Ville Valo interview about drinking (english subtitles)

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You have done such a good deed for all men or actually all of us women. Cause you have given up drinking.
I think all men should follow your example. So tell us how can one get there?
Drink so mutch you can't work, loose all your relationships. crab and vomit blood.
And at the same time save enough money to afford to go to a rehab center.
I think it's good to see the bottom.
And people should go straight to jail if they drink and drive and loose their licence for the rest of their life.
Where would you be now if you'd never gone to that rehab center?
Well I don't have two Villes who would have lived my life in two different ways.
I'd probably be drinking. It might be fun or it might not.
I was pretty tired back then, but it was not only cause of drinking.
There was also work stress. Really long tours and making of the album.
And then drinking lead to vicious circle.
At worst it's horrible and at best it's fun as hell.
Is being sober an easy lifestyle? Or would you still like to drink from time to time?
No I wouldn't want to drink, but life is not easier.
I think it's more difficult. You have to receive good and bad stuff sober.
With a clear head. It's a challenge.
But it wasn't just the booze that made me unwell. It's hard to say how big part it had.
But I was not all fucked up. I was just not feeling that good.
Now I feel better.
You do look a lot better, happier and more relax. Has beinbg sober influenced you psychically?
No, I'm just better actor now.
You were in that fancy rehab center, were celebereties often use. Was it a nice place and are there good rehab centers here too?
I've heard there are couple of good ones. I just happened to be in US at that moment.
I don't think anyone fighting for their life chooses a rehab center based on a number of celebereties using it.
Like: "I'll go to that place, because I might see someone famous"
That is not the first thing on your mind when you decide you have to go to rehab.
I was in a good center. I thought that when I'm trying to get myself together I need to do it properly.
My parents always say: Poor can't affort to buy cheap. Better to get good things that last longer.
Better to go to a good rehab center. Where you have a chance to get yourself together.
I think you're wonderful telling about this so honestly. And you spoke about it so wonderfully too.
Tell me why is it so hard to go to rehab? And why is that so hard to talk about. Especially for men?
Finnish guys can drink pretty heavily. But rocker often drinks everyday. So it's different.
I think rather than tobacco, boose should be banned from this country.
because so many accidents, crimes and others happen under the influence of alcohol.
But there are so many people who can drink in moderation.
It's different in different cultures.
If doctor says it's okay to smoke 1.5 cicarettes a day. Is it okay then?
And why should it be banned if smoking 1.5 cicarettes is okay?
Or should they start making packs with 1.5 cicarettes. And one pack a day for those who want.
Same with boose. Is it okay, after hard week at work, to get drunk and sit in a sauna with friends.
I think that is really fine.
It's everyones civil right to act like a moron. It's wonderful.
I've done that so mutch that I had to take a brake from it.
And mend the wounds before I can do it again.
Has music been the reason of how you stay happy now? And what else has? How do you stay happy? As a tip for all men.
Well I recoment being vegetarian. It's good for your boddy. Honesty, friends, to be able to open up to people.
It's not good to be afraid to trust people. Better to get hurt than never to have closeness.
That was so well said that it's good place to end this interview.
Thank you. You're a good actor.
Thank you