Mosaics - How to Use a Wheeled Nipper

Uploaded by DiamondTechMarketing on 28.03.2011

Hi, I'm Rita from Diamond Tech, I'm here to show you just how easy it is to use Jennifer's Mosaics Wheeled Glass Nippers
Our wheeled glass nipper is a great mosaic tool, they work perfectly on all types of glass tile
Stained glass, mirror and vitreoustiles
Begin by holding the wheeled glass nipper comfortably in your hand
If you squeeze, you'll notice that the blades don't meet. If they met, they would be crushing the tile instead of nipping the tile
Also, rotating blades means they do not wear in one place, so you'll get a whole lot of nipping before you'll have to replace these blades
Okay, lets make some cuts using the wheeled glass nippers - But first make sure you are wearing your safety glasses
First place the wheeled glass nippers in your hand comfortably
Then place the tile between the blades of the wheeled glass nipper, 3/4 of the way across the tile and nip.
You've got two rectangles,
Now to make a square, simply nip the rectangle in half and you've got two little squares
Next, lets cut some triangles. Start with a square tile, place the blades right in the middle on a diagonal and press firmly
Random shapes can be cut by simply rotating the blades at an angle
And as the name says, randomly nip your tile
Lets cut a circle
The first thing I like to do is to draw the circle on my tile
I usually do that with a Sharpie marker because they wash right off of the tile once you are finished
Next, I usually begin by nipping off the edges or the corners of the tile, just a firm nip
And then the rest of it, you just take the nippers and you bite away ar the edge and you continue to bite until you have your circle
Mosaics are fun when you have the right tool, find Jennifer's Mosaics at your favorite craft sore
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