Launch of the iPhone 5 in Japan (Tokyo) - iPhone 5 東京

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Good evening!
Good evening!
Where are you from?
Are you all from Hachioji?
She is from Setagaya
What time did you start queueing?
On the 19th (Wednesday), around 8 p.m.
Do you already have an iPhone?
Which iPhone?
I have an iPhone 4
Where are you from?
I am from Shibuya
Shibuya?? Me too!
Yes, from Udagawa-cho
Oh, Udagawa-cho? I am from Dogenzaka
Oh really!
If we can, we will try to sleep but it is probably going to be difficult here
Yes indeed... a bit difficult...
2 years ago we did the same thing
You came here in Ginza 2 years ago for the iPhone 4?
That time we were in Omotesando
What time did you get here?
We started queuing at about the same time as today, around 8 p.m., straight after work
Is it the second time that you queue for an Apple product isn't it?
Yes, we did for the latest iPad
No, iPad New, the latest one
What was your position in the queue?
Almost like today, over there, about 50th
Around what time did you get here?
I came last night around 8 p.m.
Have you ever queued like that for other products than Apple's?
Yes I did
For what occasion?
For live concerts, and also at Akihabara
You always do this then?
It is going to be a long night, what are you going to do?
I will enjoy the event with everybody, and with accessory here
Will you try to sleep?
Yes, I will try to get some sleep too
Where are you from?
I am from Ootaku
What time did you arrive here?
Yesterday, around 10 p.m.
Do you have an iPhone already?
Let me show you...
This is all my stuff
This is all yours really? One person?
Yes, everything
Do you have the last series of iPhone 4S?
No, but I have the latest iPad New
And this too, MacBook Air, iPhone, iPod...
How many time did you queue like this?
This is the third time
Each time in Ginza?
What is your position usually?
Before I was far back, about 150th, but this time I am about 18th or 19th
Look, this is a case for the iPhone 5
A case fr iPhone 5? Already?
I bought it to protect my new iPhone, as soon as possible, in case of emergency
i don't want to damage it, just in case
You see, it is different, it does not fit well, the size is different
It is very different
The buttons too don't fit
Interesting isn't it?
What will you do tonight?
Today, I think I won't sleep
I am not sure
Talk to other people right?
I want to make friends with the others
These people are new faces for me but I feel a friendly atmosphere, like if I had known them from before
"10 hours left!"
The iPhone 5 no longer supports Google Map...
Oh... yes...
Then what are you going to do?
I guess that Google will make an application for the iPhone 5
Apple Map is not so good right now, it is a shame so i hope that Google does this
What do you think of Apple Map? Will it top Google Map?
Yes definitely, it has too many problems right now,
So you have hope?
Sure, even though it has so many bad point now,
at the beginning, the iPhone too had it's bad points but it developed,
so I know that the maps will eventually reach a better quality
Will Apple Map be better than Google Map?
I think that competition will make both systems better, as they will be trying to top each other
My sponsor is Wendy's Burgers so it is better if u guys show it on film
Where do you come from today?
from Roppongi
When did you arrive here?
I arrived on Sunday, around 11 p.m.
When I arrived, that guy was 2nd so I thought it's ok, I'll go for dinner,
but when I came back another guy appeared so I lost my place
These people are your friends?
These I don't know, but that guy here is my friend
You are 4th then?
No I am not queuing here, I just came to support him
I am queuing at Softbank, another shop not far
I am 4th over there
I made the reservation on the same day
Where do you come from?
From Kanagawa
My friend arrived on Monday
Monday! What is her number?
She is second, since Monday
Do you already own an iPhone?
Yes I have the 3GS
And you?
I have a Nexus!
but I have an iPad too!
An iPad New?
Yes, the first one in the world
The first one in the world?
I got it here in Ginza, number one in the world!
You were on TV?
Yes I was!
Famous! What is your name?
I am Watanabe Riyo
You take the queue every time?
First time was for the iPad 2, and then for the iPhone 4S,
every time there is something new, I come
What is you average position?
First time I was 14th,
then for the iPhone 4S I was 2nd,
for the iPad I was 1st, and now I am 4th
You really take this seriously!
If I do something, I go for it!
What will you do until morning?
I will walk around, take it easy and talk to everybody, enjoy the event until morning
There is no longer Google Map on the iPhone 5
I guess they will make an application for it
I hope
I tried Apple Map, it is not so bad
I don't want to wait until they get it working,
if i want to buy something, i go physically and I get it, I want to join the event
Everybody says that Apple Map is bad
They said it is bad but I really think that it is not so bad,
I downloaded it,
they said it won't show Shibuya station but who cares?
We don't use place names anyway so it doesn't matter, nothing bad