СтопХам 44 Каникулы в Мексике / Holidays in Mexico

Uploaded by StopXAM on Jun 29, 2012

-Fuck off!
-What’s up?
-Video who? Culture, Russia culture!
-How did you park your car?
-Understanding? Understanding?
-Yes! Me park. What you need?
-You want we call 100 Chechen? You want?
-You want? You need. You need.
-You need 100 Chechen?
-Here is a person from Afghanistan, he has 100 Chechens.
-Good afternoon, federal project StopHam. You are standing in the second row, park your car somewhere else please.
-No -Please do so
-I can’t
-But why?
-But because
-Don’t glue anything
-We will wait just 2 minutes more and if you don’t drive…
-Take your hands off. Fuck off my car,
I am saying one more time, and remove the camera!
-Who put it on my car?!
-Go remove it! -Why do you do that?
-Go remove it -I will not
-Any obstacle on the windscreen - is an obstacle.
-If you think I broke the law you can call police
-I am politely talking to you
-Who gave you the right to stand here, breaking the rules and hindering the traffic?
-So impudent… Such a horde!
-You are as impudent as… No, you’re even bigger…
-As impudent as who?
-As those punks who stole my radio!
-We have no relation to them
-If you think that we broke the law call the police.
You have that right, don’t you?
-I do!
-You will burn in the flames of hell!!!
-I don’t really believe so.
-But I do!
-It is your right.
-You will fry on the pan!