the appetizer?
We got a Asian-inspired broth with seafood.
Why you forget seasoning in a soup?
I felt like maybe the seasoning
was pretty much almost there.
For me, it's too light,
the seasoning, to finish.
To the credit of the seafood,
it helped the seafood being very pristine
in its taste.
Mine was perfect.
(Gordon) The blue team's appetizer.
Which was the mosaic of spring vegetables.
Guy. I think there is no balance
between the jelly and the vegetables.
(Graham) It almost seemed
like these beautiful pieces of vegetable
that were trapped in this weird jelly concoction.
(Gordon) Entrees.
Every dish looked different.
Who plated those dishes?
I did, chef.
Daniel did not have any rice on his plate.
Daniel didn't get a rice cake.
Forgetting the rice on one of the plates is kind of...
Obviously I was trying to get them all on the plate,
and then the time-- I mean...
So there's an extra rice cake sitting back there?
Yes. And it just didn't make it on the plate.
Yes. Wow. Wow.
I like the lamb. Beautiful dish for me.
The cook couldn't have been better.
It literally looked like it came out of a restaurant.
And the punch was in the yogurt.
Who made that yogurt?
I did. Bravo.
It was very good.
The feedback to the red team
for the dessert.
I think the tuile was one of the most interesting things
we ate today, period.
One simple retro glass
with something quite magical inside.
Loved it. Thank you.
(Gordon) Blue team for the desserts.
I don't understand the presentation.
One strawberry in two pieces
and two small pieces of rhubarb.
(Graham) Chef ducasse didn't get balsamic
or the basil component.
I sat here and looked at both dishes
and cringed.
You know, there was no rhyme or reason,
and, you know, I'm really disappointed in the way
that dessert came out.
You know, the idea was good,
but it was just, like, an incomplete dish.
Obviously it expressed some sort of disharmony
between the people creating it.
It was just like an argument on a plate.
Okay. I agree.
Back to your stations, please.
Were you surprised that Christine was blind?
Yeah, yeah.
But, you know, we always say in the kitchen
to a cook, we say, "you have to practice
"until you can close your eyes and do it
without seeing it."
And, alain, red team or blue team?
(Announcer) The fate of the final home cooks
will now be decided by our six distinguished judges.
Let's go and deliver the news.
Chef boulud, would you be so kind
to deliver the results, please?
We were very impressed
that you home cook could create
such sophisticated dishes.
Congratulations to both team.
(All) Thank you.
We have decided
that the best meal was cooked by...
The red team. [Both gasp]
(Both) Oh, my God.
Thank you so much. Thank you so much.
We made it. We won.
We beat the boys yet again
and sealed our spots
in being top three.
Guy, Daniel, alain, it's been an absolute pleasure
and an honor, and thank you so much.
For making the effort to travel halfway around the world
to be here to judge this very, very special night.
Thank you so much. Congratulations.
(Both) Thank you so much.
Excellent. Merci, mon ami.A bientot.
I think we lost because it all came down to dessert
and Frank slipped up.
Christine and Becky, you have confirmed
a place in the top three of masterchef.
Well done.
Blue team, there's a very daunting--
in fact the most horrific pressure test
coming up for both of you.
The pressure test is like clash of the titans.
It's me and Frank, one on one.
When we say pressure test,
it's unlike ever before.
(Frank) Me and Josh right back in the kitchen.
I'm ready to go into the pressure test.
This is gonna be intense.
Welcome. Ladies...
Head up to the gallery.
You are safe from this pressure test.
Well done. (Both) Thank you.
Great job.
Josh, Frank,
it's pressure test time.
And that means that one of you is just one challenge away
from leaving the masterchef kitchen forever.
(Joe) This pressure test
is all about the gorgeous, yet oh-so treacherous...
Ah, looks like a cheese souffle.
(Gordon) A stunning, sumptuous, delicious
white cheddar cheese souffle.
Josh. Yes.
How good are you at making a stunning souffle?
(Josh) I understand the techniques.
I feel like I can put them together and make them work.
I made it a couple times.
Tough one.
Mastering a cheese souffle
is so difficult.
The timing is everything.
And it's about to get more difficult.
