20 ideias para girar o mundo -- Roberto DaMatta

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The idea of sustainability in my view, is an idea
that is very complicated, but it is important because
it introduces the equilibrium element
and the center of the equilibrium is the idea of common sense
and the idea of limit.
The main issue is that you have an economic system
a productive system that it is based on a
constant demand a constant imbalance
between what you have and what you
would like to have which leads to consumption.
It is this imbalance that has another industry
perhaps it is so important or even more than
the productive system, which is the publicity industry
which binds to capitalism with their brands
with its "brandings" as they call today in Brazil
it's all in English but the brand, which is
the branding of cattle
which means you having a watch of this brand
a car that has prestige then you have something
very curious, at the same time that the objects have the
same use, because the watch is used for time
you don't want to have a watch just to tell time
you want a watch that tells time, but that
is from the brand X, Y or Z the same thing
with the cars you want to have a car
which is a car from the latest model.
So you have a competition that generates
not only more productivity or a qualitative
productivity which ends up being the same
in financial terms, and a ... urge to consume
done by the advertising industry
that unbalances the system
then you always want something more.
This is the common experience of all of us, you enter
in place to buy a bread, but if there are clothes
suddenly you find out that you desperately need
that blouse, that necklace
that shirt that pair of pants and you go buy it
or those shoes the new model ones.
This is a basic feature in the western world
which is the idea of progress.
The idea of progress that also leads to a
number of other things where fundamental assumption
perhaps it is the biggest contradiction
with what we call ecology
that is an idea which prevails from the XVI century, but
mainly from the XVII century and of the XVIII century with
illuminists who found out the laws of the universe
the mathematics, physics, etc..
applied in the economy that is the idea that the planet's resources
are endless.
This planet begins to show strong signs
that it can not handle this play, this drama
to use a Shakespearean image which is good
this theater ... because you start
to have ecological disaster.
And you also start to find out that countries that
were blessed with the absence of typhoons, of hurricanes
had inflation, which was the case of Brazil
but had no typhoon, no hurricane. Today there are
typhoon, hurricane, even snow and ice rock
are falling in Brazil.
Work of the devil? No. It's the world reacting to this
"animalzinho", that we in Brazil speak of
human animal, and I adore the human animal or
humanity creature, which with technology, with
the development of Science and with this applied science
there is a control on nature instead of an inordinate exploitation
of nature, without limits arrived and starts to
challenge their own nature that gave them so much.
So the reduction of state power through an
ideology that is based on the idea of totality and thus
of limit, which is common sense is the balance of the planet
that is at stake
national powers have to somehow
give up their destructive ability on the planet
in accordance with themselves because they
are part of the planet.
In the old days you could have a country that had a style
of life much better than the others, and that
happened so much that the others were treated as underdeveloped
it used to be the west and the rest. Currently there is only the rest
and there is no more west. So this point is a
absolutely essential point to be thought of
how we can deconstruct this idea
of superiority of a region the world, which is the north
of Europe and the United States are Eurocentric
and that are centered yankees that are based on
individualism to create a awareness of limit.
It is necessary a new type of democratic thinking
because it all has to falls within a
sphere of democracy and hence it can not be
resolved by any type of authoritarianism and
much less by centralism because what we see
is also the end of centralism this fragmentation is
which leads to the limit this is my limit
even if I am a a world power I have ...
Hence the case of the United States is the most acute case
it is a society with a immense destructive power
and a political system obviously incapable
to confront this military power this technological
power. There must be there... I do not know what is
going to happen,but there has to be more dialogue
between these parts, a big outcome
and us in relation to the Amazon Forest. which is
the lungs of the world. I mean, does not belong
to Brazil and can not be destroyed by the Brazilians
in the name of anything. Not only is the question
because energy is needed then we shall build all of
the dams possible there because we have to have soy ...
there must be a control
and to have this control the richer regions have
to automatically start practicing a
redistribution of wealth better than has
been done ??so far. So these revolutions
or these internal movements are the major challenges
that the world of this century, is no longer at the beginning
we are already entering the second decade of this
century and I put here: everything is very fast
because I have the impression that destruction is
faster than building. 00:07:52:20 255:255:255:255 *END PART 1*