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How to make a million of dollars while gluing one’s eyes to a monitor?
It’s not about economists; it’s all about young gamers.
Ukrainian ones are considered to be the best in the world.
These days they get prepared for a forthcoming championship.
Boris Sachalko continues the story…
- Hello!
In the age of 23 he possesses his own BMW and a 2-room apartment.
Serhiy is not a deputy’s child. He’s a gamer.
- The main task is to shoot him into head.
Serhiy’s a former student. He was studying advertising for 3 years and then realized that gaming could bring more money.
Serhiy’s parents approved his decision.
- I explained my mom that studying was not my forte.
I was not good enough in sciences and I decided to quit. She agreed.
Serhiy participated in his first world championship in the age of seventeen.
As for now the guy is a fourfold world champion in counter strike.
These days he’s getting ready to compete for the title for 5th time.
The forthcoming tournament is will be held in a few weeks.
- Everything goes wrong in the very beginning.
And in two days you start recollecting everything, you fell what to do and your skills come back.
While championships the guy is competing for hundreds of thousands of dollars in prize money.
Serhiy and his four colleagues defend the honor of the best Ukrainian team.
Apart from prize money they draw salary.
- How much do you get? One and a half thousand or two thousands of dollars?
- Yeah, something like that.
To be a successful gamer one needs hair-trigger reaction and cool brainwork, Serhiy says.
In a second he maintains three actions simultaneously. In return he gets world fame and recognition.
- Could you please teach me something or talk to me. Let’s have a drink.
People ask me different stuff to get closer.
Marina is Serhiy’s girlfriend. People envy her. The girl is beloved by a true legend.
But loving the champion is a complicated task, she explains.
- Nowadays he travels much. Actually I got used to it.
On coming back he usually brings me a magnet. I collect them on my fridge.
- Our team is world known. Gamers from everywhere have cold feet when they see us. We’ve earned great reputation.
This is Olexandr. He’s the leader of Serhiy’s team and the founder of cyber sport in Ukraine.
His idea is not fresh. Making money on gaming is extremely popular in Europe.
Nowadays this kind of sports picks up steam in Ukraine.
But doing gaming business in our country is not profitable because of the heavy taxes.
This is the reason s why Olexander and his team are going to get registered in Holland recently.
Demands to cyber players are extra high. Sometimes they have to fight for victory for days and nights.
That’s why there are no girls in cyber sport. The boys also have age restrictions.
- The main players are those aged between 18-25. Youngsters are ass-brained and 25-somethings drag feet.
Serhiy is aware of oncoming gaming retirement. But still doesn’t want to think of it.
Leaning back in his new BMW the guy is heading for a bank to get the salary. His tip is simple:
- Play and win!