Guys, I'm not in the mood for a cheese souffle today.
Oh, my gosh.
At the same exact time
as you bring Gordon his savory cheese souffle,
I want...
Oh, my God, they're gonna have to make two.
A raspberry souffle.
Hmm. We're not finished yet.
Can't forget about me.
Shut up.
(Graham) I want one of these.
Dark chocolate souffle.
Thank God it's not me in that pressure test.
I don't know how they're going to make
3 different souffles in 60 minutes.
One hour on the dot
into this challenge, both of you
are going to produce a stunning savory cheese souffle
and a beautiful, rich, delicious chocolate souffle
and a stunning, acidic raspberry souffle
all at the same time.
Honestly, guys,
it's almost impossible.
Why can't you guys all eat the same one?
Oh, no. That would be too easy.
All right. I'm ready.
I'll take it on.
Both you, please head to your stations.
On your stations, you will find
identical ingredients.
We are giving you one hour and two ovens.
You are giving us three perfect souffles.
Got it? (Both) Got it.
Your 60 minutes...
Very difficult.
(Gordon) Whoever comes out on top of this one
in my mind deserves to go straight to this final,
let alone the top three, because it is so daunting.
But the real zinger is this one savory and two sweet,
because you can't even use the same base.
Getting one of these out perfectly is a challenge
in itself.
(Gordon) The secret to any good souffle
is in the egg whites.
If they're not done evenly and that egg white
is not broken down, bang, you'll never get
any form of raise.
Josh certainly made some stunning desserts for us
in the past.
Frank--desserts aren't his strong point.
Frank's not used to being in the pressure test.
He's not used to that intensity.
Josh now, you know, has so much more experience
because he's been there four times.
So much of this, though,
is also that technical know-how,
you know, and what we're seeing right now,
Frank actually writing the times down.
I mean, he got that money-math background.
And this might be a place for him to have that
shine through.
Tonight's game is all about the timing.
So get all your bases made first.
Between the chocolate and the cheese one,
they've got to go in first.
Raspberry's gonna be a lot lighter.
Frank. Yes?
Which one's going in first?
The first one that's gonna go in is the cheese souffle
because I know it's gonna take longer.
Then the chocolate, and then the raspberry.
Josh. Yes, chef.
How you feeling? Feeling great, chef.
You went home on a pressure test.
Can you seriously beat him?
I definitely can beat him.
How's your cheese souffle gonna outsmart Frank's?
I'm gonna keep it simple.
I'm gonna use a little bit of nutmeg
and paprika to give it some flavor,
and I'm also gonna use white cheddar.
It feels so good to be upstairs in the balcony right now.
Creating three souffles to come out at the exact same time
is damn near impossible,
and, um, I feel for these guys.
Right now, I'm just working from right to left.
And I just need to get all my bases going.
And then I can start assembling the souffles
and working on the meringues.
The meringues require a lot of attention.
So it's imperative that I stay on top of it.
I've had just as many good desserts as he has,
so I don't really think I'm an underdog.
Joe, what are you looking for from your raspberry souffle?
I want it to be light,
delicate, fragrant.
Like smelling a beautiful glass of red wine.
For the chocolate souffle, what I want
is something, you know, almost like eating a chocolate cloud.
Maybe a little bitter note from the cocoa.
I want it just delicious and light.
How about the cheddar? For my cheddar souffle,
what I don't want to see is big lumps of egg white anywhere,
so that even distribution of those egg whites
has to be almost beaten in.
You've got to have the confidence there.
You want a souffle, not an omelet.
(Gordon) Exactly that.
Frank, how we doing? Hey, chef.
What are you putting in there?
I'm putting in a little bit of smoked paprika.
I pray that that's the cheese.
This is the cheese one, yeah. [Laughs]
How we doing, Josh?
It's rough. You worried?
Hell, yeah, I'm worried.
Which one worries you the most, Josh?
The cheese souffle. Gordon's souffle? Why?
Because it's very intricate
with the fat in the cheese.
Fat in the cheese, yes, tricky.
These things should be going in the oven soon, right?
You ready? Yes.
(Gordon) Just over 40 minutes gone.
Under 20 minutes to go. Come on.
Souffles have got to start hitting the oven.
No one has one even in the oven yet.
So Josh, for the raspberry souffle,
is adding whole raspberries to the mix.
That's a big risk.
And if he's kind of thinking
that out of the box, if he's off the rails,
then I'm worried about him.
Frank seems to be going a more traditional route.
I think that a traditional souffle
will win this competition, and I think Frank has the edge.
(Graham) I think Frank is playing it too black and white,
a little too technical.
Josh a little bit more intuitive,
even though he's going out of the box with the raspberry.
And if he can do that, it's his game.
(Graham) Guys, last ten minutes to go!
He just put his cheese in.
Now I'm scrambling like hell.
I have seconds before it's too late to get
my chocolate souffle in,
and I see Frank.
He's calmer than me,
and I'm thinking, damn,
this dude is really the ice man.
Get them in the oven. Come on.
Josh is putting his last two in now
with nine minutes.
It's gonna be raw. He just put them in.
I don't even know if there's enough time.
There's no way in hell
that's gonna cook in 8 1/2 minutes.
I could be going home. This is intense.
(Joe) I think, for the first time
in the history of masterchef, we may have given them
a challenge that's not doable.
(Gordon) Two minutes to go. Come on.
We may have given them a challenge that's not doable.
It's all out of their hands now. It's in the oven.
90 seconds to go. Come on.
[Bleep], man. I'm nervous as hell.
The raspberries went in a little late.
They're gonna have to hurry and cook.
I'm worried about the raspberry in there.
Cheese are rising.
And the raspberry and the chocolate
aren't really rising yet.
(Gordon) Guys, a word of warning.
When you grip those souffles,
now is not the time to drop them.
Last 60 seconds, guys.
If they need more heat, crank up the oven.
Josh's cheese souffles look a little better.
You got this, you guys.
(Gordon) Please have all three souffles on your tray
ready to serve.
Ten, nine, eight,
seven, six, five, speed it up,
four, three, two,
Serve! Let's go. Come on.
From the beginning, I always knew
that Josh and I were going to end up going head to head.
3 souffles, 60 minutes,
it's intense.
(Gordon) Gently.
(Josh) This is it. It's me and Frank, one on one.
And this is a challenge I've been waiting for.
I'm gonna have to take Frank down today.
(Frank) Gordon holds up my spoon, and I look at it,
and it looks good to me, but, you know,
I'm sure there's things that are going through his mind
that aren't going through mine.
(Josh) So Gordon sticks his spoon in,
and it looks good.
It's hot, it's steamy,
it's Fluffy. This is it.
It's do or die.
It looks really goopy inside. Really?
Josh's chocolate souffle looks amazing.
However, it's gonna come down to flavor on that.
Just going into Josh's raspberry souffle right now.
Yeah, it looks really nice.
Frank and Josh, please come round to the front.
Thank you.
Bloody well done. That was tough.
Let me tell you.
The savory souffle.
Frank, what did you season yours with?
There's, uh, Spanish paprika.
And what kind of cheese?
Ratio, mixture.
No, I didn't do a mixture.
I just did the white cheddar.
Josh. Yes?
Seasoning in yours?
Was that nutmeg in there?
Yes, it is.
Frank, you happy with yours?
(Frank) Yeah, yeah.
I wanted to put some fresh raspberries in,
but, I mean, I just didn't have the second to grab it.
Josh, did you make any testers for your chocolate?
No, I didn't.
Prayed and hoped for the best?
We need some time.
We got some serious thinking to do.
How was the cheese souffle?
They both were very good.
The chocolate's really close.
The technique and just the aesthetics of it,
I mean, it was restaurant quality.
Might have had a little bit more flavor to it.
Yeah, it was like... It just came out
of a three-star kitchen.
It was picture perfect. Gorgeous.
(Joe) Tough.
Oh, man.
You both presented three stunning souffles.
And you both are so desperate to get into that final three.
Sadly, only one of you can make it.
Josh, you had a delicious seasoning going on.
Nutmeg actually worked.
It was crisp on top and smooth.
Really good. Thank you.
Frank, yours had that rich sumptuousness.
And again, seasoned beautifully.
Paprika, yeah, it worked.
Bold move.
The best cheese souffle...
I'm one souffle away from being in the top three.
The trophy, it already has my name on it.
So the raspberry souffles, they were both excellent
and had their own merits.
Josh's was aesthetically beautiful,
extremely light, extremely fragrant.
Frank's, on the other hand, a little bit denser,
but more extracted more of the real raspberry flavor.
The winning raspberry souffle was...
Technically kind of perfect.
And that souffle belonged to...
Wow, that's one-one.
I'm sorry, Graham, to put you
in this situation, but it's all down
to the chocolate souffle.
I hate being in this spot.
Frank, yours was very rich.
Josh, on the other hand, yours was lighter.
The flavor in both were very equal.
But, the end of the day,
one person's stood out amongst them.
The person with the best chocolate souffle
and going through to the top three
of masterchef...
(Gordon) That's one-one.
Sorry, Graham, to put you in this situation.
It's all down to the chocolate souffle.
I hate being in this spot.
The person with the best chocolate souffle...
(Frank) There's $1/4 million waiting for me.
There's a cookbook deal waiting for me.
I'm ready to rock and roll.
It's time to send Josh home.
Going through to the top three of masterchef...
I really came in this competition to win,
to be that masterchef.
There's only gonna be one man
in the final three,
and it's gonna be me.
That person is...
Oh, my gosh. Oh, my gosh.
Oh, God. Thank you, lord.
(Christine) Oh, my God.
Frank's going home. Yeah.
Frank's going home.
Good job. Good job, Frank.
You did it, man.
Good job, man.
[Sighs] Whew. Damn, man.
I pulled it off.
I can't believe I pulled it off.
This is crazy. Frank and I, we had our battles.
He's a great cook, and I wish him well.
Josh, congratulations.
Please join the ladies upstairs.
Into the top three of masterchef.
Well done. Thank you, guys.
Take yourself up there. Good job, Frank.
[Indistinct chatter]
Frank, let me tell you something.
There's no stockbroker anywhere in the world
that holds that level of passion
that you have with food.
Take everything you've learned
and continue the journey.
'Cause you're going places.
Thank you, chef. Thank you.
I know what it takes to cut it
in the food business in New York.
I know who fakers are and who the real deal are,
and, Frank, my friend, you're the real deal.
You could do this.
You have the overall disposition to really be
a food entrepreneur.
Get out there
and make some money selling food.
(Frank) I appreciate it, Joe.
Come here.
This has been an unbelievable opportunity.
Thank you so much. Well done.
Well done. Honestly.
Appreciate it, man. Graham.
You're the man, dude. You're the man. Thanks.
Appreciate it. Joe. Be good.
All right, man.
(Gordon) Now, one, two, three,
who's gonna win masterchef?
Becky is gonna win masterchef.
I'm gonna be buying her cookbook, no problem.
Take care, guys. Thank you, Frank.
I'm disappointed that I lost.
My arch Nemesis Josh gets me in the end.
Frank, man.
Yay, Frank. It was an honor.
Bye, guys.
I'm extremely proud that I got this far.
Masterchef is definitely culinary boot camp.
Go, blue! Go! Go blue!
I've shown that I have the ability
to take charge and lead people.
Yes, we did, chef!
I've learned so much from these judges.
This is an Indian-fried catfish.
This is really good. Thank you.
This is definitely a life-changing experience.
The best dish tonight was yours, Frank.
(Gordon) Great flair.
Tremendous skill, Frank.
It's just a matter of time when I get into this business.
You can bet your ass
you're gonna be coming to my restaurant.
(Announcer) Next week on the masterchef semifinal...
(Announcer) The three remaining home cooks get one step closer
to their dreams. [Screams]
[Cheers and applause]
It's the battle for a spot in the finale.
Remember what's at stake.
Only two will continue on to compete
for $1/4 million...
I'm about to take these girls down today.
(Announcer) A cookbook...
I am a force to be reckoned with.
(Announcer) And the title of masterchef.
[Crying] I want this so much.
Sync and corrections by Ferke www.Addic7ed.Com